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The Madhesi MPs And The Idea Of A New Party

The Madhesi MPs who shut down the parliament for a month when they found out the ruling class had gerrymandered the 116 constituencies in the Terai so as to ensure the defeat of all current Madhesi MPs have been talking for months now to launch a regional political party. I have been in touch with some of the key figures in the discussions. I think that is their best option. I would even like to suggest a name: Madhesi People's Party. MPP. Or they could go for a more neutral name like Janata Dal to also attract the Dalit and the Janajati. But I think their chances of reaching out to the Pahadi Dalits and the Janajati is better once they are inside the constituent assembly.

The Madhesi Kranti was bigger than the April Revolution. The November election is going to be bigger than the Madhesi Kranti. The Madhesi people are awake now. There is going to be a pro-Madhesi wave in the Terai. The Madhesi MPs have the option to ride that wave by launching a regional outfit. The sooner they make the formal decision to launch the party, more time they will have to work to expand their organization. The organization is going to expand like magic.

Caste politics in the Terai are inevitable. And there is nothing wrong with that. It is good that there will be several Madhesi parties. That will be good for the Madhesi people. The parties will all compete for Madhesi votes down the line, and the Madhesi people will benefit.

But the three major Madhesi parties - the MJF, the MPP, and the Anandi - must form a Madhesi Alliance for the constituent assembly elections. For the 240 seats for proportional part, they don't have to agree. They can all compete with each other. But for the 116 seats to be directly elected, they must coordinate. If they could ensure there will be only one Madhesi Alliance candidate from each of the 116 seats, that would be best. The MJF could get 40, the MPP could get 40, and the Anandi could get 36 of the seats, or some similar combination. All sitting Madhesi MPs could thus ensure their continued presence on the national scene.

This seat arrangement could also create a Madhesi wave in the Terai that would be similar to the wave created during the Madhesi Kranti. I am confident the people will respond.

Ek Madhesh, Ek Pradesh

This has to be the one point agenda of the Madhesi Alliance, to be named Madhesi Morcha. All three parties must agree to this if there is to be an alliance at all.

This means parties and candidates - Pahadi as well as Madhesi - who are not behind the Ek Madhesh, Ek Pradesh slogan must be defeated in the Madhesh.

The best way to ensure an end to the Pahadi hegemony in the country would be to ensure a defeat of all the Pahadi bigwigs like Girija Koirala and Madhav Nepal who might contest from the Terai. You can not possibly be serious about the Ek Madhesh, Ek Pradesh slogan if you do not make defeating these people top priority. A fresh new chapter has to be written in Nepali politics. And you write that fresh new chapter by making sure these people go.

Churchill lost his seat after World War II. Girija kaun dyang ka mula hai?

If the Madhesi MPs can not break away from the Pahadi parties that tried to end their political careers by gerrymandering their constituencies, they will not have a right to win in November.

If the Madhesi leaders from the top Madhesi parties can not form a Madhesi Alliance, they will not have a right to face the Madhesi people with full confidence.

Armed Madhesi Outfits

They should all be approached, and they should be invited to become informal members of the Madhesi Alliance. They should announce a ceasefire to make the elections possible. They should extend full moral support to the Madhesi Alliance for the elections. In turn, the Madhesi Alliance will go into power and hold respectful dialogue with them in the aftermath.

Ek Madhesh, Ek Pradesh is what will also bring the armed Madhesi outfits into the mainstream.

साधारण बहुमतले सरकार बनाउँछ, दुई ितहाई बहुमतले संिवधान

संिवधान सभामा साधारण बहुमतले सरकार बनाउँछ, दुई ितहाई बहुमतले संिवधान।

No Party Will Get More Than 15% Of The Votes

Not the unified Congress, not the UML, not the Maoists. The Madhesi Alliance stands a good chance of emerging the largest single bloc in the constituent assembly and so will rightfully claim the leadership of the government to be formed after the November elections. And that is why it is extra important to defeat the top Pahadis in the Pahadi parties who might bother to contest from the Terai.

