Thursday, July 26, 2007

Talk To Goit

Dialogue is give and take. The Nepali Maoists were the top ultra left group on the planet when we decided to talk to them, and we were not even in power. We already know how to talk with the Maoists. We already know how to talk to these Madhesi Maoists. We should go ahead and do it.

How could this move forward?

Both sides could start by accepting the UN as a legitimate mediator. Then before the talks could commence, the eight party government could ask Goit to drop its call for the Madhesh as a separate country before formal talks could begin. On his part, Goit could ask the government to drop all formal charges levelled against his party workers, he could ask the government to release all his jailed party workers before formal talks could commence. He could also ask that the Maoist party declare a ceasefire: no further attacks on Goit's men. Goit would reciprocate.

Then a safe venue would have to be sought. It could be in a border town where the government would guarantee Goit's safety as well exit after the talks. Goit would be allowed to bring along his own bodyguards.

There would be three dimensions to the talks. One, arms management. Two, political issues. Three, mainstreaming all armed Madhesi groups.

The arms management part would be easy. You do it like you did it with the Maoists. You put all of Goit's soldiers into cantonments. As it stands today, if you unite the Nepal Army and the Maoist army, you end up with a Pahadi army. It is only fair that the unified Nepal Army ends up at least one third Madhesi.

There will be a lot of posturing from both sides on the many political issues. But just like a constituent assembly was the only meeting point between the seven parties and the Maoists when both were in the wilderness, holding completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly is the only meeting point between the eight party government and the various armed and unarmed Madhesi and Janajati groups.

Right to peaceful assembly is a fundamental human right. Nepal may not bar the formation of Madhesi, Janajati and Dalit political parties. And it is ridiculous for Madhesi, Janajati and Dalit leaders to knock the doors of powerful Bahuns to seek rights for their people. Once completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly be secured, these leaders need to go to their own people, and not to the powerful Bahuns.

Somewhere along the way, while talking to Goit, the eight party government should also invite the other dozen armed Madhesi groups into the talks. They will come.

An immediate fallout of this roadmap will be that the law and order situation in the Terai will drastically improve. The political violence will come to a stop. If not, it will be vastly reduced.

Goit wants all of Terai to be one state. Jwala wants four states. Let them go to the people. It is not for Goit or Jwala to decide. It is for the people to make the final decision.

Jwala has been killing Pahadi bureaucrats in the Terai. It is fair to want mostly Madhesi bureaucrats in the Madhesh. But it is wrong to kill Pahadi bureaucrats. The way to go about it is to secure a Terai state in a federal Nepal and get yourself elected in that state, and then you get to spearhead the restructuring of the state apparatus in that state. You don't kill. You reorganize the bureaucracy. You downsize, your rightsize.

The army, once unified, will have to be downsized. That is inevitable. Similarly the bureaucracy of the central government will have to be downsized. You acquire the power to engage in that downsizing by winning votes in the constituent assembly elections.

The eight party government will have to make a political decision to go for completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly. That is the happy ending to all the peace talks being held with the various Madhesi and Janajati groups.

