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रामचन्द्र झा: तराई अान्दोलनसँगै उठेका मुद्दाहरू

Photos From Janakpur: Santosh Bhagat 3
Photos From Janakpur: Santosh Bhagat 2
Photos From Janakpur: Santosh Bhagat

In The News

“We discussed the issue of reconstituting cabinet,” says Prachanda NepalNews Earlier in the day, Prachanda had told reporters that they will raise the issue of changing the (government) leadership if their proposals on republic and PR system are not implemented.
UML MPs criticise their leaders for divergent views The UML MPs also raised their concern that they were falling into the use and throw trap of the Maoists.
Left parties 'agree' to push for cabinet reshuffle from the past few weeks left parties are in discussions in their attempt to come to an understanding on forming a new government led by UML general secretary Nepal, who claimed yesterday that given the responsibility to lead the government, his party would hold CA polls within mid-April and bring about drastic changes (for the good) in the country within five years
NC, UML giving greater priority to polls: Poudel
Speaker urges govt to introduce strong law to deal with violence against women dowry-deaths, witch-hunting
Dr Koirala urges parties to priotise elections Koirala used most of his time to criticise the Maoists and its chairman Prachanda. Koirala claimed the Maoist have been trying to avoid the elections due to fear of getting less votes. He said federalism based on ethnicity would lead to disintegration of the country.
Maoists to assist administration in taking action against those who assaulted doctors "We are especially deeply hurt by the use of YCL cadres in a filmy-style to carry out such abduction and assault," Prachanda said. He said that YCL was 'misled' to take the action.
One shot dead in Sarlahi a medical shop owner in Arnaha VDC in Sarlahi Thursday night. ..... Tej Narayan Mahato, a resident of Arnaha-8, was shot dead by a group of about 5 people. Mahato died on the spot. ...... Police said two persons have been arrested in connection with the murder
One shot dead in Biratnagar; minor injured in blast Pawan Shrestha, 20, succumbed to bullet injuries in a firing following a dispute between the two families of Rasan Sah and Kamath Bhagat ...... One Papu Magar was immediately rushed to the nearby hospital after sustaining bullet injuries. ..... a bomb explosion that took place in Biratnagar Bus Park ..... Vesu Shrestha, 12, was injured after a stray bomb he was playing with suddenly went off.
NC and Maoist lawmakers hit back at each other NC lawmakers criticized the Maoists and its youth wing, the YCL, for continuing to seize government and private property and terrorizing people. Putting out a list of public and private buildings captured by Maoists for use by the YCL, NC lawmaker Devendra Kandel said that Maoists are running a parallel government and also accused it of not being sincere toward peace talks. ...... CPN-Maoist lawmakers hit back at NC lawmakers and warned that they would also raise past issues. ....... that the Maoists will not return the properties that it has seized so far and would also not stop capturing more lands until their demands are met. He also said that people victimized by the security forces during the insurgency continue to be neglected
Martin urges serious review on peace process implementation of commitments made to Janajati, Madhesi and other groups ....... an assessment of the implementation of the parliamentary declaration guaranteeing 33 percent of all political and civil service appointments to women. ..... include women in peace process bodies at the local and national level

NC, Maoist leaders hold meeting; fail to break deadlock NepalNews

Maoists confident on today’s parliamentary session bearing fruit NepalNews
MK Nepal claims he can change country in five years given the responsibility to lead the government, his party will bring about drastic changes (for the good) in the country within five years. .... Nepal clamped all blame on the Nepali Congress and the Maoists for failure on holding the constituent assembly elections twice. ..... he spirit of the decision was not necessarily to announce republic before polls as demanded by the Maoists ..... UML sided with the Maoists to avoid some hardliner Maoists from dragging their party to violence. ...... Asked if he wished to be successor to PM Koirala, Nepal said he doesn't.