Nepal ka pahla rashtrapati mujhe ek Madhesi de do.

If you include the Tharus, as you should - ask Gachhedar, ask Biswas - the Madhesis are more than 40% of Nepal's population. The Madhesi Alliance could easily get two thirds of the Madhesi votes if a Madhesi wave can be created, and I see it very possible. Two thirds of 40-45%. That is 30% of the total votes.

The Madhesi Alliance should rule. If the Madhesi Alliance can be formed, and if the leaders do a good job of projecting themselves as the next ruling coalition, they will have no problem raising funds for the election. People will donate bountifully.

Cementing The Madhesi Kranti

This would be the best way to cement the sacrifices made by the Madhesi people during the Madhesi Kranti. The Madhesi MPs owe the Madhesi Kranti a Madhesi party. The Madhesi parties, armed and unarmed, owe the Madhesi Kranti a Madhesi Alliance.

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In The News

MPRF strikes 22-pt deal with govt; gears up for polls Kantipur In a sudden and major development, the agitating Madhesi People’s Right Forum (MPRF) has called off all its protest programmes following a 22-point agreement with the government ...... the government agreed to form a commission to restructure the state along federal lines while MPRF accepted the mixed electoral system. .... “But, we have written a note (of decent), stating that we will go to the people with the major agenda such as a proportional electoral system and end of monarchy and establishment of a republic,” Yadav added. ..... Today’s agreement has not just ended nearly six months of agitation in the Terai, but has heightened the possibility of the November 22 elections actually going ahead. ........ The two sides have agreed to ensure a federal structure of the state with autonomy without affecting national sovereignty and integrity. However, the structure and rights of such states will be decided by the elected Constituent Assembly. ....... The government has also decided to provide compensation to the families of all Madhesi activists killed during the agitation by declaring them as martyrs and to provide free medical treatment to all injured. ........... It will also drop charges against the Madhesi leaders and activists. ...... The government has conceded to another major MPRF demand- proper representation of all marginalized communities in all state organs. An inclusive commission will be set up to work out the details. ...... the government will give national recognition to the dress, language and culture of the Madhesi community, sanction public holidays during Muslim festivals and give legal protect to people’s religious rights. ....... The government has agreed to adopt a “three-language policy” to recognize Nepali, English and the mother tongues for official work. ...... Dispatching teams to the villages to distribute citizenship certificates to those deprived of them is another important agreement. ..... Legal provision for free education up to primary level, reservation in education and employment and land to the landless to address the plights of the Dalits
Cabinet picks 21 envoys, new embassies in S Africa, Latin America, Canada
Deploy army for poll security if needed: MPs to govt
NC, NC-D yet to finalize unification process
NC, NC-D crucial meets today; unity drive hits new stumbling block A new row had surfaced as Deuba proposed the establishment side to forge the agreement at the center only after doing so at the district and regional levels. ...... The NC-D has proposed that it should get the position of the vice-president and the general secretary.
चुनावमा अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय पर्यवेक्षण गराइने
बैधानिक मागलाई सम्बोधन गर्नुपर्छ ः मार्टिन राष्ट्रसंघीय मिसन अनमिन प्रमुख इयान मार्टिनले विभिन्न समूहका वैधानिक मागलाई सरकारले सम्बोधन गर्नुपर्ने बताएका छन् । सबै कुराको समाधान गर्ने उपयुक्त माध्यम वार्ता भएको उल्लेख गदै मार्टिनले यसैका माध्यमले सबैका मागको सम्बोधन हुनुपर्ने बताए । तराइको प्रभावकारी विकासका चुनौती र सम्भावनाबारे बुधबार यहाँ आयोजित कार्यशालाको समापनमा बोल्दै मार्टिनले शान्ति र विकास परिपूरक भएकाले शान्तिका लागि सघाउन आफूहरू लागिरहेको उल्लेख गरे । यतिन्जेल मूलधारमा नपरेको भए पनि मधेसीहरू भविष्यमा मूलधारबाट नछुट्ने उनले बताए । सम्बन्धित क्षेत्रका सरोकारवालाबीच क्षेत्रीयस्तरमा गरिने छलफलले शान्ति प्रक्रियालाई ऊर्जा दिने उनले उल्लेख गरे । यसैगरी राष्ट्रसंघीय नियोग ओचाका नेपाल प्रमुख माथ्यु कहानेले तराईको विकासका लागि अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय समुदायले पनि चासोका साथ हेरेकाले केही महिनामा तराइको विकासका लागि नयाँ कार्यक्रम आउने बताए । तराईको समस्यालाई वर्तमान राजनीतिक अवस्थाबाट अलग गरेर हेर्न नसकिने भन्दै समस्या समाधानमा सबैले गम्भीर हुनुपर्ने उनको भनाइ थियो । ..... डा. कृष्ण खनाल, डा. मीनाक्षी नेपाल, सीके लाल र वृषेशचन्द लालले कार्यपत्र प्रस्तुत गरेका .... मधेस आन्दोलनले उठाएका विकासका पक्षहरू, तराईको विकासमा महिलाको सहभागिता, तराईको विकास र राजनीतिक आकांक्षाजस्ता विषयमा प्रस्तुत गरिएको कार्यपत्रमा विषयगत रूपमा छलफल गरिएको थियो । ...... तराईको विकास र विविधताले भरिएको संशाधनरूको विकासका लागि पूर्वाञ्चल विश्वविद्यालयले गरेको प्रयासलाई प्रशंसा गरेका

