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The Idea Of One Communist Party In Nepal

Maoists to leave Prachandapath for communist unity NepalNews Ram Bahadur Thapa a.k.a. Badal has said that the party is ready to leave its political line of Prachandapath for unity among all communist parties. ...... there is no need of being separate communist parties as they are one in certain principles ..... “We have proposed a new ideological base for unity.” ..... there is a need of forming republican front with non communist parties and unity among all communist parties. ...... elections of the constituent assembly may not be held in mid-June 2007 due to delay in promulgating interim constitution and forming interim government. ...... they have agreed to re-establish police posts only after formation of interim government, adding, “If the government does not move as per the agreement it might invite confrontation.”
I think that the idea is fabulous. I hope it gets carried out. The only founding principle can be that of one person, one vote. Hold unity talks, then organize a convention, and elect new leadership at all levels. Do it all in a transparent, democratic way.

This might do more to usher permanent peace in the country than even a Truth And Reconciliaiton Commission. (Land Reform, Truth And Reconciliation) This will also bring the Bahunbaad inside the UML, and the Pahadibaad inside the Maoist Party to an end, hopefully.

There are not enough Madhesis and Janajatis among the top leadership of the Maoists either. Matrika Prasad Yadav looks like were a token Madhesi. The anti-Madhesi prejudice in Nepal is so strong, not even PrachandaPath seems to have cured it. By fair estimates, at least a third of the Maoist central committee ought to have been Madhesi. Why the gap?

I have tried selling my प्रस्तािवत संिवधान to my Sadbhavana former colleagues. So far I have not even been able to engage them in a conversation on it, let alone sell it. They refuse to even take a look at the document, let alone express their disagreements with the specifics. They get stuck with the idea that I have no provision for separate states of the Terai.

A unification convention will also help the Maoists get rid of their unscientific nine state map without losing face. They can claim they ditched both PrachandaPath and the nine state map for the sake of party unification.

I have never thought highly of Girija Koirala. He is a conservative. He is never the source of new ideas. Instead he will do all to oppose new ideas for no other reason than that those are new ideas. He exemplifies the intellectual defensiveness of someone of mediocre intelligence. He has engineered enormous delays to the drafting of the interim constitution. The weird part is there is not an iota of difference between the initial first draft and the recent final draft. So what was he opposing?

If the communists were to unify, they will easily emerge the largest party in the interim parliament. When that happens, I will bet you a hundred rupees Prachanda will stake claim for the post of interim Prime Minister for that unified communist party, and legitimately so. That unified communist party could seek an alliance with other parties and go ahead and declare Nepal a republic even before the constituent assembly elections are held. Heck, if such an alliance had the required two-thirds majority, it could go for an interim federal structure as well.

This is getting interesting.

My primary interest by now with the Maoists in Nepal is China. I envision a China that is a federal, multi-party democracy where the Chinese Communist Party is still by far the largest party. I want the Chinese Communist Party to teach all countries in the Global South as to how to engineer double digit economic growth rates for the next few decades. And I want the best by Tibet. I am a Buddhist. Nepal is my fatherland, India is my country of birth and motherland, Tibet is my spiritual homeland.

If all communist parties in Nepal were to unify and become one party, all communist parties in India, including the Maoists there, are going to come under similar pressure. And if that materializes, nothing stops that unified Communist Party of India from emerging the largest party in India. You are looking at Prakash Karat for Prime Minister.

These Nepali Maoists are really after something big. But they are going to have to first adopt the basic premise of state funded political parties.

Laloo Yadav: Future Prime Minister Of India

This is what I propose to them: Janata Dal Constitution (August 8, 2005).

This should push all the non-communist parties in Nepal to similarly become one, and the Janata Dal Constitution would apply to them as well. And you will be looking at Nepal as a two party state in the framework of this प्रस्तािवत संिवधान. The only obvious roadblock is Girija. And there are people who think he is some kind of a hero. The guy simply needs to retire.

Welcome to the Asian Century.

