Sunday, November 20, 2005


(1) The seven party coalition ditches the House revival stance, revises its current four point program, turns it into a three point program. Form a government in waiting now. Decide on the Prime Ministerial candidate now. Whoever the seven parties decide upon will be agreeable to all.

Newton, Apples, And Girija's House Revival Idea
Teen Sutriya Agenda

(2) Get 100,000 people out into the streets.

Pyramid Of 10 In Kathmandu

(3) After two weeks and 200,000 people, the king might take two options.

(3.1) He invites the formation of an all party government. This still takes the country to steps 5, 6 and 7. And since this takes the country to 7, and since this is the least disruptive of all options, this should be the first choice option. This government will also include the RPP, the RJP, the Mandal Sadbhavana, and a king's representative.

(3.1) If the king opts for a military crackdown upon peaceful demonstrators, that changes the fundamental character of the movement. The movement turns into a revolution around the slogan of a democratic republic. When that route finally leads to a constituent assembly, it will be one where the monarchy has already been overthrown, and it has already been decided the country is to be a republic.

(4) The king keeps mum. It has been four weeks and 400,000 people out in the streets. The seven parties unilaterally declare the formation of a seven party interim government. The major foreign powers are urged to recognize it as the legitimate government of the country.

(5) Peace talks with the Maoists.

(6) Maoists join the government.

(7) Constituent Assembly elections.

Sarahana Shrestha, Anil Shahi, Sanjaya Parajuli and I got together today and last Sunday to discuss the roadmap. The discussions were long and went in many different directions. This is very much an open discussion. Others are welcome to contribute to it, and modify it and offer alternate proposals, if that is what they feel might be good for the country.

This is not the only roadmap we discussed. But we have chosen not to make public the other roadmaps.

More detailed versions will follow later.

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