Friday, February 29, 2008

मधेसी अान्दोलनले अब चुनाव िजतेर देखाउनुप्रछ

तीन मधेसी पार्टीले शत प्रितशत सीट तालमेल गर्नुपर्छ

प्रत्यक्ष िनर्वाचनकालािग तराईमा रहेका सम्पुर्ण सीटहरूकालािग तीन मधेसी पार्टीहरूले शत प्रितशत सीट तालमेल गर्नुपर्छ। ११६ सीट छन् जम्मा। ३० सीट महन्थ ठाकुर, ३० सीट राजेन्द्र महतो, ३० सीट उपेन्द्र यादव, १० सीट िकशोर िवश्वास। बाँकी १६ सीट अन्य साना पार्टीहरूलाई र स्वतन्त्र उम्मेदवारहरूलाई। जस्तै अानन्दी समुह, िवश्वास समुहको दिलत पार्टी।

छ बुँदा: मधेसी अान्दोलनको िवजयको प्रमुख कारण

छ बुँदाले मधेसी अान्दोलनलाई स्पष्टता िदयो। त्यसैले िवजय प्राप्त भयो। त्यस िवजयबाट पाठ िसक्नुपर्छ र अब चुनावी िवजय प्राप्त गर्ने तर्फ सोंच्नुपर्छ।

सामुिहक मेिनफेस्टो
  1. राष्ट्रपितको प्रत्यक्ष िनर्वाचन।
  2. ७५ िजल्ला कायम। चार राज्य: कोशी, गण्डकी, कर्णाली, तराई।
  3. उपल्लो सदनकालािग दलीय समानुपाितक िनर्वाचन, कमसेकम िलस्टमा प्रत्यके तेस्रो नाम मिहला हुनुपर्ने गरी।
  4. तल्लो सदनकालािग ७५ िजल्लामा multi member proportional election, यहाँ पिन मिहलालाई एक ितहाईवाला कुरा लागु हुने गरी।
  5. संसदीय चुनावमा मत ल्याए अनुसार समानुपाितक राज्यबाट नै प्रत्येक पार्टीले पैसा पाउने, अरु चन्दा उठाउन नपाउने।
Meeting Ground Between Congress And Maoists: 75 Multi Member Constituencies

जनजाितलाई साथमा ल्याउने

िवश्वास समुहका जनजाितहरूले भन्लान, खै त हामीलाई राज्य? उनीहरूलाई सम्झाउनुपर्छ। जातीय राज्य व्यवहािरक कुरा होइन। भौगोिलक राज्य व्यवहािरक कुरा हो, ७५ िजल्ला फाल्ने हो भने लथािलङ हुन्छ। तर उपल्लो सदनकालािग दलीय समानुपाितक िनर्वाचनको व्यवस्था जातीय राज्यभन्दा superior व्यवस्था हो। अलग िलम्बु राज्य खडा गर्न असंभव छ, तर िलम्बु पार्टी खोलेर देशभिर छिरएर रहेका िलम्बुहरुलाई ल यस पार्टीलाई भोट देउ भन्न सिजलो छ।

िवश्वास समुहका सबै पार्टीहरूले पहाडमा पिन शत प्रितशत सीट तालमेल गर्नुपर्छ। र उनीहरू पिन यस पाँच बुँदे सामुिहक मेिनफेस्टोमा अाउनुपर्छ।

अिन मधेसी र जनजाित िमलेर सरकार बनाउनुपर्छ।

In The News

EC fixes new dates for filing nominations for Madhesi parties NepalNews
Normalcy returns in Terai, eastern hills still remain closed
Yadav says his party is game for electoral alliance
Talks with FRNF still inconclusive