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चार राज्य: कोशी, गण्डकी, कर्णाली, मधेस
बन्दुकधारी मधेसी पार्टीहरूसँग गफ गर्न १० मिहना िढला भइसक्यो
एक मधेस एक प्रदेशकालािग चािहने मोर्चा
पहाडी नेताहरूले मधेशी अान्दोलनबारे बुझ पचाउन खोज्ने दुष्प्रयास
मधेशी अान्दोलनमा अझै पिन अिनश्चय
िनर्वाचन प्रक्िरया बारे बखेडा
Hridayesh Tripathi Kantipur Interview
नेपालमा ४०% मधेशी, मधेशमा ४०% पहाडी
राजेन्द्र महतोसँग बेइमानी भएको छ
माधव नेपालको तालु, प्रचण्डको तालु, िगिरजाको तालु
मधेशी अान्दोलनले छलाङ मारेको छ
माअोवादीले मधेशी अान्दोलनसँग फेिर िनहुँ खोज्न थालेको छ
माअोवादीलाई Triangulate गर्दा दुवै हातमा लड्डु
Prashant Tamang, Saturday, 7 PM
रामचन्द्र झा: तराई अान्दोलनसँगै उठेका मुद्दाहरू
पुर्ण समानुपाितक िनर्वाचन िवरूद्धका कुतर्कहरु
प्रभाकर, लीलामिण, अाले मगरलाई भेंट्दा
पुर्ण समानुपाितक िनर्वाचनकालािग िगिरजालाई कसरी घुँडा टेकाउने?
Suresh Ale Magar, Prabhakar, Lilamani Pokhrel, Pari Thapa, November 25
माअोवादीलाई Triangulate गर्नुपर्ने भएको छ
िवश्वको राजधानीको िमनी नेपालमा अलोकतान्त्िरक, अपारदर्शी राजनीित
मधेशी मोर्चाको िनर्माण िबना मधेश राज्य संभव छैन
माअोवादीको माफीया चालढाल
चक्रव्यूहमा मधेसी नेता
हृदयेश त्रिपाठी: चक्रव्यूहमा मधेस
Bidya Bhandari, Prabhakar, Sunday, 2:30 PM, Nepal Japan Restaurant
िफरसे मधेशी क्रान्ित?
Proposed Constitution
परमेन्द्र भगत पत्रकार?
Rajendra Mahto's Proposed Madhesi Front
Forbidden City: Not So Forbidden: SEBS In The Metro
Fully PR Election, Now What?
Political Deadlock And New Middle Ground: Published By
Ancient Nepal: Texts
Meeting Ground Between Congress And Maoists: 75 Multi Member Constituencies
पाखेले मिदसे भन्छ, नेपालीले मधेशी भन्न िसक्छ
पुर्ण समानुपाितक िनर्वाचनकालािग मधेशी, जनजाित, दिलतले अान्दोलन गर्नुपर्छ
पहाडी पार्टी काँग्रेसने मधेशीयो के साथ बेइमानी करनेका िनर्णय कर िलया है
िगिरजाले अप्िरल क्रान्ितको श्रेय िलन िमल्दैन
संिवधान सभामें मधेशी मोर्चाका रोल
मधेशी मोर्चाका िनर्माण अौर तराई खुला रखनेकी रणनीित
अन्धेर नगरी चौपट िगिरजा
Thinking Through This Jolt To The Transition
पुर्ण समानुपाितक िनर्वाचन अौर एक मधेश एक प्रदेशका नारा पर्याप्त है
डा देवेन्द्र राज पाण्डे: अन्तिरम प्रधान मन्त्री?
