Monday, January 29, 2007

Kamal Thapa Should Be Arrested, But Not For The Madhesi Movement

Because the Madhesi Movement is no crime, and even if it is, he has had nothing to do with it.

He should have been arrested a long time ago. But for the atrocities of the April Revolution.

Krishna Sitaula is the Kamal Thapa of the Madhesi Movement. Girija Koirala is the Gyane of the Madhesi Movement.

Right now Krishna Sitaula's resignation and agreeing to the basic demands might be enough. But wait a few more days and that is not going to be enough. Girija himself is going to have to resign.
These protests will continue until the basic demands are met.

These Pahadi Bahuns believe their own lies. They see royalist hands behind the Madhesi Movement. They are so totally blind.

मधेशसे काँग्रेसका पत्ता साफ करो
मधेशसे कम्िनष्टका पत्ता साफ करो
मधेशसे राजावादीका पत्ता साफ करो

So now that Kamal Thapa is arrested, the unrest should die down, because according to Krishna Sitaula, Kamal Thapa has had the remote control of the unrest.

Who will they arrest next? Swami Shankaracharya?

This behavior goes on to show how deep-seated the anti-Madhesi prejudice is amongst the Pahadi Bahuns of the Congress and the Communist parties.

The Madhesis want a republic. The Madhesis want the villains of the April Revolution brought to justice. It is Girija who does not want those things. Girija should not project his political insecurities on the Madhesh.

The seven Pahadi parties have no option but to fulfill the basic demands of the Madhesi people.

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डटे रहो

In The News

A Minister Resigns to Play Vote Politics As Tension Continues in ... United We Blog, Nepal We have rarely seen a minister in Nepal resigning on real issues. ...... Anyway he was suffering from jaundice and was blaming the poor quality of drinking water in his ministry (Commerce, Industry and Supplies). He wasn’t working so his departure shouldn’t come as a blow to the day to day affairs of the government. ....... Nepali Congress might have to give up its stand on proportional electoral procedure. ...... Local administrations across the Terai region today issued fresh curfew orders in four towns as the unrest in southern Nepal continued severely affecting normal life for the 11th consecutive day. ..... shops and transportation services remained closed for the 11th day running ....... Although Lahan has been comparatively calmer in the past two days, transportation services have not started operating and marketplaces remained closed. Krishna Bahadur Yadav, central member of the MPRF, said that the indefinite banda programme would continue until their demands for a proportional electoral system, federal state and declaration of constituencies based upon the population, among others, are addressed by the government. ..... Janakpur remained peaceful today. However, a 10-hour curfew has been imposed by the local administration from 8am to 6pm. ....... life was badly affected in Jaleshwor, Mahottari, as the residents were deprived of essential daily goods as the shops remained closed. ...... threats to journalists in Birjung and other parts of eastern Terai by the activists of organizations that are responsible for the ongoing protests in the region.
Kamal Thapa arrested for ‘instigating’ violence in Terai, Nepal Police arrested Thapa from his residence in Bishal Nagar, Kathmandu, at around 9:45 pm. Thapa reportedly refused to receive the arrest warrant, but the police team insisted to take him with them saying they had order from above to arrest him. ....... Thapa is accused of fuelling violence in the ongoing protests of Madhesi groups in several Terai districts over the last few days. .... Thapa, one of the key figures in the past royal government, is also accused of ordering brutal clampdown on 19-day pro-democracy agitations last April.
Nepal minister quits, party threat to leave combine The Statesman, India Mr Hridayesh Tripathi, the powerful commerce, industry and supplies minister, today sent in his resignation after the toll in the clashes rose to seven in the plains, most of them occurring due to police firing. ....... Mr Tripathi, who suffers from jaundice, sent his resignation from his sick bed ...... The resignation adds a new drama to the violence that has hit the Terai region from mid-January with a little known organisation, the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum, coming to limelight and leading the new agitation for the Madhesi diaspora. ...... Mr Yadav has warned his outfit would not allow elections to be held in June if the constituencies are not revised according to population. Madhesis, because of their dark skin and proximity to India, are excluded from government, judicial as well as military services. Though comprising nearly half of Nepal’s population, over 40 per cent of Madhesis still do not have citizenship or voting rights. ....... the administration turning a blind eye when Madhesi shops were looted and torched. ....... There are also videotapes circulating in Nepal that show police helping the mobs vandalise Madhesi property. ...... has brought four key towns to a standstill for over a week now ..... Bara, where a second protester was killed in police firing yesterday, taking the roll to seven, Parsa and Rautahat districts remained under curfew today. ....... Four Madhes ministers from other leading parties along with 53 MPs yesterday urged Mr Koirala to amend the new Constitution and give proportional representation to the Madhes region. ....... Mr Rajendra Mahato, senior leader of the NSP, warned if the demands were not met, his party would leave the alliance.

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