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Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 22:03:26 -0800 (PST) From: "Paramendra Kumar Bhagat"
Subject: To: Madhav Nepal. Subject: A Proposal
To: "Madhav K Nepal" , "Madhav Nepal" , "Lila Mani Pokharel" , "Rajendra Mahto" , "Hridayesh Tripathy" , "Gagan Thapa" , "Krishna Pahadi" , "Dinesh Prasain" , "Sujata Koirala" , "Bimalendra Nidhi"
CC: "Puru Subedi" , "Anand Bist" , "Anil Shahi" , "Sanjaya Parajuli" , "Mridula Koirala" , "Ratan Jha" , "Lalit Jha" , "Tara Niraula"

Madhavji. Ahile tapain India tour ma hunu hunchha. I have been following the news. Aghi kehi ghanta agadi Krishna Pahadiji boleko sunna paiyo.

I have a proposal to make. I have tried to include as many of the seven party names as I could, but I don't have all the email addresses to be "fair." But this is a crisis, not a time for formalities. Bhoolchook maaf ho.

The proposal is this, and I myself would like to help coordinate.

(1) The seven parties hold a meeting and revise their agenda. Make it a three point agenda. (i) all party interim government, (ii) peace talks with the Maoists, and (iii) constituent assembly.

(2) All Nepali organizations in the US engage in major membership drives. Set up PayPal accounts on their websites so people can easily pour in money, also accept all other forms of payment. Say Alliance and the Youth Council, the two based out of New York City, life membership fee of $100. And all money thus raised is to go to the movement in Nepal. This is a once in a lifetime thing, maybe a once in three or four lifetimes thing. Like 1776 in the US, 1947 in India. The money will go to the seven party alliance as long as it will do (1) and formally elect a leader and an interim government in waiting. And as long it will keep all book-keeping transparent. By transparent I mean willing to put it online. If 10,000 Nepalis give $100 each, that is $1 million. If only 1,000 give, that is still $100,000. That might be more than enough.

(3) What to do with that money? One decisive street protest. Either take over Tundikhel or New Road, whichever might be available. It is very important there is not a single martyr in this movement. We neutralize the army: the propaganda work is already on the way. And we befriend the police. Avoid confrontations if possible. The bureaucracy is already with us. By take over Tundikhel/New Road, I mean, get at least a hundred thousand people to show up at once and not leave until the all party government has been formed: and hopefully thousands more will pour in and keep piling up. It might be two weeks, it might be a month.

(4) Capture it all on video, hundreds of hours of it, and put it all online for the world to see. This is key. We are getting people out to sway world opinion.

I think it is high time we waged a decisive fight. The political paralysis can not continue forever.

Coordinator: Paramendra Bhagat
Treasurer: Mridula Koirala
Co-Coordinator: Puru Subedi (NAC)
Co-Coordinator: Sanjaya Parajuli
Co-Coordinator: Ratan Jha
Co-Coordinator: Anand Bist

In Nepal: The Seven Party Alliance, plus Civic Society Movement rep, plus youth rep.

Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 22:29:44 -0800 (PST)
From: "Paramendra Kumar Bhagat"
Subject: Step 2 of the proposal
To: "Madhav K Nepal"
, "Madhav Nepal" , "Mridula Koirala" , "Puru Subedi" , "Sanjaya Parajuli" , "Anand Bist" , "Ratan Jha"

Supreme Commander of the movement: Girija Koirala (owing to seniority .. but only if he lets go the House revival stance)
Also Prime Minister in waiting.
Deputy Prime Minister in waiting: Madhav Nepal.

In the US.

Each organization raises money separately. And sends money to a bank account in Kathmandu opened jointly by the seven party coalition. The money gets sent directly from the organization to that bank account. But all info at all stages will be shared with the Treasurer and also other members. And the Treasurer will make sure all book keeping stays transparent/online in as real time as possible.

The seven party coalition will have to propose "budgets" as to how the money will be spent, and so requests will have to made before money gets sent. So the seven party coalition makes formal requests and the committee in the US decides on whether or not to approve. In most cases, it should be an automatic yes.

I think we could start work right away on starting the $100 club. About a thousand people who will happily part with $100 for the cause. Should not be hard.

Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 13:06:23 +0530
From:"M. K. Nepal"
To:"Paramendra Kumar Bhagat"
Subject: Re: To: Madhav Nepal. Subject: A Proposal

ParamendraJi ,
Namaskar !!
I am still today in India -Delhi. It is my long tour to India almost 21 days. I hope it is a most successful visit this time. I have been able to meet with cross section of People in India--- P.M. ManMohan Singh,Defence,Home,Foreign Ministers, Former P.M.'s Bajpayee,I.K.Gujral,Chandrasekher, BJP Leaders Aadwani,Yaswant Singh,Susma Swaraj, Other Pol. Party Leaders- George Fernandes, Left-Surjeet,Prakash Karat,Bardhan,Sitaram Yechuri, Forward Block G.S.,R.S.P. Secretary, others also. I attended get togethers , Talk Prog. Meetings with Intellectuals,Diplomats,etc.
I would like to thank you very much for your concern as well the proposal to help Nepali Democratic movement . I will talk to others about your proposal. Thanks again for sending your fine proposal.
Thanks M.K.Nepal 1

To: gagan thapa , Madhav Nepal
Cc: Mridula Koirala , Puru Subedi , Sanjaya Parajuli , Anand Bist , Ratan Jha
Subject: Re: Hi (reply to Gaganji)

Gaganji. I just also got an email from Madhav Nepalji. I posted it promptly at:

(1) Take over New Road for 2-4 weeks 24/7. Launch time to be decided by seven parties.
(2) Hundreds of hours of video of street demonstrations online to be uploaded at

Yo duita ka lagi tapain le agrasarata dekhaunu paryo. Paisa yata bata. Not that you guys can not raise money right there, but we want to feel like we are also part of it.

Budget lekhna tayar gare hunchha.

Tundikhel bhanda New Road nai ramro hola ki? But launch time has to be a surprise. Ekai choti 100,000 manchhe minimum. But only after 7 parties have come around to the 3 point agenda.

Yo 3 point agenda ko arko phaida. Yadi raja all party government ma chandai ayenan bhane, ra manchhe 1 lakh bata 2 lakh pugema, we can think of unilaterally declaring all party governemnt. Raja ko rajdoot haroo tyas pachhi bishwa byapi phalne prayas ma lagne.

Tapain to 2/1 pachhi ko pahilo corner meeting ko jasto organizational skill pheri large scale ma dekhauna paryo.

Party haroo 3 point agenda ma auna saath hamro fund raising shuru hunchha yata.

Key point: zero martyrs. Organization tyati durusta huna parchha. No confrontations with the police. Police line samma jane ani police sanga guff garna thalne. Small talk. Tyasto chiplo guff garne manchhe haroo frontline ma rakhne.

Baroo yo Pyramid of 7 idea kasto chha?

So that every single person is accounted for. Yasto neat and clean nai field ma na hola. But this would make it disciplined.

The dawn is imminent.

--- gagan thapa wrote:

> I have been reading all ur write up. There r lot of new ideas. Keep
> it up.
> gagan

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