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Madhesi Self Hate

This is a curious phenomenon, Madhesi self hate is. It is as if the person in front of you is not Madhesi. As if his nose has gone flat, his skin has lightened up, his accent has gone different.

Madhesis who have had personal success and have ended up surrounded by Pahadis - I call it the under 5% rule - come under tremendous pressure to internalize the value system of the prejudiced Pahadis. And many succumb.

The Token Madhesi

This is when you are accepted in a group precisely because you do not talk up Madhesi rights. You allow people to say that because you are present, those others present can not possibly be prejudiced.

The Moon Madhesi

You go up the success ladder. To your community you are the embodiment of success. Only you know the hell you go through to maintain your space up there. You are fighting two fierce currents. One is from your community. How could you complain? You are supposed to be successful. Another is from the value system of the dominant group.

A lot of people resort to escapism. To their own community they become a mere reflection of the prejudice they themselves put up with. So they will tell you if more Madhesis are not successful, it is because they are lazy, or something to that effect. They pretend to be blind to structural prejudices although it is that which keeps them from fulfilling their potential also in their current environments.

The Delegate The Prejudice Madhesi

There are Madhesis who are sexist. They would like you to believe they are so because they have had to put up with prejudice themselves. So the anti Madhesi prejudice becomes an excuse for sexism, casteism, classism.

The More Prejudiced Than The Pahadi Madhesi

I have met plenty of defensive Pahadis. But nothing tops the Madhesis who do their best to outdo the prejudiced Pahadis. The transformation is so total, it is magical. They have worked so hard to deny their identities, it is like they finally smell success.

The Realistically Prejudiced Madhesi

Okay, so there has been a revolution. Maybe the Sadbhavana has been right along. There will be federalism perhaps. A few million Madhesis might even get citizenship papers. But what kind of timeframe are we talking about? Even if everything happens, and happens fast, it can be realistically assumed, in the mean time you are still having to live in the prejudiced environment. So might as well internalize it. Makes life easier. Or does it?

So what are the options? What are the recommendations?

The more successful among the Madhesis have to bear extra responsibility for the struggle for total equality. There is no excuse for the self hate. That self hate has to be diagnosed, identified, and articulated. People have to form support groups, and talk to each other.

If the best and the brightest will not face it, who will?

Verbal Martial Arts

There are only so many words, so many attitudes. Learn to hit back. Often it is some lone, sick individual. You send one retort back their way, and they are off the radar screen. It is one person versus another. You are one, that person is another. Verbally hit back. Rehearse your lines. You need less than a dozen. Maybe less than five.

Example: "Tapain ko yo pakhe mentality tapain ko bau tira bata ayeko ho ki ama tira bata ayeko ho?"

Money, Message, Mobilization

Put your money where your mouth is. Give to the cause. Identify the 5-10 agenda items all Madhesis can come around. Help others do the same. And organize. Mobilize. This is a global village. Does not matter where you are, you can still have major impact.

People, Politics, Policy

Ultimately it is about the masses. If you can not yourself be at the forefront of the necessary work, suppport those who are at it. Reach out. Call people up. Donate time, money and ideas. Help formulate policy proposals.

Frustration, Chemical Imbalance, Mental Imbalance
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Govinda Neupane
  • Madheshies: colonial subjects or masters of their own destiny? the Madheshi is the largest nationality in Nepal ..... Although, politically and administratively the entire Madhesh region was merged, but psychologically and socially, it remained distinct and different. The Khas rulers in Kathmandu treated the Madheshi people as second class citizens or colonial subjects, suspected on their loyalty to Nepal and suppressed them ........ Denying employment in the army overtly, and other government services covertly ...... Disempowering through restrictions in the use of their languages in education and official works and discouraging the practice of their customs (e.g. official dress code) ........ Capturing their land in the name of Birta, Jagir, Rajguthi/Devguthi, land reform, etc and distributing to feudal lords, priests, courtiers, government employees and Hindu Gods/Goddesses from the hills .......... Denying many people their citizenship right ...... The land confiscated by the government stating that that was beyond the ceiling had to be distributed among the landless Madheshi people themselves. But, such land was mostly distributed to 'landless' middle class government employees from the hills, particularly of Khas origin ........ The issue of citizenship is being fiercely debated for several decades. But the Khas rulers in Kathmandu have done nothing other than to suppress the legitimate demand. ....... As far as the solution of the citizenship issue is concerned, there are three types of opinions or approaches - denial, piecemeal and holistic........ solving this problem through a campaign by sending teams of government officials to visit residences, count heads, enlist all citizens who do not have citizenship certificate, investigate any complications then and there, and issue temporary certificate that could be converted into permanent one after attaching a photograph and signing by the authority at a later date convenient to that citizen .......... the citizenship campaign should be started immediately and should be completed before the election of the constituent assembly ........ They certainly could retaliate angrily if treated as colonial subjects as in the past. .......
  • A Brief Note on NGOs and Civil Society Representation
  • The Philippine Experience: a few lessons for the Nepalese Communists
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  • Spring Thunder In Nepal: glorious but inconclusive They are already in the business of blame-game. They are blaming the Maoists for collecting donations or recruiting people in their army. They are blaming not only other parties within the ruling coalition but also the other factions of their own parties. ....... The people on the street were demanding the establishment of a progressive democratic republic of Nepal, whereas they got the restoration of the parliament. The people fought for a long time for fundamental socio-political and economic transformation, whereas they got nothing which could substantially changes power relationships at the grassroots and above. ...... the polarization between the parliamentary forces and the Maoists sounds imminent. Hence, in all probability, the people have to live in a situation of civil war till the unjust upper class Khas rule becomes history.
  • Let's share our feelings, ideas, thoughts and experiences

