Saturday, November 26, 2005

To: ND Group, c/o Puru Subedi

Dear Puruji.

I just got off the phone with you. This was our first conversation. I dug out a whole bunch of phone numbers from the US to Nepal. You were the first person on the list I called.

Before I come to the point of this message, let me draw attention to this list. I think we on this list should make it a point to call each other on a regular basis. And we should especially call the leaders in Kathmandu on a regular basis so as to express our total support to them. Boosting their morale is important.
  1. Madhav K. Nepal 4466303 R.
  2. Arjun Nar Singh KC 4353270 R.
  3. Lilamani pokharel 4471605 R.
  4. Amik serchan 5527522 R.
  5. Dr.Minendra Rijal 4487285/ 9851032339
  6. Hridayesh Tripathy 4424812 R.
  7. Narayan Man Bijukchhe 6610974/6610026
  1. Dr. Jeetendra Joshi PH.D 860-742-6854
  2. Mr. Puru Subedi 703-327-8756
  3. Dr. Tara Niraula 212-491-0378
  4. Mrs. Annapurna Deo 919 460 1260
  5. Ms. Radha Basnyat 613-230-4337
  6. Dr. Parashar Malla PH.D 604-504-3644
  7. Mr. Anil Pradhan 818 888 2656
  8. Mr. Mukesh Singh 614 801 9652
  9. Girija Gautam 734 663 7225
  10. Mr. Veda Joshi 734 663 7225
  11. Dr. Prahlad Pant PH.D 513-851-1019
  12. Dr. Deepak Shimkhada PH.D 909-621-0783
  13. Mr. Raja Bhattacharya 270-781-7252
  14. Mr. Suman Silwal 205-822-2504
  15. Dr. Gaury Adhikary M.D. 734-663-7225
  16. Dr. Ramesh N Amatya PH.D 615-376-8193
  17. Dr. Tulsi R Maharjan PH.D 908 369 1387
  18. Mr. Rohini Sharma 928 473 7285
From you I learned for the first time that I have become a hot topic of debate at the Nepal Democracy Google group.

I totally agree with what you said to me on the phone. I could not have said it better myself. Issues of social justice we will take care of later once we have made sure the country will have a constituent assembly. And even then we will ensure an open, respectful debate and dialogue.

For the sake of the movement it is very important that we all stay united. Right now we all have only one goal, and that is to topple this regime before February. This is a project with a deadline. We need to be pouring ourselves into the logistical details from the US to Nepal. We should be organizing and coordinating.

As you say, let's do it one step at a time. First step, topple this regime. Second, set up an all party government. Third, peace talks with the Maoists that result in only one standing army in the country. And finally, constituent assembly.

The first step is the most important. And right now we should not let anything else distract us, not even me as a topic of debate.

I would like to get reinstated at the Nepal Democracy Google group, sure, and you tell me an open vote is being organized on the topic. I hope it goes in my favor. But in my personal capacity I have already moved on. I set up a Progressive Nepal group earlier today. And I continue to primarily communicate with my audience from the US, to Delhi, to Nepal through my blog, as you know.

Since I can't post this message at the Nepal Democracy group myself, I request you to please post there both the body of this message as well the link to it.

My message to the group is simple. Peace out, folks. Let's all forget little details. Let's all come around and focus like a laser beam on the only goal we have at hand, and that is to topple this regime before February.

Have you pledged your $100 yet? That is the question.

I appreciate the forthrightness with which you tackled your own Bahun background. You said there are times when you say things and express attitudes that are not right. Let me assure you, on the gender issue, the man-woman issue, I too am a Bahun. For men to work against sexism is an ongoing thing, and we all make progress at different paces. So once we finally get to tackle issues in social justice within the constituent assembly framework, I hope we will do it in the least disruptive way possible, the most productive way possible. We can all hope to be progressive regardless of background. Bahuns can hope to be progressive like the conscious Dalits. Why not?

Every Sunday 11 AM Union Square
Nepal Democracy Google Group Does Not Believe In Free Speech

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