Monday, December 21, 2015

Ek Madhesh Do Pradesh And Hydro

Jaffna in Janakpur?
Nepal must exercise the logic of being a true buffer state
The massive extraction of groundwater across the border in the Indian plains has meant that the water table in the Tarai is receding fast. While only a few decades ago, a tubewell 6m deep would have water, it now needs to be at least 50m deep. The worse is yet to come. The only possible sources of water for the Tarai for drinking, irrigation and industrial development will be the rivers and streams flowing down from the northern mountains. .....

The West Seti project will submerge 2000 ha of land and displace 16,000 people in the four hill districts of Doti, Dadeldhura, Bajhang and Baitadi, but would irrigate 360,000 ha of farmlands in the three Tharu heartland districts of Bardia, Kailali and Kanchanpur, generate 750 MW of electricity to be used mostly in the factories of the Tarai yielding an annual revenue of Rs 15 billion that could be used for the overall development of the country including the districts upstream.

 यो उदहारण मा हामीले के बुझ्नु पर्यो भन्दा यो परियोजना केंद्र सरकार को मातहत मा रहन्छ। त्यसैले मधेसी ले प्रतिनिधि सभा र राज्य सभा मा जनसंख्या समानुपातिक प्रतिनिधित्व चाहेको। 

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