Sunday, October 26, 2014

नेपालमा आर्थिक क्रान्ति र न्यु यर्कका नेपाली (2)

English: Nepali sadhu performing a blessing. F...
English: Nepali sadhu performing a blessing. Français : Sadou à Kathmandu Nepal avril 2004 ‪Norsk (nynorsk)‬: Heilag mann i Katmandu i Nepal, med pannemerke, symbolmønstra klede, rosenkrans rundt halsen og handa forma i ein mudra. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Citizenship without political rights is an oxymoron. Dual citizenship without political rights for the Non Resident Nepalis (NRNs) is not an option. Such an arrangement would be crippling.

People complain about brain drain. Oh, the smart Nepalis left the country, what to do! Then why not work on brain gain!? Dual citizenship with full political rights is a brain gain concept. It is the single best policy decision the power brokers in Kathmandu can make for Nepal's rapid economic growth. Why are the smartest Nepalis on the planet pleading with those power brokers as if they were some kind of a persecuted minority!? Why are they not talking like people who have much to contribute? And all they are asking for is vehicles with which to contribute!

Once a Nepali, always a Nepali -- pure and simple.

But once you do have that legal framework in place, the onus shifts to entrepreneurship. I think the best way to make concrete, positive impacts on the Nepal's economy when you are a Nepali living abroad is to first prove your mettle as an entrepreneur.

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