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Remote Relay अनसन: चुँकि रामलीला मैदान उपलब्ध नहीं है

लेजर फोकस का मतलब होता है एक मुद्दा को पकड़िए और कस के पकड़िए। लोकपाल और साथ साथ बिजली पानी की भी बात नहीं की गयी। शिक्षा स्वास्थ्य की बात नहीं हो रही थी। इसका मतलब तभी बिजली पानी शिक्षा स्वास्थ्य महत्वपुर्ण नहीं थे ऐसी बात नहीं। लेकिन लेजर फोकस अच्छा राजनीतिक कदम माना जाता है। लोकपाल के मुद्दा को कस के पकड़ने से ही आप ने क्लीन स्वीप किया और बिजली पानी शिक्षा स्वास्थ्य पर काम कर सकी। 

कुछ ड्रामाटिक करने होते हैं। जैसे गाँधी का सॉल्ट मार्च। बहुत ड्रामाटिक था। नहीं तो लोगों को लगने लगा था स्वराज आंदोलन गहरी निदं में पहुँच चुकी है। कि यकायक साल्ट मार्च हो गया और सारा देश जैसे इलेक्ट्रिफाइड हो गया। सब अख़बारों में खबर छा गया। 

अभी महामारी के समय में बारह बिघा मैदान में या खुला मंच पर अनसन करना, भीड़ इकट्ठा करना गैर जिम्मेवार कदम होगा। सभा जुलुस निकाल नहीं सकते। तो क्या कर सकते हैं? रिमोट रिले अनसन। २४ घंटे अनसन पर बैठने वाले भोलन्टियर अपना अपना नाम दर्ज करेंगे और अपने अपने घरों में ही अनसन पर बैठेंगे। झापा से कंचनपुर लोग साइन अप करेंगे। बाद में ७७ जिल्ला पहुँचिए। भ्रष्टाचार तो राष्ट्रिय समस्या है। संगठन जाग उठेगा। संगठन विस्तार होगा। 

अनसन पर बैठने के लिए कोइ भी नागरिक कहाँ और कैसे साइन अप करे उसको अच्छी व्यवस्था करना चुस्त संगठन का परिचायक होगा। 

लगातार ३६५ दिन करिए। अनसन पर बैठने वालो का नाम और शहर रोज सीके के पब्लिक फेसबुक पेज पर छापिए। क्रांति आ जाएगी देशव्यापी। संगठन अपने आप विस्तार होगा। 

THE FORMIDABLE STRATEGIST – Bishnu Rimal The Chief Advisor to PM KP Sharma Oli, Bishnu Rimal is ostensibly the mind behind some of the PM’s major political decisions. Rimal entered into politics through the student movement in 1979 and joined the then underground Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist-Leninist). Rimal is also the current patron of the trade union confederation having provided leadership to the General Federation of Nepalese Trade Unions (GEFONT) as its founding Secretary General. Rimal has had a long and interesting career in the politics, actively involved in the CPN UML for over 35 years. A civil engineer by profession, he is soft spoken with a steely resolve, someone who chooses not to shine the light on himself, but a clear political strategist. ......... We have made adjustment of more than 55,000 civil servants as per the federal setup .......... I have no reference of any country in the world executing an entire federal setup including fiscal federalism within a year. .........

At a time when we were set to expedite project executions, service delivery, bring in investments, we started facing internal conflict within the ruling party.

......... Around 2,700 km of blacktopped roads have been constructed in the last three years. ........ Nepal ranked in the top 10 countries in terms of inoculation when compared to size of population. ....... we are able to construct the much talked about

Motihari-Amlekhganj petroleum pipeline

that has substantially reduced the cost of transportation of fuel (two billion rupees per annum), mitigated other risks as well reduced traffic congestion at the Birgunj checkpoint because of fuel tankers. ......... Almost every government in the last two decades were talking about installing pipeline to import fuel from India, however the project is now completed in 17 months since we commenced work. ......... we are trying our best for power commissioning from Upper Tamakoshi (456 MW) by mid May. Other big-ticket projects like Gautam Buddha International Airport, Pokhara Regional International Airport will be accomplished timely ......... the Sunkoshi-Marin diversion, this includes diverting the water of Sunkoshi river to Bagmati through Marin Khola for irrigating the terai plains of Eastern Nepal along with construction of irrigation canals. ........ Some of the national pride projects are in execution from years, we are monitoring them from the action room established in the Prime Minister’s Office ............ Customer should not have to interact with the staff of the land registration office; they can now avail service through digital platforms. Along with digital mapping of land, we have also started digital soil testing facility. We are going to develop a similar digital system in transport offices too. People can renew their bill book, licenses and permits through digital platforms. Some of the local government offices have started online billing system and delivering services through digital platforms. ............ We’ve launched the Nagarik App, people are not required to carry documents to avail services like citizenship certificate or academic certificates among others. ............ we will be able to create 12 million National ID cards within a year. National ID card can be used as a barcode ....... We are on the road to supply 24/7 reliable electricity and we will have excess electricity after completion of 456 MW Upper Tamakoshi Hydel Project. ....... MCC is going to provide us grant aid to execute transmission highway with cross-border power trade infrastructure. .........

