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Baburam Bhattarai: A Voice Of Reason

English: leaders of CPN maoist of Nepal.
English: leaders of CPN maoist of Nepal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
बाबुरामको विश्लेषण : प्रचण्डले गल्ती गरे, ‘भारतको ‘व्यवस्थापन’ कमजोर
उत्पिडित समूदायलाई छाडेर आफ्नो पार्टी सत्ताधारी पार्टीहरुसँग मिल्न जानु नै समस्या भएको बताए । .... भट्टराईले शान्ति प्रक्रियामा दिल्लीले खेलेको भूमिका सराहनीय रहेको बताउँदै भारतको ‘व्यवस्थापन’मा समस्या रहेको औंल्याए । उनले भने, ‘एकभन्दा बढी च्यानलबाट सन्देश पठाउँदा नेपाल मिक्सड सिग्नल आयो ।’ .... मधेसी र थारुको पक्षमा भारतले व्यक्त गरेको चासो स्वभाविक रहेपनि नाकाबन्दी गर्नु भारतलाई नै अनुत्पादक हुने बताउँदै उनले मधेसी तथा थारुका समस्या सम्बोधन हुनुपर्ने कुरामा समेत पटक पटक जोड दिएका छन् । .... उनले मधेसी, थारु र अन्य जनजातिको आन्दोलनमा आफू आबद्ध हुने घोषणा समेत गरेका छन् । उनले जनयुद्धका दौरानमा उठाएका मुद्धाहरुलाई माओवादी नेतृत्वले संविधान निमार्णका क्रममा बलियो ढंगबाट उठाउन नसकेको पनि बताएका छन् ।

We made mistakes on constitution, admits Nepal Maoist ideologue
Bhattarai declared he too will join the movement of Madhesis, Tharus and other hill ethnic groups for justice and an amendment is necessary to address their concerns. ..... The Maoist leader seemed to share India’s views on need for a broad-based constitution, of taking into account Madhesi and Tharu concerns, and the need for an amendment but cautioned that the perception there could be a blockade would be ‘counter productive.’ Delhi has indicated that the security situation at the border could disrupt supplies. ........ Bhattarai said the demands of the socially marginalised and excluded groups like Tarai’s Madhesis and Tharus are legitimate. The groups have asked for political representation and constituency delimitation according to population, commitment to proportionate inclusion in state organs and revision in federal boundaries to have largely plains-only provinces. He emphasised that this should not be viewed as a hill-plains divide.

Nepal has three main social groups - hill Arya Khas or upper castes; hill Janjatis and Madhesis - in almost equal numbers. “Hill Arya khas elite is showing arrogance and chauvinism and is trying to bypass other two social groups,” he said.

....... “As chairman of the CA political dialogue committee and the coordinator of a special committee which included four party chairmen, I said we should meet the Madhesi and Tharu demands unilaterally without waiting for talks. This was before the vote began in the CA on the draft. The other leaders did not accept it and it precipitated the situation.” The other leaders included his chairman, Prachanda. ...... Our party did not play the role it should have. ....

The Maoist decision to break ranks with excluded groups and join conservative ruling parties was the game-changer, which led to the rapid constitution promulgation.

..... On the future of the Maoists, he said that now that one phase of the struggle was over,

a section of the leadership wanted to ‘get coopted into the system, practice ultranationalist politics’.

This appeared like a direct attack on Prachanda, who has raised the rhetoric against India recently. ...... “Madhesi and Tharu comrades of the party are in the movement in the Tarai already. The Magars have also been unfairly treated as their cluster has been divided. I plan to visit these regions to express solidarity.”

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