Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nepali Convention: Calling It Off

(1) Obama And The Matrix

Obama's Weapon On Clinton: Iraq
Eliot Spitzer For Running Mate
Barack Obama: Time For A Generation Shift
On November 7: In Harlem: For Obama
The Matrix

After Obama suggested several weeks back that he might run for president, my political focus has kind of shifted from Nepal to Obama. And the two are related. There are things I can do for Nepal that I can only do from here.

Obama can win. Obama will win. We need some Third World blood in the White House.

Democratic Vision For The 21st Century

(2) Release Of Tension After The Peace Agreement

प्रस्तािवत संिवधान

I feel a tremendous sense of relief. I still check up on Nepal on a daily basis, but I give much less time than I used to. I did the hard part, I am not going to leave the easy and more important part. I intend to stay part of the process all the way to the country getting its next constitution.

But I got other things to do as well. I read news on Nepal like I were checking email.

Also I was thinking maybe the elections will be in April or May, and we can perhaps get a top leader from each of the eight parties to come over. That was not going to happen with the elections in June.

(3) Beyond Nepal, To Bhutan And Burma And Beyond

The Matrix will be a great way to organize the Nepalis in the city for voting rights locally, and also to bring in people from Bhutan and Burma who are in the city so as to make possible equally dramatic democracy movements in those countries, and possibly beyond.

(4) Nepali Community In New York: Not There Yet

Nepali Organizations In New York City
Nabin Bhattarai

The 40,000 Nepalis in the city are a powerless community. There are no voting rights, nothing. Organizations are territorial. There has been an enormous resistance to the idea of an umbrella organization. I have managed to get myself elected Convenor for the next meeting of the Coordination Committee, but from there to a full fledged convention is a long jump.

Might take up the idea during a later year and on.

(5) My Business

I moved to New York City to cultivate my business ideas. But Nepal ended up taking all my time. I worked on Nepal like it were a startup dot com company. I have no regrets. The masses I have thought of for my democracy movement work are the same masses I think of when I think of the technology company I want to launch. So Nepal has not been a distraction at all.

Imagine a scenario where all countries are now democracies. At that point you would want to do much of the economic growth through the private sector. I hope I make enough money that I can set up a fund for Africa, my favorite continent. It might look like you are investing in businesses run by people who are already in the upper middle income brackets, but I do believe they are going to create much of the good jobs.

My vision is to connect every human mind to the web, to produce the hardware that might make that possible on the cheap.

I need to get into the tech company idea with the same passion I have given the Nepal democracy movement. There are three components to it: vision, group dynamics, and engineering. My politicking keeps me sharp in the group dynamics department. I am strong on vision. And my innovations in group dynamics will make sure I provide the right leadership to the engineers.

Now let's go polish up the business plan and start raising money.

(6) My Business Partner For The Convention: Chandra

What Chandra Prakash lacks in discipline and professionalism, he more than makes up for in entrepreneurial enthusiasm. But the convention idea has been kind of heavy on him. The Nepali Mandir experiment went down. That hit him real hard. Nepali Aawaz has been more a trailblazer than a successful business. And he misses Nepal. He thinks he was doing much better with Moonlight in Nepal.

The convention was to be during the first week of April. Then he suggested the last weekend of May will be a better date. I agreed. He sounded so relieved for that extra time. Now he is about to go home to Nepal for a month or two. And he says he wants to take a year long course of film making for 2007. You can't work full time and study full time and still pull off a major convention.

But I have confidence in his skills, he has a proven record, and I am happy for him for his plans to go back to Nepal to work in the music and film sector there.

For me New York City is hometown, it is not Kathmandu.

(7) More Time For Self

Hours And Hours Of Paramendra

Enough of thinking all Nepal all the time.

(8) More Time For Hamro Nepal And The Think Tank

I am already gearing for the post new constitution phase. I hope I can lead a vibrant, online think tank on the national economy. Nepal is not going away anywhere, it is just that I am out to prove geography is irrelevant.

