Friday, September 22, 2023

22: North Korea

US Housing Starts Drop to Lowest Since 2020 While Permits Rise Multifamily starts plunged to lowest since onset of pandemic ...... Single-family permits accelerated to fastest pace since 2022 .......... The drop was largely driven by a sharp decline in multifamily construction. .... ..... Permits to build one-family homes accelerated to the fastest pace since May 2022, indicating optimism about future demand....... The recent pickup in mortgage rates has helped drive housing affordability to record lows, suppressing demand. Mortgage applications for home purchases are now at levels not seen since the mid-1990s, and it’s not clear when borrowing costs will subside.

Trudeau’s Mega Pipeline Promises to Redraw Global Oil Flows Trans Mountain project to bring 600,000 barrels to new markets ...... China, India among possible top destinations for crude

Centrist Dems and McCarthy’s allies are in secret talks to strike a deal Any Democratic participation in a plan to stop a shutdown — let alone save the speaker’s gavel — would have huge conditions attached.

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