Monday, November 21, 2005

Movement Taken To Online Video

Talks are underway among groups in Kathmandu and here in the US.

Pyramid Of 10 In Kathmandu
Fundraising Among Nepalis In The US: Pyramid Of 10

The idea is to upload hundreds of hours of video online to Google Video.

Here are some highlights from some of the emails.

Minimum cost plan: Use existing camcorders, even if from non reporters.
Are there a half dozen camcorder owning citizens in Ktm willing to
participate? Have to pay only for disks, batteries and broadband.

But also write down and send other plans. Suggest what options are the most feasible.

(1) Dinesh Wagle, Gagan Thapa, COCAP, Samudaya: for Kathmandu
(2) Sanjaya, Anil, Sarahana: fundraising in the US

Ktm people, please prepare a budget.

Three home based broadband locations. Undisclosed. 3-6 camcorders. Have backup plans for if your cameras get seized or destroyed by the police. Plenty of memory disks and batteries. Once a memory disk is full or near full, cameraman takes it out and passes it on to a "porter" who takes it to the undisclosed locations to be uploaded in as real times as possible. Each location to have its own separate Google Video account. All videos to be made available for free. Goal: both quality and quantity, but primarily quantity.

Offer the quantity version where you upload everything. Then prepare daily highlights. The first might be hours. The second might be 15 minutes to 30 minutes per day.

All participating bloggers will link to the videos from their blogs.

So, yes, prepare the budget and pass it on to us at this end asap.

A joint bank account of three key people at that end for money transfer from this end. Transparent book keeping. The key people at both ends will always know how the money is moving.

People in Kathmandu who are participating have the option to keep their names public or not. They decide.

Reason to do this:

(1) We can not wait until the global media finally wakes up to Nepal. We need to do the work so Nepal hits the world headlines sooner rather than later.

(2) 100,000 people on 10 hours of online video will be like a million people and no video. You magnify your influence.

(3) This has to be a movement of zero martyrs. Maximum global exposure ties the hands of the security forces to a large extent. Evil lurks only in the dark.

(4) This is history being made. Those videos will stay online forever. 20 years from now, they will still be there. History has to be recorded for posterity.

But do not forget digital cameras and traditional reporting either.

--- Sarahana wrote:

> I have a friend there in web development business who can help. > Broadband is available, but not wireless. It would have to be > uploaded > the night of the protest or so. > We would just need to fund it.

> > sarahana >

> > On Nov 21, 2005, at 12:05 PM, Paramendra Kumar Bhagat wrote:

> > > Video upload plan is brilliant. But yes the problem is with > internet > >> access, > >> especially the high speed.

> > > > > > > > Does it exist though? Or is it too expensive? What if money will > not be > > a problem? If we fund it from this end? We want literally 100 hours > of > > video online, maybe more.

> > > > You guys organize at that end. Make it inclusive. COCAP, and > Samudaya > > have done some work in the past. Write down a plan, put down the > > budget, and present it this way. We will see what can be done.

> > > > Movement garne bhaneko global audience ka lagi ho. The more it is > > exposed less the chance of state repression. And quicker it will > > conclude.

Hello Paramendra ji,

Sorry for this late reply. Bhusukkai birsechhu, reply garu bhanda bhandai.

Video upload plan is brilliant. But yes the problem is with internet access, especially the high speed.

Hope you are doing great. Your arguments at DFN are though provoking.


-- Dinesh Wagle
Kantipur Daily Newspaper

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