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Asia Times Online, Hong Kong The king has been publicly humiliated three times in the past two weeks. His highly publicized three-day diamond-jubilee birthday celebration on July 7 fell flat, with the government, top bureaucrats, even the once loyal Nepali army, and diplomatic corps staying away. ..... The next day, nearly everyone who had been invited was present at the traditional bhoto jatra function for the Rato Machhindranath deity presided over by Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala as head of state. Until this year the duty had always been the privilege of the Nepali king. .... Last week, outgoing US Ambassador to Nepal James F Moriarty appealed to Gyanendra to abdicate if he wished to save the monarchy. .... "If he wants to save the institution of monarchy, he has to take a dramatic step." ..... the unpopular Crown Prince Paras, has a reputation for drunken, angry behavior. ..... "Since there is such a concerted and calculated hate campaign against monarchy, let us go for a referendum," said Kamal Thapa, leader of the pro-palace Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP-Nepal).
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Alarm in Nepal as Maoists build up new clout Times of India, India Nepal's Maoists are cementing their new found political clout by establishing unions that could cripple the country ... have attracted thousands of workers from sectors ranging from tourism to education. .... The latest strike by a Maoist-affiliated union was on Tuesday, with 50,000 copies of a popular English language daily newspaper stuck at the printers due to a strike by delivery workers -- their second in a week. ..... "It's more political than industrial. They (the Maoists) want to put pressure on all sectors and show how powerful they are," he said. .... "The Maoists want to establish themselves and get recognised and that's why they've been building networks in almost every sector," said Prakash Shrestha, president of the Hotel Association of Nepal. .... If we fulfilled their every demand, the institutions would collapse," he said. .... Despite being given key government portfolios, allegations of mafia-style beatings and abductions persist. .... "Schools have become a playground for the Maoists to pursue their political goals," said Umesh Shrestha, president of the Private and Boarding Schools Organisation of Nepal. .... "We're operating our schools in constant fear and don't know when the union will close the schools down again," said Shrestha. ..... "They rely on physical action and threats to get support from workers." The Maoists, however, insist they are merely making their ideological mark on an economy accustomed to a subservient workforce. .... Rhoderick Chalmers of the International Crisis Group urged caution, saying it was premature to label the situation a crisis and that businessmen complaining about unions was not unusual. ... "The way they (the Maoists) are doing it is worrying and unpleasant, but in a way it's part of the mainstreaming process," said Chalmers.
Maoist Union Stops Distribution of Popular Newspaper in Nepal
Voice of America indicates, gives me a clear indication of what I can expect when they actually win the elections and be the elected government… I think they will be tougher," Pradan said. ..... Its members say they want to be employed directly by the newspapers and not by distribution companies that handle deliveries on behalf of the publications.
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ँसरकारी संयन्त्र चुनावमुखी भएनन्’ तराईका केही जिल्लामा अहिलेको जस्तो अवस्था रहे चुनावी कार्यक्रम सञ्चालन गर्न कठिनाइ हुने भएकाले सुरक्षा स्थिति अझै सुधार्न आयोगले सरकारको ध्यानाकर्षण गराएको हो । ..... छलफलमा उठेका कुरामात्र सुनेर बाहिरिएका मन्त्री सिटौलाले आयोग परिसरमा सञ्चारकर्मीहरूसँग भने- 'राजनीतिक रूपमा हुने समाधान राजनीतिक तवरबाटै हुन्छ ...... दललाई ४० दिनको प्रचारप्रसार अवधि दिने, १० हजार केन्द्र र १ हजार १ सय ५० मतदाता बराबार एक हुने गरी २२ हजार बुथ राख्ने योजना रहेको पोखरेलले बताए ।
सरकार-फोरम वार्ता जनकपुर वार्तामा मधेस आन्दोलनका क्रममा उठाइएका २४ मागमध्ये २० वटामा सहमति भएको थियो । .... 'सहमति कार्यन्वनका क्रममा देखिएका कमी-कमजोरी र नैराश्य हटाउने सहमति भयो । मूल एजेन्डामा अर्को वार्तामा छलफल गर्नेछौं,' फोरमका अध्यक्ष एवं वार्ता टोली संयोजक उपेन्द्र यादवले भने । उनले समानुपातिक निर्वाचन, स्वायत्त शासनसहित संघीय प्रणाली, सबै क्षेत्रमा समावेशी प्रतिनिधित्व आफ्ना मुख्य माग रहेको बताए । पहिलो वार्तामा आन्दोलनका घाइतेलाई उपचार, राजनीतिक नियुक्ति समावेशी बनाउने, कब्जा सम्पत्ति फिर्ता गराउनेलगायत सहमति भएको थियो । यादवले तराईमा आन्दोलनरत अन्य समूहलाई पनि वार्तामा ल्याई समस्या समाधान गर्नुपर्ने बताए । 'सबै समस्याको समाधान वार्ता हो,' उनले भने । वार्तामा फोरम तर्फबाट सीतानन्दन राय, किशोर विश्वास र नसिर सिद्धिकी सहभागी थिए ।
विद्रोह गरी ६ सयभन्दा बढी गोइत समूहमा
जनताकहाँ जाऊ सरकार चलाइरहेका आठ राजनीतिक दल एकीकृत रूपमा जनताकहाँ जान आवश्यक छ । तिनले वडा तहसम्म आठ दलीय संयुक्त राजनीतिक संयन्त्र खडा गरेर समस्या समाधान गछौर्ं भन्ने बाचा गर्न सक्नुपर्छ । ...... अहिले राजनीतिक दलहरू एक्लाएक्लै यदाकदा स्थानीय तहमा जाने प्रक्रिया सुरु भएको छ, त्यसलाई व्यापक संयुक्त गतिविधि बनाउनुपर्छ ।
दलित भएर सोच्दा छुवाछूत मुक्त राष्ट्र घोषणा गरिसक्दा पनि नयाँपन आएको देखिँदैन । छुवाछूतको समस्या जहाँको तहीँ, जस्ताको तस्तै छ । .... जनसंख्याको एक चौथाइ भाग ओगट्ने दलितको कुनै अस्तित्व छैन । पुरातनवादी सोच र सामाजिक संरचनामा जकडिएको छ, यो समुदाय । मागेर लिने, जति दियो त्यतिमै सन्तुष्टि हुने चलन छ । ..... कसैलाई गाली गर्दा कस्तो कामी-दमाईजस्तो भन्ने थेगो अझै विद्यमान छ । दलित भएकै कारण उच्चशिक्षा हासिल गर्न वञ्चित हुनुपरेको छ । दलित भएकै कारण राजधानीमा समेत डेरा नपाउने तथा जात ढाँटेर बस्नुपर्ने स्थिति छ । अन्तरजातीय विवाहका कारण परिवार, गाउँ, समाजबाट बहिष्कृत हुनुपरेको छ ।
एकीकरणमा वरिष्ठता विवाद दुई कांग्रेसबीच एकताका लागि औपचारिक गृहकार्य सुरु भएपछि एकीकृत पार्टीको 'पोर्टफोलियो' मा शेरबहादुर देउवा र सुशील कोइरालामध्ये कसलाई 'माथि' राख्ने भन्ने सवालमा विवाद उत्पन्न भएको छ । ...... देउवाले विभाजनअघि एकीकृत पार्टीमा आफू दुई/दुईपटक संसदीय दलको नेता निर्वाचित भई प्रधानमन्त्री भइसकेकाले सुशीलभन्दा आफू मर्यादाक्रममा माथि हुनुपर्ने अडान राखेका छन् ......... कोइराला र देउवाबीच दुवै पार्टीका केन्द्रदेखि गाउँ इकाईसम्मका कार्यसमितिलाई एकीकृत गर्ने र दुवैतर्फका महाधिवेशन प्रतिनिधि र महासमिति सदस्यलाई एकीकृत पार्टीको महाधिवेशन प्रतिनिधि र महासमिति सदस्य मान्ने सहमतिसमेत भएको छ । सहमतिअनुसार दुवैतर्फका भ्रातृ तथा शुभेच्छुक संगठनहरूलाई समेत त्यही आधारमा एकीकृत गरिनेछ । ...... एकीकृत पार्टीको केन्द्रीय सभापति कोइरालालाई नै बनाउने सहमति भइसकेकाले केन्द्रीय समितिको समायोजन गर्न कुनै अप्ठ्यारो छैन । .... कांग्रेसको केन्द्रीय कार्यसमिति ३७ सदस्यीय र प्रजातान्त्रिकको २७ सदस्यीय छ, त्यसलाई एकीकृत गरी ६४ सदस्यीय बनाइनेछ, दुवैतर्फ केन्द्रीय समितिमा जो-जो जुन-जुन पदमा छन्, पदसहित समायोजन गरिनेछ । ..... कार्यदलले पाँच विकास क्षेत्रीय, ७५ जिल्ला र २०५ निर्वाचन क्षेत्रीय, ५८ नगर र वडा तथा ३,९१३ गाउँस्तरीयका पार्टी इकाईका सभापति कसलाई बनाउने भन्ने गृहकार्य सुरु गरेको छ ।

