Friday, September 08, 2023

Kalkiist Manifesto: The Book Is Out In India

"Millions have been raising their voices of frustration, anger, and hate against the caste system for the last thousands of years, asking for change. However, all of them have only voiced their concerns without providing any concrete solutions. In response to this, I have planned a manifesto, blueprint, and substitute. Additionally, I have proposed the establishment of a research team, a movement, and votes in support of or against the new caste system and amendments to the constitution.What I have done and proposed is the only legitimate way to address the problem that exists throughout the country. This sets me apart from millions of daydreamers, as I possess a revolutionary mindset. I am not just a daydreamer; I have a roadmap for a revolution—a roadmap to eliminate all those who oppose the Hindu Vedas, just like Ravan.The struggle we face in our minds for existence, survival, income, livelihood, finance, and work manifests itself daily through anger, screaming, and hatred towards our family members and neighbours. The collective outpouring of anger, screams, and hate from each household creates a massive network that affects many people, leading some, especially women, kind-hearted individuals, and those with a simple mindset, to consider suicide. However, before it reaches that point for many, it engenders ongoing conflicts among millions.The scale of this issue is massive, and the solution lies in a financial and economic revolution called "Kalkiism."If any government can solve the problems of the rich and poor, dowry, caste, and religious conflicts, that's the only way to end Kaliyuga. If you think there is another process to end Kaliyuga, then you are still looking for some kind of magical rain from the sky to end Kaliyuga. Stop dreaming of such stupidity; there won't be any magic. We, humans, are not allowed to witness any magic. Kaliyuga has to end through political change. That's the only legitimate process to end Kaliyuga in today's modern and democratic world.After reading this post, if you are still expecting any magic from God to end Kaliyuga, then you need some perspective and understanding.

If anyone can prove the roadmap in the book wrong or propose another roadmap to end Kaliyuga, the author will reward them with 1 lakh.


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