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Compromise Formula: 75 Multi Member Constituencies, Fully PR Election

Further Compromise: Mixed Election With Reservations (March 10, 2007)
5 Point Demand: Compromise Formula So Elections Can Be Held In June
Compromise: Add 45 Constituencies To The Terai

I tried to forge a Madhesi Alliance by trying to see what would bring together the armed, unarmed and the in-power Madhesi groups.

Madhesi Alliance Needed
Ridiculous Bahun Poudel
Talk To Goit
एक मधेश एक प्रदेश
Bahun Conspiracy To Hijack Constituent Assembly Elections
मधेशी अान्दोलनको गन्तव्य: नभम्बर चुनाव

I figured completely proportional election might do the trick. And now the Maoists have said they want the same. In my formula, the entire country would be one constituency.

Now what could we do to bring the Nepali Congress also on board?

Right now we have not figured out how to divide the 240 constituencies. The first time we tried, the Madhesi MPs shut down the parliament for a month, and for good reason.

The middle ground could be as follows.

Let the 75 districts be the 75 constituencies. They will be multi-member constituencies when a district has been alloted more than one seat. So if Morang has 10 seats, each party will put up a list of 10 candidates for Morang. If the Nepali Congress wins 20% of the vote, the UML another 20%, the Maoists, the MJF and the Sadbhavana 20% each, then each will get two seats each, the first two on their list of 10. If a party were to get less than 10% of the votes, it should be able to trade that with another party in another district. As in, if the MJF gets 5% and the Sadbhavana gets 5% in this case, the MJF could give that to the Sadbhavana in the district for a similar favor by the Sadbhavana to it in another district. But votes can not be carried from one district to another.

Every third name on a party's list must be female.

And this would be the only way to elect members to the constituent assembly. There would be only one ballot. 17 nominations by the cabinet go out the window for being undemocratic. All 480 members would get elected this way. This probably means the number of representatives from each district would double. Better would be to keep the total at 240. Half of those 240 will be in the Terai districts.

Having only one ballot will also be less confusing to the voters.

The majority coalition gets to form the new government after the polls. It is that government that calls the new assembly into session. Bye bye Girija.

The current interim parliament is dissolved before the election campaign is formally launched. That is standard procedure.

This way you are not ignoring geographical representation. But you are also not wasting votes. Otherwise we have had elections where a candidate with 20% of the votes gets the seat, and 80% of the votes go to waste.

This could be a compromise formula between the Madhesi groups and the Nepali Congress.

If we could agree on this, we don't have to declare the country a republic right away. We can wait until after the election. And all the demands the MJF put forth and was disrespected for by the government, the MJF gets to turn into election issues to rally the masses behind it.