Even educated and academic people said that the US military will come to Nepal and camp along the transmission line’s right of way; such baseless and provocative propaganda was designed and disseminated by anti-development forces or by those who don’t want the country to progress.

............ KP Sharma Oli was presented as the future Prime Minister. .......... It took over a month until March 16 to appoint all the ministers. In between that time, the Maoist Centre had looked into the option of forming government by making coalition with other political forces despite the fact that the Communist parties had contested the election under joint manifesto ......... For stability, Prime Minister Oli had expressed commitment with the Maoist Centre Chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal to hold a general convention of the Unified Party from April 7-12, 2021 and that he will not contest for the Chairmanship of the Unified Party. PM Oli had also ensured Pushpa Kamal Dahal that he will be the face of the next election as the next Prime Minister, and that commitment was given in writing. ...... stability is a critical factor for expediting development works, bringing in investment, delivering quality service and expanding access for the overall progress of the country.

CATALYST OF CHANGE – Dr. Prativa Pandey She completed her MS/Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Northwestern University and holds a Management Certificate from the Kellogg School of Management. ........ holds three US patents. ...... She also co-founded Daayitwa, Nepal Public Service Fellowship in 2012 and is an advisor at Nepal Leadership Academy (NLA). She has co-founded two platforms for women scientists and youth scientists, Women Scientists Forum Nepal (WSFN) and Young Scientists Forum Nepal (YSFN) respectively as an initiation of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Nepal. She is an active member of Intellectual Property Protection Society Nepal (IPPSON), and on the advisory board of Nepal Economic Forum (NEF). ........ Pandey believes that the ecosystem here is not ready to accept returnees; they feel rejected by it. “I do think that if I were still in the US, I could have done a lot better professionally; but on an individual level. I always remind myself that the ecosystem is always greater than an individual. I strongly feel that I can do much better here in Nepal at an ecosystem and impact level.” she states. ..........

When I was in the US, I knew that I wanted to work on making the ecosystem stronger in Nepal.

........ “It is not about if my husband has more authority than me. It is that the society gives him more authority. At times, I leverage his authority and that of others championing gender equity to

lead with informal authority and navigate the system.

......... my unique disposition as I represent research, academia and industry and only few people are operating in that intersection ......... there are so many micro-biases and hurdles in the society for women who want to pursue a degree and career in STEM ......... To some extent, she envies the scientists abroad who can just focus and deep dive in the world of research. That is hardly the case in Nepal where the research ecosystem is very fragile. So, she decided to take on the journey of leveraging technological interventions as a researcher to solve market problems as an entrepreneur. ............

we export highly potent medicinal plants as raw materials at such a cheap price.

...... We plucked the low-hanging fruits and invested initial capital in research and development,” shares Pandey ....... “Herveda gets the raw materials directly from the farmers and farmer corporative reducing 3-4 middlepersons in the supply chain. Besides, we are planning to source from each of the 77 districts and prepare other sophisticated products. ......... India where she found well-documented knowledge in the form of ancient texts on Ayurveda. “It kept me wondering why we talk about doing research at the forefront, but have not been able to even institutionalise and capitalise on the already existing knowledge from thousands of years.” ...........

She toils in the lab to come up with formulae; then she labours to translate them into products; she runs two businesses; she conceptualises plans to brand her products nationally and internationally; she is involved in policy making and implementation process; she is doing this and that and everything in between… And she is a mom.

....... if the policies don’t change for the good of innovative companies like ours, then it will be a continuous struggle for us to survive the bureaucratic and corrupt loopholes that rewards less innovative companies and encourages unethical business practices ........ 10-year-old Prativa Pandey used to keep the cut-outs of female SLC board toppers and other female role models in her diary to inspire her to achieve greater things in life. Today, many 10-year-old girls can keep the cut-out of Prativa Pandey ....... “Research shows that till the secondary school until they hit puberty, there are no identifiable differences between male and female students in what they score in math and science tests. But as they mature, only few females go into Science, Computers. One of the reasons, probably is when they are young, they are not exposed to many biases. But as they grow old, there are biases at play because of the social setting. And girls start doubting themselves. They start developing the habit of questioning their ability more. ......... as I grew old, the common understanding was that boys are naturally good at computer and maths. To deconstruct that myth, I started a computer club in my school in class 9.” ........... less than 5% Nepali PhD holders are females. And most of them are abroad. I have talked to many members of female diaspora who are PhD holders who do not want to come back home but their husbands do and the reason is that we have empowered women but we haven’t been able to empower our society at the same rate. These educated women don’t want to face the same old social and gender biases. ............ I was discouraged by a Class “A” bank without inquiring about my business or my background. ......... the mantra I practice is to leave guilt at home .......... I am not the only person who should be responsible to manage both home and office. ....... I have enabled my husband, my family to take care of things that I cannot take care of – like in the case of cooking or taking care of our daughter. I forgot to pick up my daughter from her school thrice. First time, I cried. Second time, I felt extreme guilt. Third time I said, ‘I am not going to pick up my daughter every time, I am going to share the load.’ ............ One individual cannot change the ecosystem. I understand that. That’s why I want to bring in other entrepreneurs and innovators so that we can work collaboratively on projects.” ........... “We have done MOUs with other research organisations, cosmetic companies and pharmaceutical companies to share instrument and equipment down times so that we can up-scale when the opportunity arrives.” ......... Women who import skin care products were not able to do so and we were their solution and that is how we capitalised on that during the pandemic.”

