Monday, October 10, 2022

10: Ending The Kali Yuga

. accomplish something no country besides Denmark and Luxembourg has: shoot beyond 40 percent for wind and solar. .......... For most of human history, every animal or plant we ate was determined by the climate and ecosystem in which you happened to be born. But fossil fuels gave humanity the ability to choose our food, to transform a rainforest or windblown desert into something fertile and constant, a biotic vending machine from which eaters can select whatever they want whenever they want it. This choice now drives about a third of all global emissions. Most of them stem from the growing process itself — clearing land, fertilizing crops — with the bulk of the rest coming indirectly from the vast web of manufacturing and delivery systems that bring it to us: packaging crackers, refrigerating drumsticks, airlifting avocados. .......

Within this system, no single food is as destructive as beef.

........ More than half of crops grown in the United States are now used to feed livestock, who grow fat in feedlots cleared from the prairies that once supported millions of bison. ......... Ranchers in Uruguay didn’t use antibiotics or hormones, and 90 percent of cattle still fed on hundreds of species of native grasses, a symbiotic relationship that helped sequester carbon in the ground. ......... grasslands function a lot like forests: The grasses pull carbon from the air, converting it into plant matter through photosynthesis ......... “The New Climate War,” he writes that carbon footprints are merely part of a “deflection campaign,” inspired by the gun and tobacco lobbies, to shift blame to consumers. “A fixation on voluntary action alone takes the pressure off the push for governmental policies to hold corporate polluters accountable.” ........ On trips to New Orleans and Chicago, he had been transfixed by the selection of junk food in convenience stores, the undamaged furniture left on the street. “You guys throw away your whole home,” he told me. “Here, most of this stuff wouldn’t be trash.” ........ Several people described frugality to me as a core tenet of the Uruguayan political project

उम्मेदवारी दर्ता आज : सत्तागठबन्धनविरुद्ध एमालेको पनि गठबन्धन

उम्मेदवारी निश्चित भएपछि विश्व पौडेलले २० गते नै दिएका थिए राजीनामा, स्वर्णिम पछि परे

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