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Ahmadinejad says Iran won't give up nuclear plans
Experts warn Beckham buzz won't last Toronto Star his new home ground was more mall than sporting venue. ...... More important than his athletic prowess, this is what Beckham brings to America: sales, marketing savvy and heat. ..... Victoria Beckham: Coming to America, lured 5 million viewers stateside and was judged a ratings disaster. But it did represent the largest-ever audience for soccer on the U.S.'s main sports network. ....... It was Fuller who announced that Beckham's MLS deal is worth $250 million, providing little detail but sparking enormous interest. .... the whole brand those two have built around themselves ..... take a single property – American Idol, for instance – and spin it into multiple, lucrative streams of revenue. A show, a concert tour, CDs, TV spinoffs etc. ....... prompted Beckham to fire his traditional sports agents, SFX, in 2003 and hire the show biz mogul instead. ...... the Beckhams are main features of American tabloids. Though he has been unable to train for weeks, paparazzi shots of him getting his morning coffee or going out for dinner appear daily. ........ Relative unknowns in America only a year ago, the Beckhams are already being feted by Hollywood's A-List. This is Fuller's doing. ........ make big waves in the small pond of American soccer. ..... Thus far, his marketing prowess has greatly outflanked his performance ...... capitalize on the buzz now, before the public's interest drifts and Beckham's athletic sell-by date expires. ..... You sign them not because you believe they are going to play that long, but in order to spread out your costs ..... "What happened to the NBA after Michael Jordan left? You can't wrap your league around one guy." .... "late investors" in the Beckham phenomenon – the ticket buying public. .... Beckham is here to lure people into the store. It's MLS's job to turn them into repeat customers. ... "He's the cherry on top of the sundae," Quinn said. "He's not the sundae."
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Clinton Will Hold Chat Session With Bloggers After All New York Times
Bill Clinton Steers Clear of Hillary and Obama's Feud FOX News The clearest indication that Hillary's direct and personal attack on Obama last week was a failure is the fact that Bill sounded the retreat in his speech this week at the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC). ...... Her strategist, Mark Penn, described her attack as "part of an unfolding strategy." ..... "that little spat" ..... the poll showing that Obama had 55 percent of the Democrats with him as against only 22 percent for Hillary on this issue ....... In so many ways right now, Obama has Hillary on the defensive. His well-aimed shots are having their impact in the early primary states but have yet to affect the national polling numbers. ....... In New Hampshire, the same organization has Hillary's advantage over Obama vanishing entirely. In April, she was 23 points ahead of Obama. In May, her lead dropped to 19. It was only nine points in June and the race was tied at the end of July. In South Carolina, they have Hillary's losing the lead entirely, going from 16 points ahead in June to four points behind in July. ....... Hillary has not bought ads to match Obama so far because she is spooked by his fundraising success. ...... Obama has amassed a 3 to 2 advantage in funds on hand for the primary raised during the first six months of the race. Since he has four times as many donors as Hillary and fewer maxxed out contributors, his edge is likely to grow. ...... Her use of the "experience" issue against the freshman senator is increasingly ineffective as Obama shows himself to be a first class competitor in face-to-face performances. And using the issue puts her at risk of appearing to be a continuation of the same old Bush-Clinton rivalry amid an electorate gasping for change.
Why Pakistanis are easy targets for US candidates Hindustan Times Obama has carefully distinguished between “the wrong war” in Iraq and “the right war” in Afghanistan.
NEWSWEEK Poll: Will it Be Clinton vs. Giuliani? Newsweek the dubious company of Presidents Carter, Nixon and Truman ....... a comfortable 44 percent to 23 percent margin ..... Giuliani leads the field with 30 percent, 8 points ahead of former senator Fred Thompson ..... Roughly one third (34 percent) of all voters and more than half (58 percent) of registered Republicans say they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who is a strong supporter of gay rights. As mayor of New York City, Giuliani supported civil unions and signed a domestic-partnership bill. ...... a spouse 25 years younger. Fred Thompson is 24 years older than his wife, and Democratic candidate Dennis Kucinich married a woman 31 years his junior. ...... In July 2003, not long after the president declared “mission accomplished” in Iraq, roughly two thirds (68 percent) of Americans thought taking military action against Iraq was the “right thing” to do. Today that number is roughly half that (35 percent).
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Google to unveil phone of its own by next year GPhone .... Google services, such as its search engine, email and interactive maps, will be loaded on to the phone. ..... Google will derive its revenue from the lucrative mobile advertising market. ....... the market for mobile advertising will be worth more than £5.4 billion a year by 2011. ..... Google is believed to have signed a deal with a Taiwanese firm to design the phone. ..... "Our ultimate goal is to help users access the information they want, no matter when or where they want it.
Report: Google shows phone prototype to manufacturers Washington Post
LG Smartphone Runs On Korea’s 4G WiMax Network
CrunchGear runs on Korea’s 4G WiBro network. ..... The KC1 can reach near-broadband speeds over the WiMax network and, as such, features things like remote PC controlling and video conferencing. The phone surprisingly runs Windows Mobile 5 instead of Windows Mobile 6. ...... a 2.8-inch touchscreen, 2-megapixel camera, 512MB of built-in memory (expandable via microSD), and digital TV compatibility. ..... Sprint is said to be deploying a WiMax network in 2008 so we might be able to expect phones like this in the somewhat distant future.
Amazon joins Google in assault on eBay's PayPal Register
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Amazon vs. Paypal vs. Google Checkout GigaOm Amazon, in its bid to become the underlying utility of the new web world ..... Amazon Flexible Payment Services (still in beta) .... In the most recent quarter, PayPal had net revenues of $454 million, up 34% over the $339 million reported in Q2-06. ..... PayPal Merchant Services transactions jumped 57% to $4.92 billion globally from the $3.13 billion reported in Q2-06. ..... use money (and price) to lure the eCommerce players, as Google is doing with its Checkout Service ..... charge customers in small increments until their accumulated balance reaches a limit, pay a percentage of a digital transaction as a royalty, earn a commission on a marketplace transaction, or allow one customer to pay for another customer and limit their usage to a specific amount. ........ A small web-app developer can now build, host, process and get paid for his efforts right over the Amazon infrastructure, without having to spend money upfront. ....... this is going to cause major headaches for PayPal.
Blockbuster vs. Netflix: The DVD Death Match Netflix, which has the smarter - and less costly - longer-term strategy.
Google’s Wireless Plan, Not Quite Clear The Federal Communications Commission is going to set rules for the upcoming 700 MHz auctions tomorrow, a decision that could potentially alter the wireless landscape. ....... Google wanted the winner of auctions to build a network that not only allowed any device to connect to the network, but also it wanted the network to be open to other third parties including companies like Google. ....... FCC Chairman Kevin Martin came up with a plan that requires the winner to use frequencies to build networks that allow any device to connect to that network. Phone companies didn’t like that ...... Google’s bid to get more clout in Washington D.C. is not going so well, and like many tech companies before, it is stepping on too many toes. ......... Google has teamed up with Clearwire, a company not a shining example of open access.
VoIP and P2P, the Telco Kryptonite the political deck remains heavily stacked in favor of communications incumbents ...... Just ask anyone playing the the independent VoIP or the peer-to-peer worlds, two areas of innovation that are under constant attack from the entrenched powers that be ..... AT&T, Verizon and the cablecos ...... FCC commissioner Robert McDowell’s faith-based entrepreneurialism, which ignores the fact that the FCC has been party to regulations (like the VoIP E911 requirements) that put a serious money hurt on VoIP players like Vonage.
I hope 'Aag' will recreate magic of 'Sholay': Varma The original 'Sholay' created an excitement by giving the audience one slammer of a scene after another ..... "Aishwarya plays a very strong part with shades of negative in it. I'm completely changing her image. I'm cutting her beauty down. I've gathered a large supporting cast of ugly people and have put her in the middle, so she'd come out looking stunning in her naturalness." ...... Ramu feels Amitabh's role in "Nishabd", in which he romances a 16-year-old girl, was the actor's most accomplished performance till date. ..... there was outrage about Amitabh Bachchan falling in love with his daughter's friend
Abhishek-Aishwarya inspire film theme Apun Ka Choice
Soccer's time has finally come, to dismay of sport's haters
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Iraqi politicians greet soccer heroes
Sydney Morning Herald
Dell announces deal to buy software co.
Dell Gets Right on ASAP For $340M
Dell to buy suburban software firm Chicago Tribune
Lenovo to Offer $199 PC to Rural China
Lenovo To Launch $199 PC In China WebProNews
Lenovo's Profit Jumps 13-Fold on Job Cuts, Orders (Update3) Bloomberg
Dell Beat Services Drum With $340M ASAP Deal
Rocket Blasts Off Carrying Mars Lander
ABC News