(9) This Is New York, Not Nepal

You can't come to New York and want to spend all your time with the Nepalis. You miss on the city big time if you fall into that trap. This is the place to move beyond Nepal and try and get a global perspective, form larger alliances.

(10) Nepal Day: Republic Day

Some day in June Nepal is going to be declared a republic. I think we should shoot for a Nepal Day parade some place in Manhattan for that day, year after year, until all countries of the world are democracies.

(11) Could It Still Happen?

It is possible I could take 100% control of the convention management, and reorganize and expand the convention management team. I could sell ownership, as in for 10K you get 10%. But right now I just don't feel the grounswell in the community. Never say never, but for now I am saying it is not happening.

Nepali Mandir Meeting
Hamro Nepal Constitution
ANONYC: Association of Nepali Organizations in New York City
Nepali Faces 3
Nepali Convention Leadership Weekly Meeting
Nepali Convention: Management
Nepali Convention 2007: Venue Options: Flushing
Nepali Convention 2007 Shifted To Last Weekend In May
April Convention Venue Options 1
April Convention Market Research 1
Nepali Convention: Venue Options, Website, Core 200
April Convention: Creating A Glowing Core
April Convention: Emerging Picture
Chicago Convention September 2-4
April Revolution, April Convention

In the spirit of open source management, I now release many of the documents that have been quietly fermenting. Please be warned the management team had not taken final shape, and so names mentioned are from brainstorming sessions, and not necessarily those that had gelled.

300 Hours Each, Chandra Prakash and Paramendra

Chandra Prakash
  1. Build a database of all Nepalis you know in the city, in the country, regularly expand it
  2. Arrange meetings and events for Paramendra ---- like meetings with Kashish, Anand, Tara Niraula, groups for market research --- any and all kinds of meetings
  1. Project Nepali Faces
  2. Hamro Nepal project to earn voting rights for the Nepalis in NYC
August 24, Paramendra

Department: Organizations

Team Leader: Anand Bist (member of the Nepali Convention Management Team), to be paid after the convention ---- You should be able to do it all by spending less than 50 hours of your time from now until April 5, exhibit discipline
Team Members:

10 VVIPs
  1. President of the umbrella organizations
  2. Final decisions to be made by the Chairperson and the President of the Convention
100 VIPs
  1. President of any Nepali organization, political, social or business, based in America
  2. List them all by the end of September. The list should include their contact info. Email, phone number. Start emailing them, and calling them.
  3. Tickets are to be sold through them, and also directly. Dane dane pe likha hai khane bale ka naam, pratyek Nepali ke nidhar pe likha hai 35 dollar.

All VVIPs and VIPs must first purchase the $35 ticket online before they get listed.

End of September: VVIP, VIP lists prepared.
End of October: All of them have bought tickets and are listed at the site. Their names are linked to either their photo or their personal website.
What six non cash awards can be given to the Nepalis in America? Ask around for ideas.

End of October: Have sold 500 tickets total
End of December: Have sold 2,000 tickets total
End of January: Have sold 3,000 tickets total

It might not be possible

January 1, 2006: Vote on the Chief Guest, and the 6 Awards start. To be completed by the end of that month.

This is private between you and me. Tapain le yo Writely document haroo herna paryo. The emphasis has to be on efficiency. Granted you derive your energy and creativity from your extensive socializing, but discipline and efficiency are also important. Ahile efficiency jasto kura ma dhyan diyena bhane Dhaba dubchha. Bani bigrera.

We are first and foremost business partners.

(1) Guided tour of New York City -- New York bahina bata aune sabai le na heri na hune ke ke chha. Hamee tyahan sabai tham gayera photo line. With you and me in the picture. To see everything. It is like you and me welcoming people into the city. Kunai ek deen yasai lai janchha. (Aug 31)

(2) Venue herne kaam ma dhila bho. Dibya Dham, Purano Nepali Mandir, Satya Narayan Mandir. I am liking these three for the forums.

Divya Dham might be used.

