Monday, November 21, 2005

Prachanda, Extend The Ceasefire By Three Months

Prachanda, you made a brilliant military move through your unilateral ceasefire. I can't think of another similar parallel in world history when an armed group holding such a large sway on a country would do such a thing to make such major strategic gains.

You and your party have also made some amazing political transformations. You have shifted from the goal of a communist republic to the goal of a democratic republic, you have shifted from the goal of an armed revolution to the goal of peaceful elections to a constituent assembly, and subsequently to a peaceful transformation of the state.

I believe I have written a Proposed Constitution that synthesizes the best of a multi-party democracy with your Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Maoist-Prachanda Path emphasis on classlessness. But I will talk about that later, after an all party government has been formed, peace talks with you have been held, and you have joined the interim government. My document will make it possible to achieve "a peaceful transformation of the state" that Mahara once mentioned.

If the militarists were driven by a longing for peace and a love for the country, they would have responded to your ceasefire in a positive way. But they did not. And I think you have shown remarkable restraint in the aftermath even when provoked by the state security forces. There are reports you have lost anywhere between 30 and 50 of your cadres after the ceasefire declaration. That is wrong on their part, but then they committed that and many other wrongs.

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But then if your entire strategy depended on the king making the just, sensible moves, what kind of republican would you be? You did not declare the ceasefire for the old regime. You did it for us, the democrats. Because of the ceasfire democrats have gained much strength, and democrats are finally getting in a position to hit back at the autocrats.

A Plant Looking At An Animal

February 8 is the deadline. This regime has to fall before that. And it is on schedule to fall.

The recent Maoist-Democrat dialogue is commendable. Some important progress has been made. Peace feels possible for the first time in a decade.

For The First Time In A Decade, Permanent Peace Feels Possible

I am not suggesting you are about to break the ceasefire. But I do not want to be taking any chances, and hence the appeal. Do not, do not break the ceasefire.

Extend your ceasefire by another three months. That will be ample time for the interim government to form.

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If you do not extend the ceasefire, you mess everything up. This regime can not now stop this impending movement. But an end to the ceasefire could bring it to a halt. Why would you want that?

The goal is within reach. The constituent assembly is within reach. Think of all those thousands of your comrades you have lost over the years. Do it for them. Extend the ceasefire.

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