Rhoderick Chalmers, Monday, October 8, 6-8 PM
Nepal Must Get A New Prime Minister
Pradip Nepal: Pahadi Tiger
The Symbolism Of Girija Giving Mahto's Ministry To Kans Sitaula
ICG: Nepal's Fragile Peace Process
New CMP, New PM, Fully PR Election, Register More Parties, Elections In April
न्यु यर्कका पहिरयाहरू
November 22: Elections Must Happen
The Animals Of The Kapilvastu Riots
Armed Revolution To Street Agitation To Parliamentary Arithmetic
Koirala Has Only 85 Out of 330
Middle Ground: PR Election Now, Republic Later
My Idea Of A Madhesi Gathering
Congratulations To Rajendra Mahto
Madhesi Movement: Delicate Turn
Federal National Democratic Forum: The Janajati Party
Time To Hit The Campaign Trail
Completely Proportional Election: Meeting Point With The Maoists
The Madhesi Cause Is On Fire: Put Out The Fire
To Do List For Sadbhavana And MJF
Goal: Federal Republic Of State Funded Parties
MJF Is For Republic, Land Reform, Dalit, Muslim, Janajati, Mahila Rights, And Small Or No Army
The MJF Must Stay Intact
The MJF Dispute: Got To Seek Middle Ground
No To Terrorism: Terai Army Is A Criminal Outfit
उपेन्द्र यादव: सरकार र फोरमबीच सम्झौता
The Madhesi MPs And The Idea Of A New Party
तराई बन्द नहीं संगठन िवस्तार किरए
जयप्रकाश गुप्ता: मधेस आन्दोलनका आग्रह
An Open Letter To NAC
Goal Has To Be To Stay As One Country
Not UML-Maoist Unification Or Unity, But A One Point Agreement On PR Election
Baburam Bhattarai Is Right About UML-Maoist Unity
एक मात्र िमलनिवन्दु: पुर्ण समानुपाितक िनर्वाचन
Issues Of Madhesh
Madhesi Movement Against Khas Chauvinism
पहाडी बाहुन सुजीत ढकाल
No Point Talking, Got To Get Down To Protests
तीन लाखले सरकारी जागीर खाने, तीन करोड कता जाने?
Best Possible Scenario: How It Could Unfold
मधेशी मोर्चाके िलए फर्मुला
महेन्द्र, वीरेन्द्र र प्रचण्डका सीडीअो अञ्चलाधीशहरू
Upendra Yadav Book 2
Upendra Yadav Book 1
The Maoist Confusion Is Unnecessary
Madhav Nepal Needs To Make A Move
Lull Before The Storm
Compromise Formula: 75 Multi Member Constituencies
Democracy, Transparency, And The Nepali Diaspora
I Agree With Prachanda On Republic And Proportional Election
Pahadi Prejudice
Madhesi Alliance Needed
Tehelka: Madhesi
Ridiculous Bahun Poudel
Talk To Goit
एक मधेश एक प्रदेश
Bahun Conspiracy To Hijack Constituent Assembly Elections
उपेन्द्र यादव: संवाद
Rajendra Mahto: Three Hours Of Video
मधेशी अान्दोलनको गन्तव्य: नभम्बर चुनाव
Rajendra Mahto In Town
Moriarty Worried So People Like Me Did Not Have To
Violence Is No Solution In the Terai
ICG: Nepal's Troubled Terai Region
Upendra Yadav: Five Hours Of Video
Nutcase Baidya
Alliance Sets The Tone For Diaspora Organizations
Upendra Yadav Was In Town
No To Royal Dictatorship, No To Maoist Dictatorship, No To Mafia Dictatorship
Nepal Weekly: Front Cover Story On Madhesi
िगिरजालाई पदमुक्त गर
Unification Formula For The Sadbhavana And The Communists
The YCL Is Not A State Organ And May Not Act Like It
Proposed Constitution
What Will The Constituent Assembly Look Like?