Govt-MJF reach 22-pt agreement; MJF withdraws protests NepalNews The Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) has agreed to the constitutional provisions of mixed electoral system for the upcoming constituent assembly election and has announced withdrawal of all the agitation programmes set by the central committee meeting held recently in Birgunj. ...... after the government agreed to meet most of the demands it had put forward. .... compensation to those killed during the Terai movement, guarantee of inclusion of Madhesis and other marginalised groups in the constituent assembly, autonomy to the states in the federal system to be designed by the constituent assembly ...... the family of those killed during the Terai movement would be compensated and public holiday would be given on Muslim festivals. ...... The cabinet earlier had decided to name the deceased as martyrs .... Yadav said his party would now concentrate on its election campaign.
Maoist leader accuses UML of being against ‘leftist unity’ his party is in favour of holding Constituent Assembly election on November 22 as scheduled, Baidya said, “But before that our 22 demands should be met. If not then we would be compelled to leave the government and start an intense struggle for it.”
NC forms committee to draft manifesto headed by Chakra Prasad Bastola and includes Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat, Narahari Acharya, Laxman Ghimire and Mahesh Acharya ..... decided to direct the district party committees to propose names of three candidates including one woman for the purpose of November elections.
JTMM commander killed in police firing A district commander of the Jwala Singh faction of Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (JTMM-J) was killed in an encounter with police early Thursday morning in Kalaiya of Bara ....... Jamuna Singh

Govt, Limbuwan-Khumbuwan talks put off Kantipur Janak Chemjong, a member of the Federal Limbuwaan State Council (FLSC) talks team .... Chemjong said the government’s decision to cancel the second round of talks at the last hour “shows the government's conspiracy to deprive Limbuwan, Khumbuwan, and Tamwasaling of their right to ethnic autonomy.” "We have taken it as the government's dishonesty," Chemjong said. ...... Accusing the government of trying to invite internal conflicts and ethnic war, Chemjong added “it’s clear that the government is not serious about a federal set up in the country.” ....... Issuing a press release at 9 on Tuesday evening on behalf of the three ethnic agitating fronts, Chemjong warned the government to “mend ways and be responsible” or “be ready to face the consequences.” ..... Declaration of a federal republic prior to the Constituent Assembly elections on November 22, formation of autonomous Limbuwan and Khumbuwan states, ethnicity-based proportional electoral system as well as special rights to the minority groups are some of the key demands ...... The three ethnic fronts had formed a 17-member panel headed by member of Limbuwan Deepak Moyangbo a week ago after the talks venue was fixed in Dharan. ..... The talks panel had also issued a code of conduct for talks venue, prohibiting the members from carrying weapons, drinking alcohol and chant frivolous slogans

