Saturday, March 23, 2024

Jay Sah: Reporters Club Nepal

Why China’s confidence crisis goes unfixed In 2024, to acknowledge public gloom is to doubt Xi Jinping ........ In truth, lots of ordinary Chinese worry that the ship of state is drifting, rudderless. But this cannot be admitted without seeming to doubt Mr Xi, the great helmsman. In the China of 2024, that is simply not allowed.

How China stifles dissent without a KGB or Stasi of its own A secret policeman on every street ...... The system fights crime and defends the party’s monopoly on power: no clear line separates these two tasks. ...... China’s surveillance state, it turns out, is hiding in plain sight.

Three big risks that might tip America’s presidential election Third parties, the Trump trials and the candidates’ age introduce a high degree of uncertainty

Infatuation, kids, adultery: marriage is the theme of the Oscars Together the nominees sketch a composite picture of marriage. Here it is

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