Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fully PR Election, Now What?

  • There is a Janajati party called Federal National Democratic Forum. That party has to register and get ready to contest the polls. It would be just fine to see more than one major Janajati party.
  • I hope someone launches a Dalit party. All candidates on their list end up Dalit.
  • At least every third name on a party's list must be female. Other than that there should be no rules.
  • The total number of seats should be more like 300 than 500.
  • Parties do not have to prepare a full list. A party might choose to put out a list of only three or 30 candidates if it might so wish.
  • I hope all armed Madhesi groups will register as political parties, declare a ceasefire, and get ready to contest the polls.
  • Now there is no harm in having two Sadbhavana parties, two MJFs, and three JTMMs. There is no need to form a Madhesi Alliance either. Every party can compete with every other.
  • Big parties like the Congress, and the UML will now be forced to put forth a truly representative list in terms of ethnicity, caste and gender. If not, they are going to lose big.
I am so glad the deadlock is over. All it required was that the UML and the Maoists get together inside the parliament.

पुर्ण समानुपाितक िनर्वाचनकालािग मधेशी, जनजाित, दिलतले अान्दोलन गर्नुपर्छ
पुर्ण समानुपाितक िनर्वाचन अौर एक मधेश एक प्रदेशका नारा पर्याप्त है
New CMP, New PM, Fully PR Election, Register More Parties, Elections In April
Armed Revolution To Street Agitation To Parliamentary Arithmetic
Middle Ground: PR Election Now, Republic Later
Federal National Democratic Forum: The Janajati Party
Completely Proportional Election: Meeting Point With The Maoists
Goal: Federal Republic Of State Funded Parties
Not UML-Maoist Unification Or Unity, But A One Point Agreement On PR Election
एक मात्र िमलनिवन्दु: पुर्ण समानुपाितक िनर्वाचन

In The News

Political Deadlock And New Middle Ground by Paramendra Bhagat, Guest Column

Mahato demands jobs for Madhesi youths before election NepalNews Talking to reporters in Biratnagar, on Saturday, Mahato demanded that 10,000 Madhesi youths should first be given jobs and then only election can take place. ..... "The interim constitution states that Madhesis should have equal representation in all organs of the state. An agitation is necessary to ensure the implementation of this promise," said Mahato, who is planning to launch unified Madhesi struggle from November 17. ..... He said 10,000 Madhesi youths should immediately be recruited in police, army and armed police force. ....... Clarifying about the youth wing he has been proposing Madhes Raksha Bahini, Mahato said it will consist of Madhesi youths between 16 and 35 years and will prevent Madhesi movement from becoming violent.
PM says there is a wave of republic in the nation
Parliament session ends; Speaker urges for stronger unity among seven parties After the Maoists and the Unified Marxist Leninist (UML) voted in favour of each other's proposal and amendment proposal on proportional representation system and republic, respectively - thereby ensuring that both republic and PR system were passed by majority through voice voting – the Speaker read out Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala's letter announcing the ending of the session from 9 pm, Sunday. ...... the entire parliament showed support for the issue of democratic republic.
Mainali fears division among leftists and democrats
CPN-UML to continue its effort to build political agreement

See-saw Balancing Act by UML, Maoists on Proposals Himalayan Times, Nepal - 38 minutes ago The interim parliament approved the Maoist proposal on a fully proportional representation electoral system and also the amendment proposal on a republic tabled by the CPN-UML this evening by voice vote. ...... MPs from the leftist parities supported the Maoist proposal and the UML's amendment proposal while lawmakers from the Nepali Congress and some fringe parties expressed dissent. Leftists have a majority in parliament. Speaker Subhas Nemwang told the parliament that the UML's amendment proposal on a republic and the Maoist proposal on a fully proportional representation electoral system were approved by majority voice vote. ...... Koirala had announced an end to the special session of the interim parliament by 9:00 pm today.
Nepali Interim Parliament starts voting on Maoistmotions Xinhua, China - 54 minutes ago
Maoists withdraw republic motion; House passes UML’s amendment motion, Nepal - 1 hour ago
Maoists Withdraw Motions, Support UML's Amendment Proposal
Himalayan Times, Nepal - 1 hour ago
Seven-Party Unity Intact: PM Koirala
Himalayan Times, Nepal - 2 hours ago

House May See Voting Today as Parties Fail to Reach Consensus Himalayan Times
Gang Kills NC Leader Yadav; Curfew Imposed in Lahan
PM's Remark Against Indigenous People Flayed
NC will Never Accept PR System: Shashank
Agreement likely today, says Sitaula
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