प्रचण्डे बाहुनले अौंला पिन खान्छ, हात पिन खान्छ
छाता संगठनको कुरा फेिर ल्याउने िक नल्याउने
समानुपाितक िनर्वाचनको बाहुन फर्मुला मधेशी िवरूद्धको षडयन्त्र हो
तराईमा िहंसाको राजनीितक समाधान छ
जनजाित र दिलतले पार्टी नखोल्नु मानिसक दासता हो
Nepali Times Poll: A Lot Of Room For New Parties
Girija's Dictatorship: Money To The Maoists And The Congress
India Is Wrong On Bhutan
2007: The Year Of The Revolution In Bhutan
Proposed Constitution
3 Layers, 15 States, No Army, 100,000 Bureaucrats Total, Much FDI
Bimalendra Nidhi And Friends
Madman Prachanda, Hindenburg Girija
ICG Report On Madman Prachanda
Completely Proportional Elections To The Constituent Assembly
Girija Will Kill Another 40,000 Nepalis
May 19: New School
द्वैध नागिरकता िबना नेपालमा अार्िथक क्रान्ित सम्भव छैन
May 12 Meeting: A Flop
Smart Prachanda Move On Land Reform: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Mayawati Has Lessons For Madhesi, Janajati, Dalit, Mahila
Compulsions Of A Transition
Ian Martin: James Bond Of The UN Peacemaking Ambitions
Empowering Women In The UNMIN Structure
मई १२ िदउँसो १ बजे सेन्ट्रल पार्क दक्िषण पूर्व कोणा
Putting The Peace Process On A Fast Track To Elections
एक मधेशी पार्टी
Peace Process At Risk
White Paper: A Major Diaspora Milestone
Chitralekha Yadav And Friends
Chitralekha Yadav And Friends: Photos 3
Chitralekha Yadav And Friends: Photos 2
Chitralekha Yadav And Friends: Photos 1
Democratizing Political Parties
UML, Maoist, NC (D) Alliance To Oust Girija Needed
Maoist Money: Number One Threat To Free, Fair, Fearless Elections
Chiran Thapa: Emulating A Singaporean Model, Overhauling The Leadership
Youth Communist League: Prachanda's Brown Shirts
मैले पिरकल्पना गरेको मधेश राज्य
Tie The Bell: Elections In November
Mathura Shrestha: Liar
न्यु यर्कमा छाता संगठनको अावश्यकता
Goal Is Ideological Fusion, Not Mainstreaming Maoists
ज्वाला, गोइत, टाइगर और कोबराको चुनाव क्यों लडना चािहए
New York Metro Nepalis: Organizational Challenges
Suvechha Adhikari: Youth Representation
Gaur: The Organized Crime Angle
Best Option For All: Elections In June
Banning MPRF: Not An Option
Homework For Om Gurung
Survey: Nepalis In New York City
Sarita Giri: Madheshi Movement In Defense Of Democracy And Madhesi Nationalism
Hamro Nepal, ANTA Press Releases On Gaur Incident
Om Gurung
Gaur: Prachanda's Reichstag Fire?
Gaur: The Madhesi Gongabu
PM, Defense, Finance: Congress, DPM, Home: UML, DPM: Maoist
Magar Event
Mainstreaming Maoist Tendencies In The Madhesh
Lawoti: Ethnic Or Administrative Federalism
Mainstreaming The Maoists: Various Scenarios
Madhesi, Janajati, Business Community
Three Parties: Congress, Communist, Sadbhavana
ANONYM: Association Of Nepali Organizations In New York Metro
Manoj Gajurel, Comic, In NYC Soon
Joint Movement
What Girija Could Have Done
Empowering Nepalis In New York City
Dipendra Jha: The Real Picture Of The Madhesi Movement
No Guns, Explosives, Weapons Outside Cantonments
MPRF: A Few Scenarios
It Is Tough For The Madhesi
Upendra Yadav: Madhesi Martin Luther King
Vivaswan Kumar: Foreign Aids: Funding Terrorism In Nepal
New MJF Strategy: Hit The State, Not The People
Krishna Sitaula: Appeaser, Not Peacemaker
Abinish Karna: A True Madhesi
A Federal Republic Electoral Alliance Against The Maoists Needed
Sadist Koirala, Kans Sitaula, Pol Pot Prachanda
Yubraj Acharya, Alok Bohra And Other Idiot Bahuns
Further Compromise: Mixed Election With Reservations
5 Point Demand: Compromise Formula So Elections Can Be Held In June
MJF And NEFIN Must Become Political Parties
The Economist: Nepal's Ethnic Politics: The New Battlefront
Brikhesh Chandra Lal: Suspicion Emanating From The Message
Should The MJF Indefinite Strike Continue? Yes
Girija Bahun Baje Dumbass
Madhesi Janajati Kranti: Victory Scenarios
Bravo Moriarty
Ensuring Ethnic And Gender Representation In The Constituent Assembly
Photos From Ratan's Trip To Nepal
Ratan Jha: Trip To Nepal
Madhesi Janajati Kranti: Confusion, Clarity
Madhesi Janajati Kranti: A Few Scenarios
Adhikaar Community Advisory Board Meeting
Inbox 18
Inbox 17
Inbox 16
Ian Martin
Mantra For An Economic Revolution In Nepal
Elections In November
रतन झा: मधेसी व्रि्रोह ः चुनौती र अवसर
Why Will Girija Not Seek A Common Sense Solution?