UN team says security situation hasn’t improved; urges firm commitment to timely polls NepalNews The United Nations Electoral Expert Monitoring Team (EEMT) in its second report submitted to the Nepal government has said the security situation in the country has not improved since its first visit ...... establishing an adequate security environment for the Constituent Assembly election will depend “not so much on the number of police or arms deployed, but on cooperation between political parties and clear instructions to their activists in the districts”. ....... stressed the need for immediate voters education, especially in the context of adoption of mixed election system in Nepal for the first time.
YCL cadres capture arms from police team
PM Koirala and Deuba talk about expediting Congress unity the two leaders have agreed to proceed with unification through their respective taskforces to settle the issue of unifying district/local level party units and sister organisations. During the meeting, members of taskforces of the parties – which were formed to negotiate the actual unificiation process – were also present.
Four killed in Birgunj during crossfire with police exchanged fire at around 1:00 a.m. near Sirsiya Khola of Birgunj ward no. 4. The police team was on patrol. .... Police suspect the armed persons could be members of dreaded gang led by Indian criminal Munna Singh. .. Robbery and looting in Birgunj have been rampant for last one year.
Sujata reiterates demands for Sitaula's resignation the country needs a different security strategy to ensure peaceful and orderly election. ... Sitaula will not be up to the task to provide security. .. Despite widespread calls for his agitation in the aftermath of Madhes agitation earlier this year, Sitaula has been able to continue in his office.
I fear local media could be misused during polls: Jitendra Raut the media have literally taken over the responsibility of publicity of the election. There have been no talks and campaigns on this issue from the political circle.
9 JTMM cadres, 7 Maoists arrested in Siraha; Jwala’s men abduct VDC secy
MJF stresses on federalism with autonomous provinces Chairman of Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) Upendra Yadav has stressed on federalism along with autonomous provinces. ...... Talking to Nepal FM, on Wednesday, Yadav said, "We raised two main demands during our meeting with the Prime Minister on Tuesday. We said that federal system along with autonomous provinces should be ensured before the election. We also asked that the government declare those killed during Madhes agitation as martyrs." ..... Yadav said that the PM told him that he would consult with others over the issue of federalism with autonomy. "He did not speak about our second demand, though" ..... The MJF chief said that his party will wait till August 31 and hope that the government will address their demands by then. Otherwise, the MJF has already warned of another agitation in Madhes from September 6.
HBC FM resumes operation

MJF demands to be met after polls: PM Himalayan Times The MJF delegation, led by Yadav, this morning reached the PM’s official residence to “formally inform” him about their ultimatum to start a fresh peaceful movement from September 6 as decided by its central committee meeting held in Birgunj on August 22-23, and their demands to be fulfilled by the government. The MJF is for provision of full proportional representation system of election based on the population distribution, provision of autonomous state with rights to self-determination and democratic federal republic. ..... Forum secretary BP Yadav told this daily that the objective of the meeting was to formally inform and apprise the PM about the central committee meeting, its decision and the ultimatum to start a fresh movement.
Constituent assembly polls: Left, centre make all the right noises deciding who all will get party tickets ..... The nature of the manifesto will decide the party’s stand on democratic republic and ceremonial monarchy. ..... “The meeting will recommend as many as 480 candidates for party tickets,” said NC CWC member Laxman Ghimire. He added that it would also form a team to look into designing and preparing election related literature and see to it that the same reaches every constituency on time. The team could be led by any of the two general secretaries. ..... the election is 85 days away .... the political parties have only 31 days to submit “closed list” of candidates to the Election Commission. The parties have 16 days to finalise the candidates for first past the pole system of election
Pressure to unite mounts on Deuba The unification efforts now remain stuck at a point where NC (D) leader is insisting that the general secretary and vice president of his party be retained in their current capacity in the unified outfit, something which is not acceptable to the NC.

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