Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mihir Thakur: Paper On Madhesh Samasya 2051

Dear Madhesi Intellectuals and Friends,

I am just sharing my views with you all which I wrote and presented in a workshop 13 years back where several national level leaders were present. Problems that I raised at that time were never taken seriously by the state and rulling leaders and it is turning into violent agitation now.

Though, article is not updated, it is as written and presented at that time, please read my views herein attached file. In my view, the problems of Madhesh is historically rooted. Since state is almost prepared to address many political and other problems, I hope it is right time for Madhesi people to struggle for their genuine rights, respect and equal opportunities.

I firmly believe that federal structure of Nepal government will be the best solutions which must be acceptable to all. Let us all unite at least for federal structure.

With warm regards,
Mihir K. Thakur

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