JTMM-Goit ready for UN-brokered talks NepalNews After rejecting several talks offers of the government, the Jaya Krishna Goit-led faction of Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (JTMM) has said it is ready to hold dialogue with the government provided the United Nations or any other credible international agency agrees to broker it. Goit hinted at the possibility of talks in his letter to Chief of United Nations Mission in Nepal, Ian martin, on July 13. However, he also cautioned that it would be impossible to hold talks with the government until it “builds an amicable environment”. Saying that his group would continue to fight for the rights of Madheshi people, Goit said they were, however, not against talks. Goit latest reaction came after repeated calls for dialogues by the government. Meanwhile, senior official at the UNMIN confirmed that Martin had received Goit’s letter, but added that the UNMIN was yet to take up the issue. Martin is currently in New York to apprise the UN top brass about Nepal’s peace process. Earlier, saying that there’s no significance of talks with the government, the JTMM had issued an ultimatum to all non-Madheshi government employees to leave Terai or face dire consequences.
JTMM-Jwala captures former CJ’s house in Siraha
Dalit Morcha to launch agitation Maoist-affiliated Samyukta Ganatantrik Dalit Morcha .... 10-point demands. ..... Tilak Pariyar, coordinator of the Morcha, addressed a press meet at the Maoist parliamentary party office, Wednesday, announcing the agitation. He said Dalit were continuously being marginalised. ...... The Morcha also submitted a memorandum at the Prime Minister's Office. They plan to send delegations to political parties, hold protest rally in Kathmandu on July 29, and hold countrywide torch-lit demonstrations on August 10. The Morcha has also announced to impose Chitwan bandh on August 18 and Kathmandu valley bandh on August 22.

