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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

In The News (4)

जनकपुर । सद्भावना पार्टी महिला मन्च को नेतृ पुषपा मिशरा लाई घर भित्री पशी प्रहरी द्वरा गोलि प्रहार । अस्पताल लैजाने तयारी ।

जनकपुरको भानु चौकमा सदभावना महिला मन्चको केन्द्रिय माहासचिव बिभा ठाकुर जी आन्दोलन को क्रममा घायल ।

एका तीर काठमांडूमा निशेधित क्षेत्र तोड़ने लाई अश्रु ग्यास र पानी को फ्वॉरा अर्का तीर तराईमा निषेधित क्षेत्र तोड़नेलाई छातीमा बन्दुकको गोली ।

नेपाल को 80% खाद्यान्न मधेसी थारु हरुको खून पसीना मेहनत ले नै आउछ ।हाम्रो दुई छाक भरने यही मधेसी थारु र त्यसको फलस्वरूप हामीले के दियेउ छातीमा बन्दुक को गोली । हरेक नेपालीहरु राती भात को एक गॉस मुखमा हाल्ने अगाडी हातमा लियी स्मरण गर्नु होला - हरेक चामलको सितोमा मधेसी थारु हरुको रगत झल्किनेछ । ज्यानमारा बामदेव तिमी त ज्ञानेन्द्र भन्दा नि बेशी क्रूर रैहछौ ।अब कुन मुखले भनु "हिमाल पहाड़ तराई कोई छैन पराई " ।
कोई भी निष्पक्ष नहीं है सब सत्ता के पण्डे हैं।
आज पुलिस के हाथों में भी अत्याचारी डंडे हैं।।
संविधानसभा के सीने पर ख़ूनी दाग दिखाई देता है।
पूरा मधेश जलियांवाला बाग़ दिखाई देता है।।

सरकारी दमन उत्कर्षमा छ । नेपालका सुरक्षाकर्मीहरुले विदेशी दुश्मणसँग लड्ने शैलीमा गोली बर्साउँदैछन् । प्रत्येक आन्दोलनकारी मारिँदा सरकार पक्षमा अनौठो उत्साह थपिएको देखिन्छ । मानौं, उनीहरुलाई नरबली प्रदान गर्ने काममा नै सरकारले खटाएको छ । यसरी सुरक्षाकर्मीहरुको कसाई बन्ने मनोविज्ञानले अनपेक्षित परिणाम ल्याउँछ । अहिलेसम्म जनताले धैर्य र संयमताका साथ शान्तिपूर्ण प्रदर्शन गरिरहेका छन् । तर आत्मरक्षाका लागि जनताले कुनै कठोर उपाय अपनाए भन्ने स्थिति के हुन्छ ? शासकहरुले सोच्ने बेला आएको छ ।

Nepal's constitutional challenges
With many missed deadlines, what will it take to finalise a constitution?

Friday, October 31, 2014

(Beijing) Lhasa To (Delhi) Lumbini Railway

If this is the Asian century, a Beijing to Delhi train will be the most visible symbol of it. Trade is the best security/peace weapon. It is not an arms buildup. Border disputes are so 18th century. In the 21st century you lay down train tracks, you take broadband everywhere, you deepen trade ties and people to people contact, so much that national boundaries feel downright cosmetic.

East West Nepal Railway

Friday, June 20, 2014


Looks like I got the numbers wrong in the last post. Here are the revised numbers.

MJF(D)  2,83,468

MJFN    2,14,319
TMLP   1,81,140
SP         1,40,930

NMSP      79,508
TMSP      65,047

Tharuhat Tarai Party Nepal  62,526
Dalit Janajati Party               48,802
MJF(R)                               35,289
Nepali Janata Dal                 33,203
Federal Sadbhavana Party    25,215
Madhesh Samata Party Nepal   23,001
Federal Democratic National Front (Tharuhat) 21,519
Tharuhat Tarai Party Nepal 13,811

Total Votes     12,27,778

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Anti Federal Alliance (AFA)

