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25: Ukraine

Wagner Group boss, "Putin's butcher," says Russia at risk of losing Ukraine war and facing a "revolution"

The Wagner group forecasts disaster if Russia does not move into total war footing. Yevgeny Prigozhin has been ramping up pressure on Russia’s military leadership and extending his criticism to the country’s moneyed elites. .

The U.S.-Chinese Economic Relationship Is Changing—But Not Vanishing How “De-Risking” Can Preserve Healthy Integration .

Two Weeks at the Front in Ukraine In the trenches in the Donbas, infantrymen face unrelenting horrors, from missiles to grenades to helicopter fire. ......

If you want to live, dig.

........ shock waves and shrapnel had reduced the surrounding trees to splintered canes. Artillery had churned up so much earth that you could no longer distinguish between craters and the natural topography. ......... A log-covered dugout, where the soldiers slept, was about five feet deep and not much wider. ........ As for the infantrymen, their mission was straightforward: not to leave and not to die.......... The village was controlled by the Wagner Group, a Russian paramilitary organization notorious for committing atrocities in Africa and the Middle East. ......... “They were like zombies. They used the prisoners like a wall of meat. It didn’t matter how many we killed—they kept coming.” ........... and the conventional troops who replaced them were far less numerous and suicidal ........ “A lot of the new guys don’t have the stamina to be out here,” Pavlo said. “They get scared and they panic.” ........ The uncanny extent to which both men had adapted to their lethal environment underscored the agitation of the recent arrivals, who flinched whenever something whistled overhead or crashed nearby............ Taking out his phone, he swiped through a series of photographs: “Killed . . . killed . . . killed . . . killed . . . killed . . . wounded. . . . Now I have to get used to different people. It’s like starting over.” .......... He’d been there for six weeks and had not so much mastered his fear as accepted the illogic of running: there was nowhere to escape to. All the same, he was so timid by nature that it was difficult to imagine him repulsing a Russian attack. “I hate weapons and violence,” he said with wide-eyed incredulity, as if he still could not believe where he was. “I’m just trying to stay alive until I can get home.” ......... I spent twelve days with the 28th Brigade, and I never once saw Tynda, Odesa, or Bison put on body armor or a helmet. When I asked Bison about this, he replied, “If I’m going to die, I’ll die.” ........ the veterans had so internalized the soundscape of the war that they knew instinctively where each munition was coming from and where it would land .......... The gun’s operator, a rawboned soccer hooligan with brass knuckles tattooed on his hand, spoke of the Maxim like a car enthusiast lauding the performance of a vintage Mustang. ........... In the course of the past year, the U.S. has furnished Ukraine with more than thirty-five billion dollars in security assistance. Why, given the American largesse, had the 28th Brigade resorted to such a museum piece? A lot of equipment has been damaged or destroyed on the battlefield. At the same time, Ukraine appears to have forgone refitting debilitated units in order to stockpile for a large-scale offensive that is meant to take place later this spring. At least eight new brigades have been formed from scratch to spearhead the campaign. While these units have been receiving weapons, tanks, and training from the U.S. and Europe, veteran brigades like the 28th have had to hold the line with the dregs of a critically depleted arsenal. .......... it was “more important to focus on the accumulation of resources” for future battles. “May the soldiers in the trenches forgive me,” Zaluzhnyi said. .............. his mortar teams had fired about three hundred shells a day; now they were rationed to five a day. The Russians averaged ten times that rate. ............. The most important element of any dugout is the roof. Raw logs are brought on trucks as close to the front as possible, then carried by soldiers to the trenches. A proper roof consists of three layers of logs stacked crosswise under three feet of dirt—a thickness greater than the distance that most projectiles can penetrate during the millisecond between their impact and their detonation. Railroad ties serve as vertical posts. The dugout should be deep enough that the top barely crests the ground; from outside, all you see are steps descending to a subterranean door. ................ “I’d seen how people burn alive inside,” he told me. “One R.P.G. or mortar strike, and that’s it.” ........... and as we approached a white church outside Kostyantynivka I noticed Volynyaka crossing himself. In town, I asked him if the war had made him more religious. “No, the opposite,” he said. “I’ve started to question the existence of God.” ........... According to Volynyaka, “almost everyone” who had not already fled the town was pro-Russian. A clerk at the local grocery store had told him, “We don’t want you here.” I asked him if the hostility had eroded his motivation to keep fighting. He shook his head. “I know it’s my land—why should I care what they think?” ............... and asked me if the soil in the United States was as rich and arable as theirs. The fact that this same soil now shielded them against injury and death had only deepened their attachment to it. ............. In his spare time, he tended the vegetable patch, which he hoped would be sprouting when the homeowners returned. ............. He later told me that his preferred avatar in his favorite video game, Skyrim, was an archer. “grove st 4 life,” a reference to Grand Theft Auto, was tattooed on his forearm. When he found enough bandwidth, he planned to download a game called World of Tanks onto his phone. ........... Then, on the eve of the offensive, a young member of the brigade posted a video of himself and his comrades in which he announced where “we will be attacking.” By the time the video was deleted, it had been viewed more than eleven thousand times. ......... When a sergeant overheard a draftee telling me that he was sick, the sergeant interjected, “Everybody is sick.” .......... “Maybe the drone saw the Starlink satellite,” Ivan said. “Or they saw our toilet. It’s obviously for officers.” (The toilet was just a pit that had been dug deeply enough to afford its occupant protection while squatting.) .......... Ivan grabbed a pastry from the food rations. “I want to eat some cake before I die.” ......... Morale was as crucial an asset as any in the infantry. One day, while I was on the Zero Line, an “Army psychologist” had visited. He did not have a degree in psychology, and his role was limited to identifying soldiers who were incapacitated by fear and could not “overcome their paralysis.” He explained, “I try to convey to them why they must follow their orders. If that doesn’t work, then we send them to a real psychologist.” ............. Ivan claimed that men often faked injuries in a bid to escape the trenches. “It happens all the fucking time,” he said. But, he allowed, such desperation could arise from genuine psychological damage. ............ Almost all the veterans had suffered multiple concussions, but, as Kaban had told me, “If we get sent for treatment, who will stay in the trenches?” ............ Post-traumatic stress disorder did not seem to be an apposite diagnosis for anyone on the front, because the traumatic event was still happening. .................. “It’s easier psychologically to stay here. It’s hard to come back after visiting civilization.” ........ Kaban had recalled going to Odesa a few months earlier and experiencing a panic attack as soon as he exited the train station. The overwhelming stimuli—bustling crowds, speeding cars, jarring city noises—felt like an onslaught of potential threats. Strangers were rifling through their bags, making phone calls; Kaban instinctively reached for his Kalashnikov, only to realize that he was unarmed. When he spotted a group of soldiers patrolling the station, he ran to them, pale and shaking. “Don’t worry,” a soldier assured him. “You’re not the first. This happens a lot.” ........ At the start—when there were no Five Hundreds or fainthearted draftees, and everyone was still a volunteer, galvanized by a profound sense of patriotic duty—Oper had commanded twelve extraordinarily courageous men. He had loved them all, and all of them had died. The losses had broken something in him, and he no longer permitted himself to form comparable attachments to his subordinates. ............. The whole country has been affected by the war, but nobody has absorbed its misery and horror the way infantrymen have. ............ and he did not think that having three children should exclude a man from serving. “It should be the other way around,” he said. “They have more to fight for.” ............. “Just like the Battle of Saratoga, the fight for Bakhmut will change the trajectory of our war for independence and for freedom.” This March, Zelensky told the Associated Press that if Ukraine lost the city Putin would “smell that we are weak” and “sell this victory to the West, to his society, to China, to Iran.”

