Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Ball Might Finally Be Rolling

(from the Google group Nepal Democracy, 107 members)

General Secretary of CPN UML Madhab Kumar Nepal, Standing Committee Member KP Oli, US Ambassador James F.Moriarty & Indian Ambassador Shiba Shankar Mukharji had made a surprising trip to New Delhi this evening . Top most Maoist Leaders have reached there already including Unity Center's Deputy GS Narayankaji Shrestha, Goodwill Party's Hridayesh Tripathi, Left Front's Chandradev Joshi, NC Chairman GP Koirala. Signing on code of conduct & understanding between the rebel side & agitating parties before Friday is likely.

Moriarty arrives in Delhi for consultations NepalNews
Top UML leader leaves for New Delhi
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Nepal's RJP announces poll boycott
Webindia123, India
RJP to boycott polls

And to a question at the Google Group if the Nepali Congress will survive, I posted this:

Girija is the reason why it might not.

(1) The genius dissolved a House where his party had a clear majority.
(2) He institutionalized corruption.
(3) He tried to run the government by remote control even when Krishna Bhattarai and Deuba were Prime Minister.
(4) He is the original author of the military solution to the insurgency.
(5) There was a vertical split into a Koirala Congress and the Deuba Congress. Girija is the reason why.
(6) His idiotic House revival stance is what killed the 1990 constitution and made 2/1 possible.
(7) If he continues to stick to it, the movement will not take off. And there will be another split in the party. Prakash Koirala, Shailaja Acharya and all will break away and contest the municipal polls.

The Koirala Congress is on its way to attaining the size of the RPP.

The Ball Might Finally Be Rolling

It is time for the big powers to make up their mind. If they think there is only a military solution to the insurgency they should go ahead and resume their military aid to the king. If they think there is a political solution, they should organize an open summit of the three forces, only two if the king will not come along. Bring the Maoists out into the open. If the king will not come along, there inevitably will be a bipolarization in the country. A Democrat-Maoist alliance is but the natural outcome. Enough is enough. Enough waiting.

Enter The Dragon

An Indian newspaper copied my phrase: Enter the dragon Daily News & Analysis, India

Enter The Dragon

Closed Circuit Television

The Google group Nepal Democracy is totally closed circuit. And then once in a while I find myself on some kind of an elite mailig list of a bunch of armchair intellectuals whose first condition is that the discussions stay closed door.

These smart folks could use a healthy dose of perestroika and glasnost, openness.

Like this group that has been cooking the idea of a think tank. I got brought onto the table a little late, but as soon I got there, I let the cat out among the pigeons. I already have the framework of a think tank: 21st Century Nepal. But the idea is too much sunshine for these Pahadis.

Some of these people, every time they get their Masters in Computer Science, they also end up getting a Masters in Pahadi Chauvinism. When they get a Ph.D. in moon archeology, they also end up getting an honorary Ph.D. in Pahadi Chauvinism.

The two sides of their brains are not in tune.

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