Baburam's Options
Broadening The Ruling Alliance

The FDRA hoping for some kind of a consensus with the Anti Federal Alliance would have been like the parties seeking consensus with the king in 2005. The polarization at that point was necessary. That is how progress was made, by making it the king versus the rest. The polarization today is also necessary. This is how federalism will be introduced in Nepal.
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

NC And UML At Fault

Feuding politicians take Nepal to brink of ruin Apart from a small bust of Chairman Mao beside his armchair, Nepali Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai flaunts no trappings of his revolutionary past: these days he talks of foreign investment, infrastructure projects and double-digit growth. ...... Liberated from civil war and sandwiched between economic powerhouses China and India, Nepal could be one of Asia's success stories. Instead, as it blunders further into political turmoil, even its own leaders talk darkly of a "failed state"....... due to an impasse over this year's budget, the caretaker government's authority to draw from the Treasury will lapse this Thursday, which means it will be unable to pay the salaries of half a million civil servants, soldiers and police...... "We won't be able to supply even essential drugs to the sick in hospitals, pay old-age pensions and feed inmates in jails beyond that day" ..... the economy will shrink and black markets, money-laundering and smuggling will flourish. ..... "It will be ... an economy in anarchy" ..... "There is no parliament, no budget and no constitution, and yet the country moves on" ....... "I am the only legal prime minister," Bhattarai said. "They are not ready to face the next elections, they fear they will be routed in the elections - that's why they want the leadership of the government," he said of opposition parties. ..... He said that if the opposition continued to block the budget, he would seek a presidential decree to push it through...... Bhattarai succeeded in retiring thousands of Maoist fighters and integrating hundreds into the national army, removing a serious threat to peace. ..... A hard core of Maoists disillusioned with the party's shift away from the radical left and failure to deliver land reforms, have broken away. This rump group is now threatening to go back to war but, even if they don't resort to violence, they could lose the Maoists' votes when elections are eventually held. ...... Finally, demands for ethnic autonomy are growing across the country, particularly in the southern plains.
Baburam resigning is not a solution because that would create a political vacuum worse than the current gridlock. Even if Baburam is not to lead the proposed all party government the decision as to who has to be made now, beforehand, before Baburam can resign without being irresponsible.

The Maoists were more than twice as big as either the NC and the UML in the last elected body in the country. And so have a legitimate claim to lead an all party government. But the NC and the UML don't want to face that reality. Just like they refused to face the reality that once two thirds of the members of the constituent assembly have put down their signature for a federal Nepal, that reality wins.

The NC and the UML don't believe in decisions by majority. They do not believe in decisions by two thirds majority. When they speak of consensus what they mean is no matter what only their wish can be carried out. They want a rule of the 20%, or quite possibly even a 10%. Their collective political weight might approach 10% after the next elections. And even in that circumstance they want to be calling all the shots.

I have a name for that attitude. It is called Bahunbad. Bahuns are 10% of the country's population, and they are used to having 100% of the power.

An era is about to come to an end, folks. Make peace with it, or get swept aside by the tides of history.

The way out of the gridlock is for President Ram Baran Yadav to realize as to his role, and to sign the ordinances passed on by the only legitimate government in the country, the one led by Baburam. Yadav needs to stop acting like there is some sort of a co-government led by the NC and the UML. There isn't.

The ball is not in the court of Baburam, or that of the NC and the UML. The ball is in Ram Baran's court. He needs to play straight by the rules. He is not a new king who replaced the old king. He is a non executive president and needs to act like one. It is Baburam who is the executive head of Nepal right now.

Ram Baran Yadav: Kasturi Mriga
The President, The Prime Minister
NC And UML Do Not Have Veto Power
Dahal's Capitulation Is Wrong

The funny thing about the NC and the UML wanting Baburam out is not only will Baburam lead the government that will hold elections in the country, he is also the guy who will lead the government after the next elections. Only at that time it will be a government with a two thirds majority.

The pressure is on Ram Baran Yadav, not on the NC and the UML. The NC and the UML are only doing what any stupid little political party would do. The NC and UML are crybaby parties.

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Oppn parties vow to stop budget
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