Monday, November 14, 2005

China, Japan, Afghanistan In

That is good news.

Afghanistan has been granted membership, whereas China and Japan have been granted observer status. Somewhere down the line Burma should be invited in.

SAARC sure is moving.

Federalism: Litmus Test For Pahadi Chauvinism

I doubt the political credentials of all Madhesis who are not strongly for federalism at this juncture of history. There has to come a point in life when you finally ditch your mental slavery. This is as good a time as any.

All Pahadis against federalism are exhibiting Pahadi chauvinism.

There is no democracy without federalism, period.

My Role In The Democracy Movement

I am the one with the best ideas, from the US to Nepal. Period. I have a proven track of leadership. I have a plan. I am plugged into a large network. I am right there at the center of it all.

But there are Pahadi pretenders to whom I am invisible. At a personal level I don't really care. They are largely irrelevant to my idea of who I am. But I do make a point to take offense on behalf of 13 million Madhesis.

Pyramid Of 10

Pyramid Of 10 In Kathmandu
Fundraising Among Nepalis In The US: Pyramid Of 10

I have finally made it simple as possible. If the seven party coalition will not come around to it now, they should prepare to take part in the municipal polls.

Madisey, Nigger

The word madisey is the same as the word nigger. And everyone who uses it knows that. Say it and face the consequences.


When I go to Kathmandu, I do not become a Newar or a Pahadi, I am still a Madhesi. Similarly Pahadi Bahuns living in the Terai are still Bahuns. I guess they could call themselves Teraiwasi Bahuns.

But what they call themselves is a decision they have to make. I don't have time for such pleasantries.

An Anti Madhesi King

There is only a token Madhesi and a token Muslim in his cabinet. He has been shifting administrative headquarters from the Terai towns up into the hills. He has plans to seal the Nepal India border, he is already doing it. An open border is the Madhesi lifestyle. The border can not be sealed. 4 million Madhesis have been denied citizenship certificates. The limited democracy for which many Madhesis died has been hijacked by this king.

Where Does A Madhesi Belong

When you are in Nepal, they make you feel fundamentally unwelcome. You leave the country.

There is a democracy movement. You participate. They do their best to ignore and marginalize.

You take steps to get involved in US politics. Then they preach you go to Nepal.

Pahadis have an attitude problem.

In The News

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Anonymous said...

Dude, learn from CK lal rather than Gajju.

Thuikka madhiseka santaan muji, pahadelai gaali garera cheap popularity khojchas?

Anonymous said...

I liked this one.

Can we start referring ourselves as Teraiwasi and make sure people also call us by the same. I think more then administrative and legal Teraiwasi and Pahadwasi have a social issue which needs to be tackled at the root level. Spread brother hood and curb people who are highly biased.

Anonymous said...

Please stop using abusive languages against your own country mate.

Parmendra Need not look for cheap publicity. He is too public for that.

Hats off too a true teraiwasi who is bold enough to talk the truth.

Reality bites.