Thursday, July 01, 2021

Janamat Party: Digital Battalions: Commando Units (a suggestion)

Janamat Party Digital Battalions (a suggestion)
Janamat Party: Digital Battalions: Commando Units

Commando Units are composed of elite individuals who perform special functions with great intensity. Being well rehearsed in digital communication is a must, but that is just the starting point.

  1. Super Catalyst: Can make a social media post, or video or article or blog post go viral at a rapid pace. Knows to influence the narratives to drive the mainstream media.
  2. Brain Trust: Can use Google search to crunch data and policy ideas to come up with best practices from around the world. The idea is that someone somewhere has already solved any given problem. You just have to find them and then apply those best practices to local conditions.
  3. Grease: They help the leaders listen to the grassroots. And vice versa.
A political party is an agent of the public sector. The primary purpose of the public sector is to nurture the private sector where most of the job creation happens. The role of the government should be small, focused, well-defined, and robust. With that intent and purpose the party must form a shadow cabinet at both the state and national levels. The shadow cabinet members will be aided by digital brain trusts that will (1) study and criticize the government machinery as it exists, (2) will come up with best practices from around the world, and (3) will distill big ideas and policy proposals into attractive sound bytes and slogans for media and public consumption.

There could be specific elite untis dealing exclusively with strategy and tactics. They could operate at various levels of privacy and secrecy.

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