Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Janajati Party

The Janajati Party might be the best outcome of the unfortunate demise of the constituent assembly. The NC and the UML are no longer big enough for the Janajati leaders.

Federal Socialist Party is a good name. I also like the idea of naming the Karnali province Khasan. That and a non territorial state for Dalits, and we are golden.

Why Federalism Bothers Ram Sharan Mahat (2)
Why Federalism Bothers Ram Sharan Mahat
Krishna Bhattachan On BBC

Janajati leaders trying to give national character to new party
Federal Socialist Party .... a group of leaders from Madhesi, ethnic and indigenous communities from CPN-UML and various other major political parties have announced in public that they are going to form an alternative political party. ..... the disgruntled leaders from CPN-UML have been actively involved in forming the new party and they are holding talks with dissidents from NC, Maoist parties and other political parties. ..... UML Vice-Chairman Ashok Rai held a meeting with Madhesi People´s Rights Forum (MPRF) Chairman Upendra Yadav ..... Yadav approached Rai and proposed to work together. "I told him that it is too early to talk over the proposal because we have so far not detached ourselves from the UML. We may work together with the forces such as MPRF if we form a new party in future" ..... holding talks with a number of former lawmakers and central committee members from NC, both the Maoist parties and other political groups such as Sanghiya Limbuwan Rajyaparishad led by Kumar Lingden. ..... Leaders associated with the proposed Social Democratic Pluri-National Party, which had unveiled its name and manifesto in August, are also closely working in the process of forming new party. ..... They are also planning to include various social organizations working against all kinds of exclusion. ..... "It may be any institution from Madhesi or dalit communities or any organization from Karnali working against regional discrimination," said Kangmang, who is working to form Federal Socialist Party. ..... also in talks with some leaders who are lobbying for delineating a Khashan province based on Khas [Bahun-Chhetri] identity in the farwestern region. .... Kangmang said former lawmakers and central committee members from Khas community associated with various political parties are in close dialogue with them.
Madhesi parties divided over CA revival
'CA revival if Maoists agree multi-ethnic identity, 11 provinces'
Anti-Putin protest draws tens of thousands
A gentle revolutionary
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