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Thursday, September 14, 2023

14: New Economics

'New economics': the way to save the planet? the endless pursuit of economic growth is devouring the foundations of life on Earth, and no country – rich or poor – can expect to escape dire consequences if things go on as they are. ........ The vision: a new relationship between the state, local communities and nature aligned behind a more holistic notion of progress than gross domestic product (GDP), the established yardstick for economies as different as those of the United States and Mozambique. ......... Laurie Laybourn-Langton, an associate fellow at London’s Institute for Public Policy Research and lead author of a new report on environmental breakdown titled This Is A Crisis........ Laybourn-Langton, 30, and other champions of ‘new economics’ argue that it is time to acknowledge that the state must play the central role in marshalling a response to looming systemic environmental shocks....... the Green New Deal........ the U.N.-sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded that only a profound economic transformation would allow the world to curb carbon emissions quickly enough to limit global warming........ On Monday, a parallel 130-nation scientific study said industrial society has pushed a million species to the brink of extinction. Plants and animals are vanishing tens to hundreds of times faster than during the past 10 million years, the 145 expert authors found....... an international civil disobedience campaign by Extinction Rebellion ........ Katherine Trebeck, an Australian political scientist who co-founded the Wellbeing Economy Alliance, a network of academics, businesses and social movements. .......  Jeremy Grantham, co-founder of global investment manager GMO

5 ChatGPT Prompts To Feel Invincible At Work "When I'm doubting myself, I tend to say things like [list the negative things you say to yourself] to myself. How can I rephrase these into positive affirmations that make me feel unstoppable? Give me some alternatives for each one, from gentle reminders to tough love." ................ "I avoid taking risks because I fear [describe your specific fears]. This has led to [describe missed opportunities or setbacks]. What are some actionable steps to conquer these fears and seize opportunities?" ............... Athletes don’t often miss out on championship titles because of technique, strength or ability. They miss out because they lose the mental game. Because something gets to their head. The crowd, the pressure, or the competition. It plants the seed that they might not be capable, and this affects the maneuvers they’ve made thousands of times in training. ............. "When faced with setbacks, my initial reaction is [describe your emotional response]. How can I develop mental resilience to bounce back stronger and feel invincible? Give me some tactics to incorporate into my day." .............. Find similar people to never feel ostracized again. See how your business can grow when you support each other to achieve. .......... "I feel most supported when [describe situations or people that make you feel supported], but lack support when [describe when you feel unsupported]. How can I build a strong support network to make me feel invincible?"

10 Daily Ways to Boost Your Eye Health Naturally Use these simple tricks and hacks to boost your eye health each day.