Govt-MJF talks inconclusive NepalNews MJF vice-chairman Kishor Kumar Bishwas, one of the MJF negotiators, said, “The government side said it needed two days for homework on the issues raised by our party.” According to him, the MJF reiterated its demands, which includes "constitutional guarantee of federal system of governance with autonomy" and fully proportional electoral system for constituent assembly polls. .... The three-hour long meeting held amidst tight security did enter into these demands, but there was no serious debate on them. .... the MJF team was represented by party chairman Upendra Yadav, vice-chairman Bishwas, Sitanandan Raya and Nasir Siddiqui. ..... “Since the government has not implemented what was agreed in the Janakpur meeting, we have little hope for a breakthrough,” Bishwas said.
UNSG stresses on credible election on time the overall human rights situation continues to be worrying, with the main concerns linked to inadequate public security and law enforcement and to unresolved issues of discrimination with regard to representation and inclusion in the political process. ....... the national political scene has become more complex and challenging in recent months. ..... the parties to the peace process will also need to improve their record of implementing commitments they have made already
Mahara meets with PM; claims NA changed guards without Koirala's knowledge
JTMM-J activists leave party en masse More than six hundred activists, including dozens of influential leaders belonging to the Jwala Singh led Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (JTMM-J) Sunsari branch, have defected from the party en masse to join the Jay Krishna led faction of the armed outfit. .... former Sunsar-Morang incharge of JTMM-J said they had rebelled from the party as “it had intensified abduction, killing, violence and extortion in the Terai.” ...... “we would fully abide by the Geneva convention in this armed struggle to form a separate Terai state.”
Dalit Morcha to launch agitation

One by one Nepali Times “no election in Nepal has ever been held under ideal conditions.” .... The janajatis feel they are close to a deal. “The government has assured us that the current electoral law actually works, and for now we are ready to accept that,” Pasang Sherpa, president of the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities .... a strong consensus is emerging among the eight parties that a more diplomatic approach in the tarai could help kickstart those talks. ..... The MJF is talking again with the government this week, and most of its demands have already been fulfilled. With the MJF on board, “the armed factions in the tarai can either be talked to or be bought,” says a commentator. ....... The UML seems to be sensing that the tide is turning in its favour, while the NC and the CPN-M are uncertain. The two Congresses need to be unified, and the Maoists are making overtures to the UML for leftist unity.
Securing a future The Maoist leadership is concerned it will have less bargaining power in the SSR process if the verification reduces the size of the PLA substantially. .... The strict questioning in the verification process is not helping. “Most of our company commanders have been disqualified, and those found qualified have been categorised as recruits. ..... They feel humiliated and degraded
Lost in seminar space It is difficult enough being interesting in one language. But to say something original in a non-native tongue is almost impossible. Research shows that children who begin to learn in English rather than their mother tongue are slower by about 10 percent. It’s even worse when the lingua franca of a country is their second language, and English, learnt at later stage, the third or fourth one. ..... the Valley’s socio-political elite choose to converse among themselves in English. .... public figures have a taxing schedule that leaves little time for preparation. After a while, each speech elicits yawns even from co-panellists. Politicians suffer acutely from this: the more seminars they attend, the less time they have for their constituents. Consequently, they have almost nothing new to say after a while. ....... Rumour is, anyone who can write a decent proposal can have a few million rupees from various donors to ‘create awareness’ about the constituent assembly election.

House directs govt to publicise Rayamajhi Commission report NepalNews a 1400-page report .... recommending action against more than 200 people for widespread human rights abuses and misuse of state funds. .... At least 22 pro-democracy activists were killed and over 4000 others wounded in the three-week long mass uprising in April 2006.
PM holds series of political parleys demanding at least one 'A' category mission for their party. ...... Nepal requested Koirala to make personal initiative to bring the agitating groups in Terai to the negotiating table in order to ensure that the constituent assembly polls are held without obstruction.
Govt offices halt services as employees go on protest
Dr Bhattarai sees ‘little significance’ of Maoists remaining in govt he party has taken serious note of Maoist ministers becoming worried about their personal security ..... his party might decide to quit the government since "it is increasingly becoming hard to work in the interest of the people by being a part of it.” .... Accusing Nepali Congress of trying to run the government single-handedly rather than through consensus even though it is a coalition government, Dr Bhattarai also said there were deliberate attempts to taint the image of the Maoists by dragging it into the "wrongdoings of others".
Congress will be finished if it does not support republic, warns MK Nepal
Don't drag Maoist name into labourer-employer dispute, says Mahara
Talks with Terai groups soon: Minister Poudel
India’s 'age-old mentality' should change regarding Nepal: Yechuri

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I think better to talk with Jwala Singh than to Goit because Goit is so old that he will die a natural death soon. Jwala is young and government betweer talk with him but I think he will be killed in Bihar by other gang members because AS THOU SOW SO SHALL THOU REAP.