Bill On Political Parties
पुरे देशको प्यारालाइज कर दो
Nepalgunj II: This Is A Repeat
Eighth State: Khasan
Arato: Well Meaning But Away From Ground Realities
माअोवादी तानाशाही मुर्दाबाद
A Nepali Diaspora Milestone
िगिरजाको कुर्सी से हटा दो, सेरेमोिनयल बना दो
Federalism As A Formula
Janakpur Madhesis Demand Federal Republic Nepal
Paramendra Mention In Nepali Times By Kashish
Two Things To Do To Prevent April Kranti III
अगर सडक पर िफर से उतडनी पडी तो
Ram Manohar Sah: Himalayan Double Standard
Bahun Federalism Is No Federalism At All
Nepal Sarkar Needs To Set Up A Tribunal
Krishna Sitaula's Resignation: Why It Is Important
Of Hindu Supremacists And Muslim Martyrs
चुनावी जंग
Upendra Yadav Interview
Ramila Nepal: On The Monarchy
Madhesi Alliance: Panch Pandav: Federal Republic, Madhesh State, Nonviolence
Press Release: Canada Forum For Nepal
Madhesi, Prepare For The Second, Final Wave
Bindeshwar Prasad Yadav: True Integration Of Nepal
Royalist, Hindu Supremacist, Violent, Anything But A Madhesi Movement
Madhesh State Now
Sucheta Pyakurel's False Claim To Women's Rights
Alok Bohara: On Regional Autonomy And New Nepal
Kiran Sitoula Is A Short, Fat Idiot
Ram Sah: Concern Over State Excesses, And Diaspora Politics
Madhesi Legal Defense Fund, Madhesi Aawaz, Madhesi Movement II
Anand Jha At SEBS: Loha Lohe Ko Katta Hai
B. K. Rana And The Madhesi Janajati Question
Krishna Sitaula Not Going Risks Everything
NYC Gremlins
Mahendra Lawoti On Constituent Assembly
38 Martyrs = Go, Krishna Sitaula, Go
The Ghost Called ND Forum
NYC Nepali Are Madhesi, Powerless
The New School Event: Madhesi Question: Photos 2
The New School Event: Madhesi Question: Photos
The New School Event: My Speech To Be Delivered
How Not To Get Back Onto The Streets
Bipin Shah: Belated But Popular "Madhesi Revolt"
Inbox 15
िवजयकी सुगन्ध अा रही है
49% Seats For Terai In Constituent Assembly Is A Fair Deal
समानता अौर अिधकार पर्याप्त नहीं हैं, हमें तो शक्ित चािहए
Brikhesh Chandra Lal: Meaning Of Inclusive Democracy
Pankaj Karna: Awakening Of Madhesh
Inbox 14
Photos From Janakpur: Santosh Bhagat 3
Photos From Janakpur: Santosh Bhagat 2
Photos From Janakpur: Santosh Bhagat
Protests Will Continue, Big Time
Proposed Constitution
Braindead Girija: The UML Needs To Walk Out Of This Government
Why Krishna Sitaula Has To Go
Prachanda's Schizophrenia
Inbox 13
Stage Two, Stage Three
Preeti Koirala And Mainstream Pahadi Prejudice
The Army Is Going To Stay Out Of This
Madhesi Movement: Intensifying The Protest
Paudel Bahun Is Lying
Dhruba Adhikary: Your Typical Pahadi Liar
Anand Jha's Fight At SEBS
Inbox 12
Proportional Representation Might Work With DaMaJa Reservations
Guiding The Madhesi Movement
Open Letter To Surendra Devkota, Shiva Gautam
Inbox 11
Rajendra Mahto Live: Registering Dissent On Interim Constitution, January 15
माघे क्रान्ित
Satya Narayan Shah: Minimizing Conflict
Govind Shah: Peaceful Resolution
Inbox 10
Inbox 9
What Is Wrong With NDYCUSA?
