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Baburam Bhattarai Is Right About UML-Maoist Unity

Maoist-UML unity would solve all problems, claims Bhattarai; Nepal stresses 8-party unity Senior Maoist leader Dr Babu Ram Bhattarai has claimed that unity between his party and the CPN-UML would resolve all the problems facing Nepal and Nepali people. ..... Dr Bhattarai expressed hope that all communist parties in the country would come to a common platform one day even if the unity among the leftists is not possible immediately. ..... hinted at the possibility of "working unity" between these two major left parties in the constituent assembly polls in an attempt to secure majority of communists in the CA ...... if such unity could not be established regressive forces would put obstacle in the holding of timely polls and that the monarchy could be again be active. ..... The Maoist no. 2 also stressed the need for unity among the left forces to end all forms or discrimination and suppression prevailing in the Nepali society. ..... Working unity between UML and the Maoist is a long debated issue, but blaming each other for showing difference towards such a unity has rather upset the possible working unity. Maoists accuse the UML of opting for capitalist principle while the UML blames Maoists for being extremist. ...... speaking at the same programme, UML general secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal stressed the need to further strengthen the eight-party unity in view of the upcoming CA election and cautioned that no parties should put forward any kind of pre-conditions that can create hindrances in the election process. ..... "There is no meaning in talking about "ceremonial or baby king," the UML strongman said.
I have always thought of Baburam Bhattarai as the most sensible among the Maoists. And he is right again. He is right like Prachanda is not, like Madhav Nepal is not.

There is no danger to the country and democracy right now from the royalists and regressives. A coup is out of question. The danger is from Girija Koirala, from his illness, his incompetence, his utter lack of fresh ideas, his conservative worldview that keeps wanting to go back to the ways of the 1990s, his opaque and undemocratic ways as party president and as prime minister, from his nepotistic circle of close associates.

Girija Koirala is the biggest threat to democracy in Nepal. Girija Koirala is the biggest threat to social justice in Nepal, just like that was true in the 1990s. Girija Koirala is the biggest roadblock to implementing scientific and progressive land reform in Nepal. Girija Bahun is the number one political enemy of the Madhesi, the Janajati, the Dalit and the women.

Maybe Prachanda grew up poor. Maybe he was too far away from power in the jungles and in exile. Maybe he enjoys Girija's occasional proximity. But in doing so he is hurting his party and he is hurting his cause. He is showing a lack of class consciousness just like Madhav Nepal is.

I find it strange that both Madhav Nepal and Prachanda want completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly, but they are both blind to the stark fact that between them they do have the power to get it. Prachanda does not need to go into the streets to get it. All he has to do is shake hands with Madhav Nepal. They are obviously not making the effort to understand the simple arithmetic of the interim parliament. Between them, they got the numbers.

There are no permanent friends and permanent enemies in politics. Madhav Nepal and Prachanda have the option to become each other's new best friends. If they are loyal to their party members and to their cause, they have no option but to come together.

All the other parties in the interim parliament will come along, especially the small parties. It is bizarre that people like Prachanda act like Girija has veto power. In a democracy, not even the prime minister has veto power. Noone has veto power. The power rests with the arithmetic in the parliament.

The two large communist parties should have done this two months ago, when it looked impossible that the two Congress parties will come together. They are already a little late, but it is still not too late.

It is ridiculous for Ram Chandra Poudel to hold talks with the Janajati and the Madhesi and the Dalits. That Bahun does not have the powers to give anyone social justice. That is a powerless, ridiculous Bahun. The power to give social justice rests with the to be elected constituent assembly. You organize completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly. And the Madhesi, Janajati and Dalit groups then go to their people for social justice. The big, established parties are going to have to compete for Madhesi, Janajati and Dalit votes with the new Madhesi, Janajati and Dalit parties. Why are they afraid to compete?

Postponing Election Not An Option

Either you are going to have elections in November, or you are going to have a revolution. If the Maoists will not do it, the Madhesis will.

It is not more time that is needed. If the elections are deferred, and an agreement is not reached to hold completely proportional elections to the assembly, the elections will have to be deferred again.

Prachanda's mental slavery that makes him want to see Girija continue as Prime Minister is astounding. He is betraying his party.

Four Big Parties

What Madhav Nepal does not seem to realize is there are no eight parties. There are only four big parties that really matter. The center of gravity rests with the four big parties. If the UML and the Maoists come together, the center of gravity will rest with them. They have it in their powers to give the country completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly. Either they should stop they are for or ever were for completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly or they should use their existing powers to give the country completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly. Right now they are being dishonest.

Jockeying For Power

In not competing for power with Girja, Madhav Nepal is acting like a fool. If you want power, you are going to act like it. Madhav Nepal is too comfortable being General Secretary of his party to want to become prime minister. It is called habits of the mind. They die hard.

Dishonest Prachanda

Prachanda wants his cadres to go agitate all over the country demanding completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly. That is fundamentally dishonest behavior. Instead he should tell his cadres, you stay home, let me go talk to Madhav Nepal.

Securing Majority For Communists In The CA

It is weird for even Baburam Bhattarai to talk of securing a majority for the communists in the CA. They already got a majority in the interim parliament. Why don't they act like they do? Hanuman is sound asleep.

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Prachanda proposes putting off CA polls again NepalNews Prachanda has proposed to postpone the Constituent Assembly election till mid-April next year..... Prachanda said that while his party was in a strong position in June, the polls were postponed and now when his party is trapped in a difficult situation, they were rushing through the election. ...... international community including India and European countries have pointed out the imperative of holding it on time in free and fair manner. They have said that legitimacy of the government and the parties would come under question if the election is deferred again.
Parliament session prorogued
Royal family 'shifts' to Nagarjun palace Thursday's government decision to nationalise the royal palaces and lands is seen as one of the boldest decisions taken in recent weeks by the interim government to clip the powers of the monarch. .... 1533 ropanies of land occupied by these palaces will also come under government ownership. ..... The committee has also decided to freeze the bank accounts of King Gyanendra, Queen Komal and Crown Prince Paras to stop transfer of late King Birendra and late Queen Aishwarya's money to them.
PM, CEC try to allay doubts over election
MJF gives ultimatum till August 31 Addressing a press meet, Friday, to inform about the decisions taken by MJF's two-day central committee meeting that concluded on Thursday in Birgunj, MJF chairman Upendra Yadav said that their patience was running out. ..... warned to unleash another revolt in Madhes from September 6. ..... Yadav said MJF sticks to its demand for fully Proportional Representation based election system and formation of autonomous Madhes Pradesh with right to self-determination. .... they will hold a series of agitation programmes including Terai-centered agitation, gherao, torch-lit processions and so on. ..... the MJF has decided to hold its second national convention in Birgunj on October 27-29
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