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Tuesday, May 05, 2015


English: Indian actor Salman Khan
English: Indian actor Salman Khan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I have been following the #GoHomeIndianMedia Twitter trend. So far I have seen only one video clip that was called offensive, for the sole reason that the reporter called Thamel "Mini India." I responded here.

लोग कह रहे हैं चीन से तो नहीं आए मीडिया वाले। जैसे कि वो कोइ अच्छी बात है। अरे चीन मीडिया न आने के कारण हैं: (१) चीन में प्रेस फ्रीडम नहीं है (२) चीन के लिए अगर तिब्बत दुर है तो नेपाल तो बहुत दुर हुवा न (३) नेपाल को मदत करने सबसे पहले भारत पहुँचा, चीन नहीं।

It is possible some Indian journalists asked some questions that might have come across as insensitive. But, like I said, I have seen only one video clip, and that did not pass the test.

It is the job of the journalists to ask the wh questions: who, why, how, where, when, what.

But I have seen a ton of evidence of blatant racism. A guttural hatred of Indians defines the chief ideology of the power elite in Kathmandu. Indians have a hard time facing that fact. Just go to this Facebook page and see for yourself.

One example. There were online rumors that Salman Khan had donated crores of rupees and a few helicopters to Nepal. Salman did the right thing: he put out a statement saying that rumor is not true.

A whole bunch of Nepalis have been jumping up and down the street on that one. Who does Salman think he is? वो अपने आप को क्या समझता है? People have been calling him names. And he is a movie star. So if people can talk hate upon Salman Khan, don't try to justify their talking hatred upon some young Indian TV journalists.

The word Madhesi does not exist in Delhi. Or in Patna, or Lucknow, or Kolkata. मोदी से ले के जितने आते हैं पशुपति के दर्शन कर के चले जाते हैं। सबको लगता है अपनी ही बिरादरी के हैं। भारत तो १९४७ में आजाद हो गया लेकिन मधेस अभी भी गुलाम है। इस बात पर दिल्ली में कोइ हमदर्दी नहीं। चलो सोशल मीडिया के जरिए वो hatred तो सबके सामने आ रही है।

पहले था Go Home Indian Media, अब वही लोग Go Home Indians, Go Home Indian Army पर उतर आए हैं।

Twitter ने सबको एक एक मेगाफोन दे दिया है। लोग तो बोलेंगे ही। तरह तरह के विचार आएंगे। लेकिन ये गाड़ी free speech के पटरी से उतर के hate speech तक पहुँच गयी है। जो hatred नेपाल के मधेसी रोज भुगतते हैं वो आज सलमान को भी भुगतना पर रहा है।

यमन के दौरान युरोप के कइ देशों ने मोदी को धन्यवाद बोला ---- नेपाल वाले कब बोलेंगे? काठमांडु वालों को चाहिए कि Twitter पर #NepalthanksModi #ThankYouModi को ट्रेंडिंग करो।

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Modi Shoud Airdrop Tents, Food, Water, Medicine

The Indian Prime Minister was the first to respond. He was ahead of his Nepali counterparts. But there is a bottleneck. He can take relief supplies to Kathmandu, then what? The slow tragedy unfolding in the remote hills can only be imagined. The next leg of the Modi relief operation has got to be the Indian army air dropping supplies in the affected remote hill villages. There might be 500 such villages. I think that is manageable.

Tents, food, water, basic medicine. Helicopters could fly low, drop, and fly away. Most of those villages don't have places even for helicopter landing.