Saturday, August 25, 2007

Not UML-Maoist Unification Or Unity, But A One Point Agreement On PR Election

Madhav Nepal misunderstands. The call is not to unify the two parties. The call is not for a left front unity. The call is for a one point collaboration between the UML and the Maoists to come together and make possible completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly so as to guarantee there will be elections in November.

If you have completely proportional elections, you don't need any unity, any alliance. Every party competes against every other. Votes don't go to waste.

A possibly unified Congress does not want completely proportional elections because if you have completely proportional elections, the communist votes don't go to waste, and if communist votes don't go to waste, the Congress is no longer the center of gravity of Nepali politics.

If Madhav Nepal does not make this move now, he is going to regret big time after the elections are over. No party will win a majority. That is a foregone conclusion. Forget majority, no party is going to win more than 15% of the votes.

If Madhav Nepal can not forge a one point agreement with the Maoists now, he will not be able to forge a coalition after the elections are over. And a coalition is not a one point deal, but a convergence on many points. He has to start practicing right away.

The constituent assembly will work to give the country a new constitution. But the majority coalition born out of that assembly will also run the country. The assembly will also function as a parliament. There is not going to be a power vacuum.

The arithmetic in the interim parliament is simple. If the UML and the Maoists come together on this issue, no power can stop completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly. And holding completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly is the only way to make possible elections in November. If you don't make completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly possible, there are not going to be elections, not in November, not in April.

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Appears your are biased. :)
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