कांग्रेस ‘कर्पोरेट मोडल’मा गइसक्यो : सीके लाल [अन्तर्वार्ता] तोकिएको समयमा महाधिवेशन हुनेमा अद्यापि आशंका छ। ........ सधैं झैं महाधिवेशन नेतृत्व चयनको विषयमा केन्द्रित हुँदै गएको छ, नीतिका विषय बेवास्तामा परेको छ। ....... व्यवस्था परिवर्तनमा नेतृत्वदायी भूमिका पनि खेल्यो। तर, कांग्रेसले त्यही ब्याज खान खोज्छ, भविष्यमुखी हुन सकेन भनिन्छ। ........ अहिलेको ‘कर्पोरेट मोडेल’ देख्दा त नेपालको विविधतालाई समात्न गाह्रो हुने देखिन्छ। कांग्रेस विरासतमै बस्ला जस्तो लाग्छ। भविष्यमुखी हुनसक्ला जस्तो लाग्दैन। भविष्यमुखी कार्यक्रम ल्याउन सक्ला जस्तो मलाईचाहिँ लागिरहेको छैन। ........ अब त सोझै मसँग यति ‘फलोअर्स’ छन् भन्छन्। त्यसैको आधारमा लेनदेन हुन्छ। ....... त्यसलाई समूह नभनेर कोटरी भनिन्छ। किचन क्याबिनेट खालको कोटरी हो। त्यसलाई प्रभामण्डल पनि भनिन्छ। विचारमा आधारित समूह नभएर प्रभामण्डलको लेनदेन हुने भयो। ........ कांग्रेसलाई किन समर्थन गरिस्? भन्दा त हामी त परिवारै कांग्रेस हो भन्ने बाहेक त अरु बाँकी छैनन् नि त। ........ आफ्नो राजनीतिक क्षमता भएका तेस्रो पुस्ताका नेताहरु धेरै डराउनु पर्दैन। कोटरीको भर नपर्दा पनि हुन्छ उनीहरु। ........ व्यक्तिगत र समूहगत लाभहानीको आधारमा जब लेनदेन हुन्छ भने त्यो त तत्कालका लागि न हुन्छ। ....... चुनाव भयो भने टिकट प्राप्त गर्न अर्को समूहको निर्माण होला। त्यहाँ पनि लेनदेन नै हुने हो। जितिहालेको अवस्थामा सरकार बनाउन अर्को लेनदेन होला। प्रतिपक्षमै भए पनि अर्को लेनदेन होला। अब हरेक कुरा लेनदेनबाट निश्चित हुन्छ। किनकी, समर्पणबाट लेनदेनमा प्रवेश गर्ने ‘कर्पोरेट मोडल’मा कांग्रेस गएको छ। ........

कांग्रेसको हातबाट मधेस फुत्कियो। पहाड र हिमाल एमाले र माओवादीले लग्यो। मधेस त्यहीँका मधेसवादी दलहरुले लगे। कांग्रेसचाहिँ परम्परागत रुपमा जुन पुस्तैनी भरमा चलेको हो। पुस्तैनी कांग्रेस हुनेहरु युरोप अमेरिका पुगे। तल्लो तहमा भएकाहरु अरब मलेसिया गए।

एमाले केन्‍द्रीय कमिटी बैठकको निष्‍कर्ष एकताको आधार : देउवालाई प्रधानमन्त्री बनाउन गरिएको हस्ताक्षर फिर्ता
खनाल–नेपाल समूहको स्थायी कमिटीको निष्कर्ष : ओलीको एकतर्फी कदमले एकता असम्भव, सहमतिबाट सम्भव अर्को समूहले बाध्य बनायो भने मात्र नयाँ पार्टी बन्ने हो : माधव नेपाल, वरिष्ठ नेता, एमाले

चार मन्त्रीलाई १९ मन्त्रालयको भार : एउटा मन्त्रालयलाई सातामा तीन घन्टा

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