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Two Geographical States In The Terai

English: a aerial view of field in terai in Nepal
English: a aerial view of field in terai in Nepal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Inner Terai (Bhitri Madhesh) is part of the Terai, hence the word Terai in the name. Surkhet, Chitwan and Udaypur are part of the geographical Terai. And they have to be part of the Terai states.

The time for Ek Madhesh Ek Pradesh is over, and the fragmented 30 Madhesi parties are to blame. But now it is time for one Madhesi party and two geographical states in the Terai.

Tharus are Madhesis. Muslims in the Terai are Madhesis. You can not argue Madhesi women are not Madhesi just because there might be sexism in the Terai. Dalits in the Terai are Madhesis, although it can be argued they face enormous social difficulties.

Nawalparasi and west, Surkhet included, could be one state: Western Terai. Chitwan and east all the way to Jhapa, Udaypur included, could be Eastern Terai. Two states.

The discussions on federalism in Nepal has to start with these two purely geographical states in the Terai. The people of Nepal have voted the NC and the UML into power. I believe that is a mandate for geographical federalism.

That is a mandate for honoring the geographical integrity of the Terai. You honor that and creating four states in the hills becomes easier.

Inner Terai is not called Inner Pahad. You can't take Surkhet, Chitwan, and Udaypur out of the Terai. If you do just because they are Pahadi majority districts (and by Pahadi I mean cultural Pahadi) that would be like saying the rest of the Terai should go join Uttar Pradesh and Bihar because of cultural similarities.

Jhapa and Morang have large Pahadi populations, but that is no reason for them to not be part of the Terai states.

Ek Madhesh Do Pradesh.

I would want more and more people from the hills to migrate to these two Terai states because these two states have become so very vibrant, economically speaking. That would strengthen the national unity.

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