Deal to be struck today: Sitaula Kantipur
Capital’s rice stocks running low stocks of rice with retailers in Kathmandu Valley will barely meet a little over a week's demand. ...... around 500 tons of rice and 150 tons of oil and ghee are needed every day in Kathmandu Valley, with its population of more than 2.5 million. ....... "For more than two weeks, we have not received any supplies from eastern Nepal, which otherwise used to supply more than 90 percent of the food grain required in the Valley"

SPA, UDMF finally reach deal Kantipur ending the 12-day Madhes movement and clearing the deck for Constituent Assembly elections slated for April 10. ...... the key UDMF demand - One Madhes One Pradesh - which they said would be decided through the Constituent Assembly. They have agreed to form autonomous Madhes state and other autonomous states. ....... "We have agreed on autonomous Madhes state. But we are still discussing proper words to reflect the desire of Madhesi people regarding the autonomous Madhes state," said Hridayesh Tripathi .......... agreed to recognize all those killed in the course of the Madhes movement last February as martyrs and provide their families with proper compensation. ...... "We have agreed to increase the provision from 20 to 30 percent," said Tripathi. ....... the government also refused to make group recruitment of Madhesi people in the Nepali Army.
EC simplifies nomination process
Over 1,000 UML cadres quit party Six district committee members and 1,000 other activists of CPN-UML on Sunday reportedly quit their party ..... Those who resigned from the party, however, have not yet decided which party or group they would join. ...... over a dozen district committee members of Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) here in Dhanusha district, including its chairman, collectively resigned from the party ....... Rana, on the one hand, encouraged them to take part in the Madhes movement, while on the other, submitted the closed list of candidates for proportional system in the Constituent Assembly election. Issuing a press statement after the meeting, they also expressed their complete solidarity with the ongoing Madhes aandolan. Those who resigned include district chairman Ramdayal Sah, former chairman Kashi Sah, regional chairmen Ramanandan Mishra and Dipendra Sah, among other district and regional committee members.
SPA working hard for “decisive” talks with Madhesi parties The Terai populace has been reeling under the unabated indefinite general strike running on its 12th consecutive day.
CA not goal of Madhesi people: Mahantha Thakur
Madhes crisis will be resolved by Sunday evening, says Prachanda
Indefinite Terai strike enters 12th day, curfew in Sunsari
Tharus disapprove UDMF demand for “One Madhes”
संकटमा कांग्रेस
सिंगो तर्राई प्रदेश हुन नहुने कारण

Govt, Madhesis to continue talks on Monday NepalNews Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and Home Minister Krishna Sitaula led government team in the talks that went on throughout the night on Sunday well into the Monday morning. ..... the two sides are close to inking a deal ..... agitating groups have asked the government to amend the constitution and postpone the polls ........ We have agreed on autonomous Madhes. ...... there has also been understanding to declare those killed during Madhes agitation as martyrs and providing their families with relief. Likewise, he said the two sides agreed that the parties which do not field more than 30 percent of candidacies would not need to fulfill quota (of candidates from various region and ethnicity) when filing candidacies. The agitating groups had earlier demanded to raise this limit to 50 percent from the existing 20 percent. ..... Mahantha Thakur, Tripathy, Rajendra Mahato, and Upendra Yadav. The government had flown in Yadav from Birgunj at around 9 pm on army chopper.
Gachhadar, Bhandari not to contest election Bijaya Gachhadar and Sharat Singh Bhandari have informed, Sunday, that they will not contest the election because the burning problem in Madhes has not been addressed by the government. ...... aimed at exerting moral pressure on NC to become serious about Madhes issue .... Bhandari and Gachhadar have announced that they will, however, not leave the party.

Madhesi parties again snub EC’s deadline to submit closed list of candidates NepalNews “RJP hasn’t said it is going to boycott the election, but believes that election is just not possible in the existing situation,” said he.
Top leaders discuss Terai crisis


Talks are as good as failed: MJF leader JP Gupta
One Madesh one province demand cannot be met: Madhesi leader Kishor Biswas
Terai problems must be addressed: NSP (A) vice chairman

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