Jackson Heights ko sake samma najik sabai thok bhayeko ramro.


Sunday 7 PM -11 PM
we have to decide peacefully

August 24, Paramendra

Top Goal: Selling Tickets
Everything else is secondary

April 6, 7, 8 Nepali Convention: Timeline Breakdown

End of August
  1. Basic prototype of website is ready
  2. 10 or less Departments have been described
  3. Team Leaders have been identified privately
  4. At least 20 venue options on the web, pictures, info (upload photos and info - link to their website - at http://www.blogger.com)
Middle of September
  1. Website goes public
  2. Venues finalized
End of September
  1. Management Team finalized
  2. A lot of Team Members also finalized
  3. VVIP lists prepared, VIP lists prepared.
  4. 3 VVIPs, 10-20 VIPs finalized.
Middle of October
  1. All VVIPs have bought tickets and are named at the site
End of October
  1. All VIPs have bought tickets and are named at the site
  2. All participating organizations have been listed
  3. Have sold 500 tickets total
End of 2006
  1. Nomination process for the awards begin
  2. Have sold 2,000 tickets total
End of January
  1. The six awards for the people in Nepal have been voted upon. For contributions in the year 2006.
  2. The Chief Guest has been decided by vote.
  3. Have sold 3,000 tickets total

Evening Programs: Tentative Breakdown
Please suggest minute by minute breakdowns

Inauguration Ceremony
Friday 7 PM - 11 PM

Cultural Program
Saturday 7 PM - 11 PM

Sunday 7 PM - 11 PM

Venue Options

Concert Hall 2,000 or more capacity
Near some subway station
Closer to other venues like for sports, and forums

Choice 1: One big complex that houses all.
Choice 2: Nearby

Time has been changed

Cultural Program

Saturday 8 PM - 11 PM
looks good


August 24, Paramendra

If we can do with only five or so Team Leaders, we can give each of them more money.

Chairperson: Paramendra Bhagat
President: Chandra Prakash Sharma

Team Leader: Ujjwal Bhattarai
Team Members: Sarahana Shrestha

Media Relations
Team Leader: Kashish Das Shrestha
Team Members: Anup Kafle, Rumee Singh
Spokesperson: Karishma Basnyat

Concert, Cultural Program, Inuaguration Ceremony
Team Leader: Chandra Prakash Sharma
Team Members: Menaka Parajuli, Mridula Koirala

Team Leader: Paramendra Bhagat
Team Members: Binay Shah

Team Leader: Anand Bist
Team Members: Tek Gurung, Luna Ranjit

April Revolution Reenactment
Team Leader: Anil Shahi
Team Members:

  1. Tara Niraula
  2. Mridula Koirala
  3. Karma Gyalden Sherpa
  4. Shyam Karki
  5. Annapurna Deo
  1. Sanjaya Parajuli (Alliance)
  2. Anil Shahi (Hamro Nepal)
  3. Binod Roka (Nepali Mandir)
  4. Khagendra Chhetry (Nepal Khabar)
  5. Bishwa Shah (Nepal Khabar)
  6. Ratan Jha (ANTA)
  7. Binod Shah

we will decide later


Look for cooks. Start now. Dhaba gets launched with the convention.

we will have to postpone this project till June 2007

August 24, Paramendra

Political, Social, Business Forums
Participating Organizations compete for time slots. They may combine votes to enhance their clout.

2 hours per forum. 15 minute gap between forums.
3*3 per day. 3 forums going at once.
19 forums in total.


  1. Exporting Revolution: What is Nepal's message to countries that are not yet democracies?
  2. The next Constitution: What should it be like?
  3. Nepali women in America: What are the issues?
  4. How the diaspora can contribute to Nepal's economy?
  5. The political status of Nepalis in America
  1. How to start a business in America?
  2. What kind of businesses can you start?
  3. What are some of the success stories?
  4. How to form multi-nationals that function in both Nepal and America?
  5. How to make the best of globalization and the internet? Of outsourcing?
College Students
  1. What are the top issues college students face?
Working Blue Collar Jobs In America
  1. What are the issues?
  2. Coming To America: Myth and Reality


11-6 PM
6-6.30 April Revolution Reenactment (Anil Shahi)


11-6 PM

we might be re-scheduled


Friday 7 PM - 11 PM

Media Relations

August 24, Paramendra

There are a few things to do in the Media Relations Department.

