Friday, June 12, 2015

Threshold Should Be At 1%

They have also agreed to include a threshold of three percent, which will not allow parties unable to secure at least three per cent of the total votes to be in the parliament.
Political innovation can not happen unless you allow for the formation of new parties. Three per cent is too high. That will prevent the formation of new parties. This should be brought down to one per cent.

On the other hand all Madhesi and Janajati parties should come together and form one party to end up with over 40 MPs in the current parliament. They would easily cross 10% of the votes cast as is. As one unified party, they will cross 15% and will be on their way to 20%.

You want Bibeksheel Nepali to enter the fray. You want CK Raut to launch a political party. Newcomers start out as anti-establishment. That is but normal.

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