Barack Hussein Obama And The White Boys In The Media

In The News

Eight-party leaders visit Nepalgunj; normalcy returns NepalNews the communal tension that gripped the mid-western town for nearly 48 hours since Tuesday morning. ..... Nepali Congress vice-chairman Sushil Koirala, CPN (UML) acting general secretary Amrit Bohara, Maoist spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara, vice-chairman of the People’s Front Lilamani Pokhrel and Nepal Workers and Peasants Party leader Prem Suwal visited parts of Nepalgunj that saw the worst violence on Tuesday and Wednesday. ...... Agriculture minister Mahantha Thakur and commerce minister and Nepal Sadbhwana Party leader Hridayesh Tripathi were also in Nepalgunj to assess the situation. ...... Thousands of people of different communities and political parties participated in a “goodwill and peace rally” organised by the CPN (Maoist) in the afternoon. ..... At least one person was killed and dozens others injured and properties worth millions of rupees were damaged in the violent clashes. Unruly mobs ransacked shops, burned down vehicles and the attacked local residents ....... anti-democratic elements were behind the riots
Parliament passes bill on voters list People's Front Nepal (PFN) faction led by Chitra Bahadur KC has opposed the bill saying it lacks provision to allow Nepalis living overseas to cast their vote in the upcoming Constituent Assembly elections.
Doctors end strike
PM cautions against regressive forces The premier said the Nepalgunj incident was very unfortunate and that it proved the presence of regressive elements in the country. .... marked the Nepalgunj incident as an eye-opener
JTMM kills one in Saptari Twenty members of JTMM, who came with arms in Bhardaha area of the district this morning, shot dead Arjun Phyual accusing him of plying vehicles along the Mahendra Highway, radio reports say. The Morcha has called a strike along the highway till December end.
DAO lifts curfew in Nepalgunj
No talks with refugees: Bhutan minister
Two billion rupees of Army Welfare Fund at risk: NRB
Maoists to leave Prachandapath for communist unity
Nepal, China agree to continue to discuss incompatibilities in border data
Team formed to recruit ex-Gurkhas
Curfew still on, senior leaders of eight parties to visit Nepalgunj
Govt forms probe commission on Nepalgunj unrest
Govt to form high-level panel to probe Nepalgunj riots
Punish culprits of rights violation to end impunity: Sundh
Curfew re-imposed in Nepalgunj; thousands join in peace rally a prescheduled all-party goodwill and peace rally, which was to be carried out during off-curfew hours ..... The Madhesi Mukti Morcha of the CPN (Maoist) has been carrying out a peace rally in Nepalgunj at the moment (3:00 pm), which is participated by thousands of people of all communities, religions and the political parties. ...... “We had organised bandh on Monday only. We have no involvement in the incidents of Tuesday,” said Hridayesh Tripathy, general secretary of NSP-A. Likewise, the party’s vice president Bharat Bimal Yadav said that his party couldn’t even think of disrupting communal harmony. ...... their demands of fresh demarcation of electoral constituencies based on population, introduction of federal system and land reform.
Government releases Rs 36 million for cantonment infrastructures

NEPAL: Government steps in to stop Nepalganj violence Reuters AlertNet, UK
Western Nepal Returns to Normality After Communal Clashes OhmyNews International
ADB to provide 32 mln USD for Nepal's education programs
People's Daily Online, China
Nepali govt to introduce Chinese language in school curriculum People's Daily Online The Nepali government is making preparation to include the Chinese language in the curriculum of nine grade to 12 level in schools ..... the government would support those institutions that initiate to provide learning opportunities of the Chinese language. .... "Now, the Chinese language is being taught in more than 2,000 universities of 86 countries all over the world"
Curfew lifted in west Nepal town after deadly clashes Hindustan Times, India
Curfew reimposed, security stepped up in west Nepal town International Herald Tribune
Curfew imposed in west Nepal town following clashes International Herald Tribune
Nepal doctors strike in hospitals BBC News
Doctors end strike
Nepal doctors strike over violence
Haveeru Daily, Maldives
Infiltration from Bangladesh, Nepal being plugged: army vice chief
Telugu Portal, India
One killed by Maoist renegades in Nepal, Indian hurt
Telugu Portal, India
Nepal-China joint study to confirm Everest's height
Gorkhapatra, Nepal
Nepal Maoists Lead Peace Rally in Riot-hit Town
Nepal human Rights News, Nepal
Maoists to work closely with police to control Nepalgunj unrest Kantipur Online

सरकारमा मुस्लिम प्रतिनिधित्व माग Kantipur
विद्यार्थीद्वारा राजमार्ग अवरोध
सद्भाव र्‍यालीमा हजारौं
ँएक वामका लागि प्रचण्डपथ त्याग्न तयार’
पुसभित्र चौकी पुनःस्थापना गर्न गृहमन्त्रीको निर्देशन
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