Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Pune: The Best Governed City In India

Pune, Kolkata among India’s best-governed cities Pune has emerged as the best-governed city of India ....... Bengaluru is at the bottom of the list. ....... “ASICS does not measure quality of infrastructure and services such as roads and traffic, garbage, water, housing, sanitation and air pollution, but instead measures the preparedness of cities to deliver high quality infrastructure and services in the long-term by evaluating “city—systems” of spatial planning and design standards, municipal finance, municipal staffing, political leadership at the city level and transparency and citizen participation“

These are the best-run cities in the world They’re innovative, smart and forward-looking. They attract people, businesses and investment. These are just some of the reasons that London, New York, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul are the seven best-run cities in the world ............ London and New York head up the list: “This duo continues to lead for corporate presence, magnetic appeal to talent, attraction to capital, and soft power and informal influence” ........ the ability to access international talent, a key attribute of a successful city ......... Paris, currently third on the list, is busy implementing one of the most ambitious infrastructure programmes in the world – the ‘Grand Paris’ project. The French capital will also host the 2024 Summer Olympics, providing another opportunity to boost its global reputation. ......... Hong Kong is among the world’s most globally connected cities – more than 150 international destinations can be reached from Hong Kong International Airport. ...... Seoul ...... a combination of modern infrastructure, innovative global firms and exceptional digital connectivity .......

44 indices that score, benchmark and rank cities on almost every aspect of urban life

......... op of the list is the ability to foster innovation pathways. This means hosting tech start-ups, corporate R&D, or having knowledge-intensive industries. ......... Uncovering hidden talent is also important. But this doesn’t just mean having a pool of well-educated, experienced people, cities also need workers with a range of vocational and specialist skills and to promote diversity and inclusiveness. .......... Investing in infrastructure is critical to the successful functioning of a city and to ensure its future growth – this includes everything from a well-functioning public transport system to a high degree of digital connectivity. ......... A well-run city requires good governance. This is critical for managing growth as cities that are viewed as stable also attract investment. ........ Being smart is important. This means making long-term plans to integrate new technology into city operations, from waste management to public transport......... But there is little use in having a well-run, smart city if workers can’t afford to live there. So keeping it affordable is also important.......... The reputation of a city matters, which is why building a brand is among the top 10 contributing factors to a great city. Brand is key to attracting businesses, talent and visitors, and cities are using innovative real estate and impressive skylines to project their brands and identities ........... no city could compete without going global. .......

the Big Seven could look very different a few years from now.

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India's cycling boom: Good for the air, the planet and the people Cycling used to be considered a crazy idea in Kohima, a hilly city with narrow streets in northeast India. Nowadays, riding a bike is a fashion statement ..... Bikes have generally been used in India by people who cannot afford other forms of transport. ........ speeding vehicles, traffic congestion and pothole-riddled roads deterred residents from riding a bike. Other common complaints included a shortage of dedicated bike lanes, poor street lighting and - for female cyclists - sexual harassment. ........ Lockdown restrictions and a reluctance to board crowded buses and trains have encouraged some Indians to rediscover cycling or take it up for the first time.

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