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Hisila Yami For President

On the first day of the first session of the constituent assembly, in June, Nepal is going to be declared a republic. On that same day, somebody is going to have to be declared president. I want that person to be a woman. I see three obvious candidates.

Hisila Yami, Chitralekha Yadav, Bidya Bhandari.

But why do I feel like the UML will not push Bidya and the Congress (D) will not push Chitralekha? Hisila Yami is not necessarily the obvious Maoist name. But she sure is the most senior female Maoist. And she is a Newar. That practically makes her a Janajati, I think. So having a Janajati woman up there is even more palatable than having just another Janajati.

The Suspicion Game And The Maoists

As long as the Maoists have come around to the idea of a multi-party framework, which they have, and as long as a Truth And Reconciliation Commission deals with the agony of the decade long civil war, I for one am prepared to treat the Maoists like a political party.

That Truth And Reconciliation Commission does not have to mean general amnesty. It might still be a good idea to bring to justice a few hundred from both armies for the most heinous of the human rights abuses during the civil war. But for the most part you are letting bygones be bygones as a price to be paid for permanent peace. A Truth And Reconciliation Commission is the country seeking counselling.

Gender, Ethnicity, Caste

The Maoists have already said more than 40% of their MPs in the interim parliament will be women. They are saying more than 80% will be Dalits and Janajati, at least 20% will be Dalit. I wish they said something similar for the Madhesi, as in 40% Madhesi.

Nepali Maoists, Chinese Communists

I envision a China that is a federal, multi-party democracy where the Chinese Communist Party is still the largest party. The Maoists in Nepal stand a good chance of exporting that vision into China itself.

Here Mao, getting back at you with a few revisions.

So the Nepali Maoists becoming a legitimate, peaceful political party in a multi-party framework has larger implications.

Not Worried

You can tell I am not worried the Maoists might emerge the largest party in Nepal. I would love to see Hisila Yami become Nepal's first president. Bill Clinton is not going to be First Lad because it is Obama not Hillary who is going to the White House, but Baburam Bhattarai is a lucky fellow, he is going to become First Lad.

Bidya Bhandari: Power Woman
Interim Speaker: Chitra Lekha Yadav

Article: Security Sector Reform In Nepal: The Role Of Civil Society by Karon Cochran-Budhathoki: USIPeace Briefing: US Institute Of Peace

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Koirala And Oli Doing Wrong By The Bhutan Democracy Movement

Tek Nath Rizal And The Bhutani Hostage Crisis

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