In The News

Deuba throws jumbo spanner in unity works Himalayan Times “Party unity is not possible just because a notice is published in newspapers or a few leaders of the party are handpicked. Everyone in the party should have a dignified place.” He said the party cadres need not worry that the party would be merged after securing places for a few leaders in the Nepali Congress. He added, “The betrayal that I received from Girija Babu is still fresh in my mind. I will never leave party cadres for the sake of party unification.” ..... “Maoists should be aware that the people will agitate against them if they do not give up terrorising the people at gun point.” ...... his party is for a federal system of government ...... “It is shameful that Madhesis living in Nepal for years have not been able to receive citizenship certificate,” Deuba said, adding, “The problem of citizenship should be solved prior to a constituent assembly poll.”
Why NC-NC (D) unity not materialising merger is possible only if NC President Girija Prasad Koirala agrees to go for a republican order. .... The restless faction is the one led by Chirangivi Wagle, Bal Bahadur KC and Purna Bahadur Khadka. ..... Dr Minendra Rijal, a close associate of Deuba, has been demanding that the NC first agree to go for a republican order. ...... Koirala could be silent on the issue just because the coterie around him is not yet prepared, Deuba is being probably held up by his aides who feel they have no future in the unified party. ...... those saying that Koirala should first agree to go for a republic should first tell Deuba to speak in favour of the republic.
Biratnagar bazaar shut in protest
Maoists violating truce code, says Nepal Maoists have continued extortions, abductions and other atrocities. ..... the summit talks between the government and the rebels would take place as soon as the ongoing meeting of the Maoists’ central committee concludes ...... the King will have to accept a democratic republican set-up. “If the King fails to agree to be a civilian, he will be a prisoner,” Gautam said.
Govt will hold free, fair assembly polls, says Sitaula the country would see an interim government by October 17.
Statute draft full of confusion: Rana Rana urged the government to hold elections to a constituent assembly only after the issue of citizenship certificates of the Madhesi community is settled. ...... incidents of robbery, murder, extortion and terrorism are taking place in broad daylight even in the capital .....

CA election not possible without arms management: Sitaula NepalNews “Constituent assembly election can be held only when people become able to feel secure. Constituent assembly is not possible before the arms are fully managed”
OHCHR calls upon the Govt. and Maoists to clarify status of disappeared people
DPM Oli meets Chinese PM in Beijing
Irregularities in government offices: AG
Royalties also possess Guthi land
NMVA warns to intensify protests its 10-point demands...... Chairman of NMVA, Dharma Raj Neupane ...... Neupane also warned that the upcoming protest could be a violent one ...... The NMVA asked the government to form a dialogue team, which could facilitate their dialogue with the Maoist leadership.

Life For Manisha Koirala Exists Beyond Films Bollywood Premiere It has been long time now Manisha Koirala's films are not hitting the theatres. So what she is doing now? "I have just come back from Nepal where I celebrated my birthday (August 16). My whole family got together and we had a lot of fun. I also renewed my passport there, which had expired. Actually, I renewed myself too!" she laughs. Talking on the films she explains, "I was never overtly ambitious. Work is a part of life and at one point, it was a very important part of my life, but life changes. I'll be an actor till I die but I won't go nuts because I am not in the news. Life for me exists beyond films." She also clarifies that her well-known Australian boyfriend is an Indian and he's just a friend. From current times, she admires actors - Konkona Sen Sharma, Irrfan Khan, KayKay and Paresh Rawal.
Most Maoist-hit states favour unified command Gulf Times the worst affected states - Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh - in particular had been seeking such a unified command to contain the rapid expansion of Maoist influence. ..... A meeting of 13 states has been convened in New Delhi August 30 to hold extensive discussions. ...... areas cordoned off by rebels through landmines