Maoist plenum may decide to quit govt before CA polls NepalNews
MK Nepal for prompt implementation of Rayamajhi Commission report
Poudel accuses Maoists of blocking CA polls
Rayamajhi Commission Report: Beginning with a bang and ending with a whimper
NFIN climbs down from PR demand; close to sealing a deal with govt
Monsoon wrecks havoc across South Asia; human toll over 1000

Local blogs are key to future of politics San Francisco Chronicle, USA the next frontier of political blogging will be led by people like Phillip Anderson. .... Even though his blog gets only about 1,000 visitors a day ..... Nevertheless, the mop-haired New Yorker already has the state party chair asking him for help reaching liberal voters. His allure: Local bloggers can influence the outcome of small elections. ...... bloggers who cover local politics have become the de facto watchdog in some communities and over some areas of government. ..... the rise of local bloggers is another step in the convergence of old and new media. ..... "We definitely rely on their (mainstream news outlet) stories, and they're definitely reading us." ...... The day after Democrats won the midterm congressional election in November, Anderson said to a friend, "Well, the national scene looks OK for now, but our state is really messed up." ...... part journalism, part activism and wholly progressive ..... In January, Anderson heard from Dave Pollak, co-chairman of the New York State Democratic Party. There was a special election coming up in Long Island for a state Senate seat, an election where turnout was expected to be low. Pollak knew blogs like Anderson's are read not only by political junkies but by politicians and their staffs, "so I reached out to the blogs," he said, "because they can get boots on the ground, and that's what the difference is in elections like this." The strategy worked. ........ Pollak says about $100,000 was raised and 40 people volunteered as a result of blogs spreading the word, "and in a small election, that was one of two or three things that helped us win that seat, which had been in Republican hands for a long time." .......... Earlier this year, when Anderson and other bloggers threw a "blograiser" (a fundraiser hosted by bloggers) for a state Senate candidate at a New York bar, not only did Pollak get out the word, he got newly elected Gov. Eliott Spitzer to show up. ...... Three weeks ago, Pollak hosted a meeting of 50 New York state bloggers "just to tell them what we were up to." ...... There is an understanding: Pollak doesn't expect the bloggers to march in lockstep with what the party wants, and the bloggers have no intention of giving any politician a free pass.

Barack Obama, Neocon Wall Street Journal that he should now propose invading a nuclear-armed Muslim country ...... the terror threat won't vanish when the Bush Administration does ...... Following Mr. Musharraf's ill-conceived truce last September with Taliban-connected warlords in the Pakistani province of Waziristan, terrorist raids into neighboring Afghanistan rose threefold. Al Qaeda has also been able to substantially reconstitute itself in the area ....... special forces raids or Predator strikes, or more. ..... Rumsfeld, who in 2005 is reported to have vetoed a U.S. commando raid into Waziristan on grounds that it might have destabilized Mr. Musharraf's government ....... Obama's willingness to draw appropriate conclusions from realities in Pakistan stands in refreshing contrast to his Democratic opponents
Obama Takes Heat On Pakistan New York Times

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