रेशमको सजाय माफीका लागि शीतलनिवास पठाइयो २० फाइल
मधुमेह भएकाहरूले निर्धक्क भएर खान सक्छन् यी फलफूल
हिरासतबाट बालकृष्ण खाणलाई सचिव पाण्डेको पत्र–ओली बा र देउवालाई भनेर मिलाउनुपर्छ
दूधमा यो मसला मिसाएर पिउनुका पाँच ठुला फाइदा : प्रतिरोधी क्षमता बढ्छ, हड्डी पनि बलियो

कस्तो छ रास्वपामा रवि-स्वर्णिम केमेस्ट्री ? थुप्रै आर्थिक र राजनीतिक विरोधाभासबीच एउटै पार्टीको उच्च तहमा रहेका रवि लामिछाने र स्वर्णिम वाग्लेको सुरुवाती सहकार्य जम्दै गरेको देखिए पनि यसले दीर्घकालीन निरन्तरता पाउनेमा आशंका बाँकी नै छन् । .
लगातार किन भासिंदैछ न्युयोर्क सहर ? म्यानहटन सहर अहिले सामुद्रिक जलस्तरभन्दा केवल एक वा दुई मिटरमात्रै माथि छ ।
रेशम चौधरी क्रान्तिकारी हुन् : बाबुराम भट्टराई
नागरिक उन्मुक्ति पार्टीले गर्‍यो आन्दोलनको घोषणा
प्रचण्ड, देउवा र ओली आज पनि छलफलमा

मधेश सरकार विस्तार, यादवको प्रतिक्षामा प्रम प्रचण्ड, भित्र भित्रै पाक्दै छ यस्तो खिचडी
रेशम चौधरी जेलमुक्त हुने गरि सरकारले नयाँ विद्ययेक ल्यायो
भ्रष्टाचार विरुद्व जनकपुरधाममा जनमत पार्टीको प्रदर्शन र विरोध
यसै मधेश सरकारमा अन्य दलहरु मन्त्री बन्ने हो : उपेन्द्र यादव जनमतको जिम्मा प्रधानमन्त्रीलाई, आलोपालो मुख्यमन्त्री पाउने हो
यादव र ठाकुर जनकपुरधाममा, मधेश मुख्यमन्त्री यादवको राजिनामा आउने सम्भावना यादव र ठाकुर बिच राती छलफल भई मधेश सरकार परिमार्जनको रुपरेखा तयार हुनेछ ।
मधेश सरकारको नेतृत्व पनि परिवर्तण हुनुपर्दछ : महन्थ ठाकुर
सत्ता गठबन्धनमा उपेन्द्र र डा. राउत बिचमा घोचपेच सुरु, उपेन्द्रको यस्तो आरोप मधेश सरकारमा परिर्माजनको जिम्मा देउवा, यादव र ठाकुरलाई

इमरान खानले इस्लामाबाद उच्च अदालतबाट पाए अर्काे राहत
इमरान खानले भने– ‘मलाई १० वर्ष जेल हाल्न खोजिएको छ’ इमरान खानले सोमबार दाबी गरेका छन् कि देशको शक्तिशाली सैन्य प्रतिष्ठानले उनलाई देशद्रोहको आरोपमा आगामी १० वर्षसम्म जेलमा राख्ने योजना बनाएको छ। ...... इमरान खानले यी ‘अपराधी’ हरूले जसरी ‘चादर र चार दिवारी’को पवित्रता हनन् गरिरहेका जनाउँदै उनले त्यो आजसम्म कहिल्यै नभएको पनि बताएका छन्।

Elon Musk says the ‘laptop class’ needs to ‘get off their moral high horse’ when it comes to remote work Chief executives, trying to bring employees back to the office, argue that working-from-home leads to less engaged and less productive workers....... Musk argued that tech workers—who he characterized as the “laptop class”—were unfair in demanding privileges that other people, like service workers or factory employees, could not enjoy. “You’re going to work-from-home, and you’re going to make everyone else who made your car come work in the factory? You’re going to make people who make your food that gets delivered—they can’t work from home?” Musk asked. “Does that seem morally right?” ...... In-person work sometimes led to COVID outbreaks in sectors like the meatpacking industry where working-from-home was not possible. ....... Musk claimed on CNBC that he only took two or three days off a year, and otherwise did at least some work seven days a week with only six hours of sleep a night. ........ (Musk was seen partying at a music festival in Mexico last weekend hours before a meeting with Emmanuel Macron, joking with the French president that he had to “sleep in the car” beforehand.) ...... CEOs argue that working-from-home hurts company culture, and claim that fully remote workers lose opportunities for feedback and mentoring, hurting their growth. ....... Employee surveys consistently report that workers think they are more productive at home. ......... The battle may be reaching an equilibrium around hybrid work, where employees come into the office for part of the week. The number of U.S. firms demanding in-person work five days a week dropped over the past three months, from 49% to 42% ....... Also on Tuesday, asset manager BlackRock asked employees in an internal memo to start coming in four days a week, up from three, arguing that remote workers missed both “teaching moments” and “market-moving moments” while at home.

Bill Gates is full of regret about missed vacations and broken relationships in commencement speech: ‘You are not a slacker if you cut yourself some slack’ .

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