India thwarts Nepal's arms import bid Daily News & Analysis, India the aircraft carried "aircraft equipment and anti-aircraft missiles" ..... the aircraft was loaded with rifles, ammunition and anti-aircraft guns. ...... The development comes as a surprise since Nepal Finance Minister Ram Sharan Mahat had ruled out buying any more weapons or honouring earlier deals struck by King Gyanendra's regime that inflicted whopping losses on the state treasury and profited middlemen with links to the palace. ...... Also, since both the Girija Prasad Koirala government and the Maoist guerrillas have called a ceasefire and there are talks to slash the strength of the army as well as keep arms and soldiers under UN supervision, the attempt to buy military supplies is doubly strange. ...... The aircraft incident occurred on the eve of a high level Maoist meeting to discuss their strategy. ...... They feel that the Koirala government will not keep its promise to hold an election to choose between monarchy and a republic and have decided to launch an "October Revolution"
Nepal's clandestine deals Hindustan Times According to the weekly, the arms cache is part of a deal struck between King Gyanendra's regime and the manufacturers at a time Nepal's biggest arms provider, India, followed by the US, suspended lethal military supplies to show their disapproval of the king's power grab. ....... While New Delhi has been magnanimous, the other countries with whom the royal government made deals - usually at enormous profits for brokers, people close to the palace - have been demanding their pound of flesh and succumbing to various pressures, the government is reported to be carrying on with the agreements.
India detain aircraft heading for Nepal Times of India
India thwarts Nepal's arms import bid(LEAD)
Nepal's King May Face Questioning Over Imposing Emergency Rule Bloomberg
Nepal's star demonstrator dies in crash Gulf Daily News died after being hit by a motorcycle. ..... Chhaya Devi Parajuli was an ordinary member of the Nepali Congress ...... came to Kathmandu from her east Nepal village in 2002 when King Gyanendra first sacked the elected prime minister. ...... was hit several times by tear gas shells and water cannon and arrested 35 times for her anti-monarch protests
Bank to finance hydropower sector to be launched in Nepal People's Daily Online, China with an authorized capital of 640 million Nepali rupees (9.1 million US dollars) ..... promoters will secure 51 percent share,while foreign and corporate will hold 19 percent and the public will have 30 percent share

Govt must decide on CA elections date as soon as possible: Nepal Kantipur Publications the SPA should bring the issue of interim constitution to a conclusive decision immediately. ...... lambasted the government for being unable to control the present state of “anarchy and instability” in the country. ........ “A political setup, which will be agreeable to the Maoists, can be built only after the promulgation of the draft interim constitution by the parliament.” ...... The Maoists have, however been insisting that a broad political conference, which will be an alternative legislature to the present parliament, should be formed and the present draft interim constitution should be endorsed by the conference.
Oli assures Chinese premier of Nepal’s stance on One-China policy
Parliamentary committee discusses Civil Service Acts
Maoist-displaced hestitate to return
Rs 4.09b ADB grant for roads
सहिदको संख्या २५
हतियार व्यवस्थापन लगायतमा खट्छौं’
क्षतिप्रति एमालेद्वारा दुःख
अराजक तत्त्वहरूबाट सतर्क रहन अपिल
रेडियो सिन्धुलीगढीलाई अनुमति सिन्धुली जिल्लाको पहिलो सामुदायिक रेडियो 'सिन्धुलीगढी' लाई सरकारले मंगलबार प्रसारण अनुमतिपत्र -लाइसेन्स) दिएको छ । मानव विकास तथा वातावरण संरक्षण केन्द्र -हुडेक) ले सञ्चालन गर्ने १ सय वाट क्षमताको उक्त एफएम रेडियोलेे १०३.६ मेघाहर्च पि|mक्वेन्सी पाएको छ ।
जिवित शिसुलाई मृत घोषणा
प्रहरी चौकी पुनःस्थापन
एक नागरिक नेतृ
शैक्षिक पुनर्संरचना र बदलिएको परिवेश
इलामका गाउँमा कर्डलेसबाट सञ्चार सेवा
माओवादीद्वारा खाद्यान्नमा कर

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Puru said...

I cannot agree more. I would say noone wants to ride against the currents of a fast flowing river, trying to move in the opposite directions of water current is not fun. And Madhesis who stay in hilly regions amid Pahadis or in any other region of the world amid a large Pahadi presence know this.