(1) Give some coverage to the Nepali Convention in every issue of the Nepali Aawaz. Also redo Nepali Aawaz, if possible. You got competition. Nepal Khabar is back on its feet. NYNepaliTimes.com is also in the game now.They got powerful backing. But we got people power. Use the large pool of talented volunteers to get a better web presence and dig deeper into the advertising market.
(2) Also at the DFN blog.

(3) The entire convention will be video blogged. Everything, all forums, all events. And plus. To be uploaded as soon as possible. You are talking tens of hours of material. The best advertising for the 2008 convention.
(4) Also arrange for text blog, photo blog.
(5) The convention is to be given wide media coverage, in Nepal, as well in the United States of America. There has to be a buildup.
(6) And press releases are to be sent out during the three days of the convention. How can we send it out so as to gain max coverage? Maybe not one press release to all, but perhaps custom press releases. Highlight a few forums for some. A few others for others. So even if all media houses make use of our press releases, they do not end up repeating stuff.
(7) Warm up contacts in the Kathmandu media, build new ones.
(8) The six awards to be given out to the people in Nepal, turn up the heat on those. Create a buzz.


August 24, Paramendra

Chairperson: Paramendra Bhagat
President: Chandra Prakash Sharma

This is tentative.

Operating Guidelines
  1. Your goal is to do your work by putting in 50 hours max between now and May last week
  2. You get paid. If the team is smaller, pay per person will be bigger.
  3. Use online tools to increase efficiency.
  4. Bring on team members. They will also get paid. 20 hours per person, a few people per team.
  5. There will be mileposts along the way. We will set goals, and we will measure the progress as we go along.
  6. None of the Team Members have been informed yet. That is for the Team Leaders to do once the names get approved by CP, me and the respective Team Leader.
  7. The less time you take to do your work with the least number of people, better the pay per person. So budget well.
  8. But quality of work comes first and foremost.
  9. CP and I are taking quite a chance. We are counting on you.
  10. An attempt is to be made to ensure ethnic and gender diversity on the team.
  11. There will be meetings, but not all the time. Few and far between. Most of our work we should be able to do online.
  12. Except the work of going to meet people.
Team Leader: Ujjwal Bhattarai
Team Members: Sarahana Shrestha

Media Relations
Team Leader: Kashish Das Shrestha
Team Members: Anup Kafle, Rumee Singh
Spokesperson: Karishma Basnyat

Concert, Cultural Program
Team Leader: Chandra Prakash Sharma
Team Members: Menaka Parajuli, Mridula Koirala

Inuaguration Ceremony, Forums
Team Leader: Paramendra Bhagat
Team Members: Binay Shah

Team Leader: Anand Bist
Team Members: Tek Gurung, Luna Ranjit

April Revolution Reenactment
Team Leader: Anil Shahi
Team Members:

Kashish Das Shrestha might be the third person of the Nepali Convention if he aggreed.

Team 100

Team 100
In Formation
Not all potential members have been asked, some might decline, I don't know (Aug 29)
Total number might not hit 50
Some members of the team might get kicked out at the discretion of the senior management down the line.
Each member of the team will be asked to submit time budgets. It is because I will be paying for your time. I want to know I am not spending too much. You get paid in money, and in the social rewards of being on the team. The top Nepali event outside Nepal. Think about it.
Each person's pay will be different, and will be in direct proportion to their contribution.

All members will get paid. Amount to be decided after the convention. Not all team leaders will get paid equal.
Team Leaders should not have to put in more than 50 hours until April 5. Team Members 10-20 hours. Travel time does not count. And there is an emphasis on efficiency, on telecommuting, on online collaboration and communication. After all, this is a business project.

