Friday, May 28, 2010

Crisis Averted

Madhav Kumar Nepal, Nepalese politician.Image via Wikipedia
New York Times: Nepal Avoids Political Crisis With Broad Deal to Extend Parliament the Maoists agreed to extend the term of Parliament, the Constituent Assembly. In exchange, Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal agreed to resign at an unspecified time in the future to “pave the way” for a new government. ..... Members of the assembly took up the measure before midnight and passed it around 1 a.m. .... Nepal is enduring a rocky transition from feudal monarchy to secular democratic republic. ..... Pinned between India and China, the world’s fastest growing major economies, Nepal needs political stability so that it can capitalize on its strategic location and jump-start its mediocre economic growth. India and China, both desirous of stability in Nepal

You can always trust them to do the right thing after they have waited to the last minute, as they did this time. The constituent assembly's term has been extended. Hopefully this will lead to a new national unity government.

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