Sunday, November 27, 2005

Logistics To Bring Down The Regime

Seven Party Coalition
  1. Reduce your four point agenda to a three point agenda. Ditch the House revival stance.
  2. Anoint Girija Koirala the Supreme Leader, Madhav Nepal the Prime Minister in waiting, and Ram Chandra Poudel the Deputy Prime Minister in waiting.
  3. Let each of the other five parties decide on the person who will represent each in the all party government. Do it now.
  4. Make a formal request to the Maoists to extend the ceasefire by three months.
  5. Set a deadline: this regime has to fall before February. The movement has to be seen as a project with a deadline.
  6. Take over one public space in Kathmandu. Erect a tent city. (Pyramid Of 10 In Kathmandu) Start with a minimum of 100,000. Grow by 100,000 each week. Do not leave until the regime comes down. Stay away from the restricted areas. Do not make attempts to cross the police line. Avoid street confrontations as much as possible.
  7. Think through the endgame now. (Roadmap)
  8. If you need financial support from the Nepalis in the US, prepare a budget, set up a joint bank account of the coalition, pledge to keep all book keeping transparent, and ask. It is okay to ask for money. It is not okay to postpone the fall of this regime. We will feel honored to participate as closely as possible. Integrate us into the movement as totally as possible, in near real time. We got your number. We are both connected online.
  1. Extend the ceasefire by three months.
  2. Be prepared to engage in peace talks with the all party government.
  3. There is going to be only one standing army in the country before the country goes through a constituent assembly. That is the bottom line. But within that parameter there can be a lot of accommodation. You can have UN mediation if you want. You can have a partial integration of your armed cadres into the state army. You can seek an integration of the rest into the economy.
  4. Get ready. You will get two berths in the cabinet. I am assuming those will go to Prachanda and Baburam. But that would be your internal matter.
  1. Don't even think of a military crackdown.
  2. Don't try physical assaults and chemical warfare upon peaceful, disciplined demonstrators. All such acts will be accounted for. This is no 1990.
  3. Make peace with the idea. The country is going to get an all party government and a constituent assembly.
Nepali Diaspora In The US
  1. Pledge your $100. Do it now. (Fundraising Among Nepalis In The US: Pyramid Of 10)
  2. See if you can organize a mirror gathering in every big city every weekend, if only for an hour. (Every Sunday 11 AM Union Square) Blog it as it happens. Seek local media attention.
  3. Everyone who has personal contacts in the army, the police and the bureaucracy at the higher levels, get organized. Stay off the radar, but get active. We need a sophisticated intelligence operation. We need to know what the regime is thinking in as real time as possible. We need to penetrate the entire state structure.
  4. Stay informed. Stay vocal. Stand up and speak. Every voice of support adds to the chorus.
Nepalis Worldwide
  1. Get involved. Stay involved. Stay tuned in. Stay vocal. Be heard. Make some noise. Come online. Join the US effort. Mirror it.
Video Bloggers
  1. Record all street demonstrations. The first priority is quantity. Upload it all at Google Video. We can't wait for the world media to catch up with us before the world can see what's going on.
  2. I am looking at a minimum 100 hours of video online.
  3. Prepare 15-30 minute highlights for each day.
  4. Do not forget plain old digital pictures, and old media coverage, print coverage, and all that.
  5. Capture everything like the entire movement were one big reality show.
  6. Interview people on video, leaders, demonstrators, everybody.
Street Demonstrators
  1. Have fun. Stay disciplined. Stay put.
  2. This movement has to be totally bloodless. Zero martyrs. Instead get your picture taken.
  1. What do you think of this?
  2. 40 Reasons Why The Three Forces Should Come Ar0und To My Proposed Constitution

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