There is to be an online office for each project/team like this one.

This is a Web 2.0 management style that even the top corporations are only struggling to adapt to. Enjoy the ride. You are on the cuttinge edge.

Senior Management 2
Team Leaders 10
Team Memmbers 50

Chairperson: Paramendra Bhagat
President: Chandra Prakash Sharma

Concert, Cultural Program
Team Leader: Chandra Prakash Sharma
Team Members: Menaka Parajuli, Gopal Shrestha, Kamala Prasain, Kashish Shrestha

Inauguration Ceremony, Forums
Team Leader: Paramendra Bhagat
Team Members: Binay Shah, Sanjaya Parajuli

Team Leader: Ujjwal Bhattarai
Team Members: Sarahana Shrestha

Media Relations
Team Leader: Kashish Das Shrestha
Team Members: Anup Kafle, Rumee Singh
Spokesperson: Karishma Basnyat

Team Leader: Anand Bist
Team Members: Tek Gurung, Luna Ranjit

April Revolution Reenactment
Team Leader: Anil Shahi
Team Members:

We have to meet all the members you mentioned above before you suggest them to do something.

October 6, 2006, Paramendra

We will launch a Version 1.0, and it will say as much in some corner, perhaps at the bottom. There will be more versions.
I will be co-administrator with you. So email me the login info. I will be the sole Office Manager. The one dealing with all the info to be collected. Unless you want to take the task. Let me know early. A later switch will be a bad idea.
Public contact email: nepaliconvention-at-gmail.com (I don't expect to receive too many emails. And we use -at- instead of @ so as to fool the spiders that crawl the web searching for email addresses which to spam.)

Get Involved
  • Join the management team, limited number of leadership positions available, all paid, write to nepaliconvention@gmail.com
  • It helps if you are in the tri-state area. But that is not necessary. We can arrange for you to telecommute.
  • We will need student workers during the convention, to be paid $10 per hour, write to nepaliconvention@gmail.com
  • Register your organization with the convention. At least one officer will have to purchase the $35 registration, and the organization in. You get voting rights for some major decisions to be taken. Organizations make nominations for and vote for the awards.
  • All participating organizations get one vote each. Organizations that make public their membership size and elected their leadership some time during 2005 and 2006 will be considered star organizations and will get two votes each. And there will be a designated superstar organization. It will get three votes.
Our Philosophy
  • To emerge the largest, most vibrant annual Nepali event outside Nepal
  • To celebrate NYC's central place in the Nepali diaspora
  • To connect the Nepali diaspora in the US to the motherland
  • To keep the costs down per guest
  • To nurture and recognize the Nepali organizations across America
  • To recognize the success stories in the diaspora
  • To become the top ethnic event in New York City in terms of quality
View Events
  • Friday May 25, 2007 7 PM - 10 PM Inauguration Ceremony
  • Saturday May 26, 2007 12 Noon - 6 PM Forums, 7 PM - 10 PM Cultural Program, 11 PM - 2 AM DJ On The Dance Floor
  • Sunday May 27, 2007 12 Noon - 6 PM Forums, 7 PM - 10 PM Concert
We are looking for forum ideas and hosts. Write to nepaliconvention-at-gmail.com at the earliest.

Check Schedules

Please check back later.

Contact Us


Chairperson: Paramendra Bhagat paramendra-at-gmail.com
President: Chandra Prakash Sharma nepalimandir-at-gmail.com
Webmaster: Ujjwal Bhattarai uj2wal-at-gmail.com
Other Members: Binay Shah binay.shah-at-gmail.com, Kashish Das Shrestha kashishdshrestha-at-gmail.com, Tek Gurung chitiz74-at-yahoo.com


Who is organzing this convention?
This is a business project launched by Paramendra Bahgat, and Chandra Prakash Sharma. We hope to bring the costs per guest down drastically by doing this as a for profit project. We will offer superior management. We will offer efficiency, innovation. We will offer razzmatazz.