Sitaula Resign, Koirala Declare Madhesh State, Now
February 10: New School: Nepal In Transition: The Terai Question
Maoist Wet Dream
Inbox 8
Inbox 7
The Accurately Named Krishna Pahadi
Girija Has Proven To Be A Cruel Joke Upon Nepal
Compromise: Add 45 Constituencies To The Terai
Nonviolent Madhesi Movement For Equality Or Violent Ethnic Riot
King's 3 Years, Girija's 3 Years: Not Happening
Sukhdev Shah: Terai’s Fate—Looking Within!
Inbox 6
Pahadi Bias Colors Global Media
Butchers, Stop The Killing, You Will Get Tried
Action Plan: 5 + 5
Gyane In April: 3 Speeches, Girija In Magh: How Many?
Inbox 5
Inbox 4
Inbox 3
सत्ताधारी सात पहाडी पार्टीको घैंटोमा अझै घाम लागेको छैन
Girija Koirala: Address To The Nation: Madhesi Movement Partial Victory
The Movement Will Not Stop, It Will Go To Step 2
Dragonfly Without A Wing Loses Hearing Capacity
Inbox 2
सरिता गिरी: अशान्त मधेस, नया नेपाल
Hamro Nepal Press Release: Only A Political Outlet To The Madhesi Movement
माघे क्रान्ित, राजावादी र िहन्दु कट्टरपन्थीबारे
The Maoist Map Is A Pretty Good Map
Kamal Thapa Should Be Arrested, But Not For The Madhesi Movement
Madhesi Movement Invites The Dalit, The Janajati, The Mahila
The Ball Is In Girija's Court: A Response To Pramod Kantha
Gagan Thapa On The Terai
Anand Jha: Raising Dust At SEBS
Need For A Mahila Movement
ANTA Press Release: Stop The State Terror
Stop The Shooting, Give The Speech
Feedback, NSU, USA Canada Chapter Press Release
डटे रहो
Sahana Pradhan, Sarita Giri, Chitra Lekha Yadav, Pratibha Rana
Ram Sah, Ratan Jha, Lalit Jha, Pramod Kantha: Madhesi Diaspora, Pahadi Diaspora
Why Are The Pahadis Quiet?
B. K. Rana: Carter, Palestine and Apartheid
Girija, Give A Speech Like Gyane Did In April
Stop Shooting, Give Concession Speech, Calm Down The Streets
Brikhesh Chandra Lal: Who Will Take Responsibility?
Madhesh Is Burning
शान्ित वार्ता क्या, िवजय घोषणा करो
8 Parties Need To Declare 205 Constituencies Of Equal Population
Madhesi Movement Is April Revolution Part 2
Look Who Is Talking
Madhesi Movement: Write To The Media
बराबर जनसंख्याबाला २०५ सीट
मधेश जल रही है
Girija Koirala Is A Crook
205 Constituencies Based On Equal Population, And Reserved Seats
New Jersey Madhesi Gathering: Photos
Anand Jha: Slugging It Out At SEBS
Ram Manohar Sah: Madheshi Murmurings
Mihir Thakur: Paper On Madhesh Samasya 2051
Madhesi Gathering, New Jersey
Prabasi Madhesi Are With The Madhesi Movement In Nepal
My Role In The April Revolution: The Butterfly Effect
Typhoid And Typhoid Victims
Party Unification, And One Person One Vote Principle
Talk With Goit For The Same Reason We Talked With Maoists
Dr. Brian Cobb: Jubilee Member Of Hamro Nepal
Bindeshwar Prasad Yadav: A View On Proposed Constitution
Madhesi Alert, Nepalgunj Pahadi Attack On Madhesi, Raw Email, Video Footage
NepalPAC: A Great, But Limited Idea
Hours And Hours Of Paramendra

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