Is this a regional convention?
We expect more than 60% our guests to be local from the tri-state area. But this is not a regional convention. We expect it to be national, rather international. We will surely have guests from Nepal.

How many guests do you expect?
At least 5,000.

This was first advertised as the April Convention. Is this something to do with the April Revolution in Nepal?
Yes and no. This is primarily a festival. There will be specfic forums and programs to honor the April Revolution, sure, since it was unique to world history. But there will be aspects of the convention that will appeal to all our guests.

What role will organizations have?
A big role. We will devolve much power to the participating organizations. They will get voting rights for some major decisions. So hurry up and register.

How much will it cost me?
We were planning on a flat $35 registration fee that would cover all. But we are required to sell tickets for the three evening events. We have no choice. It is something to do with the city's Fire Marshall. So we have a compulsory registration fee of $35. And it will be $10 for each evening event separate.

What if I just want to show up for the concert or the cultural program? Then I pay just $10?
No. Everyone pays $35. Then you pay an additional $10 for each of the three evening events.

Where will I eat while there?
We will have food stalls on location. Nepali and Desi food will be offered. You buy your own food, of course.

Where will I sleep?
There are over 35,000 Nepalis in the city. If you don't live in the city, see if you can find someone local. If not, there are always motels and hotels nearby. We will have more info later. We might even launch a guest program at this site later to hook you up with willing hosts.

Do I get to do sightseeing in the city?
That is a big part of the idea. You will have all of Saturday and Sunday mornings for that.

Where will the convention happen exactly?
Queens College, Flushing, Queens. Flushing is "the largest urgan area" in Queens. Queens is the most diverse borough in New York City. NYC, you must know, is the most diverse city in the world.

What if I am not affiliated with any organization but would like to host a forum?
Write to us. Try us out.

What if I want to perform at the cultural program, but I don't live in the city?
You don't have to be in the city to participate. Write to us. Maybe you will send us a video sample of your work over YouTube.

Are there unlimited number of tickets available?
No, not at all. Register early, register now, register online. Secure your slots.

More FAQs to be added later.


Get the code from this page. View source.

Limited seats for the Concert, Cultural Program and Inauguration Ceremony. 1500. Hurry up and get your tickets.
(Make sure it is clear the $35 registration is a must. Tickets for evening events not valid without it.)

Know Your Rights, Discuss Your Responsibilities, Learn More
Meet Great People, Make New Friends, Learn How

Visit NYC, Capital Of The World, Find More
Queens, NYC, Heart Of NY's diversity, Event Locations


Contact Us

Privacy Policy

No contact info collected by the convention will be sold to any outside party. And we will not overdose you with email. You might get one, maybe two emails a month as we build up to the convention.

Register For Updates

Tell a friend about us

August 24, Paramendra

This is our private online office for the website.
  1. The website is our office, our only office.
  2. The vast majority of tickets will be sold online.
  3. The aesthetics have to be top notch, sexy.
  4. We have to people the site. One will be a page that lists the management team. Another pages lists the Chief Guest, Chief Host, Special Guests, VVIPs, VIPs. A third section lists the names of all those who purchase tickets. Each such name should be hyperlinked to either the person's personal website, or that person's photo.
  5. People not only register at the site. They also use the site to register for forums, etc. People applying to be on the management teams should be able to use the site.
  6. There should be a discussion forum.
  7. There should be a lot of information. Venue. Program schedule.

Stage 1: Site is good enough to start selling tickets. November

Stage 2: December.
Stage 3: Site has all the program schedules, the guest lists, award recipients. February.

We don't have to worry about not having the entire program schedule now. We instead use the site to invite the interaction to shape that program schedule.

What could go wrong? Think ahead of time. The site should not go down at any time.
Okay to invite other team members to add jazzy features as we go along.

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Anonymous said...

your comment on Chandra Prakash was not appropriate,I thought. Those who know him,know him for who he is, so let that be. I am sure your role was as important as his in calling the convention off. It was unprofessional on your part to lash out on your blog. I do however admire your work.