Monday, October 03, 2005

Militarists Attempting A Doramba Repeat To End Ceasefire

RNA responsible for Palpa incident: Civil Society The Civil Society's Ceasefire Monitoring Committee (CSCMC) has said that six Maoists and one civilian were not killed in crossfire by army personnel on September 24 in Bhadrapur area of the Palpa district..... The field report of the CSCMC has said that the Maoists were killed during unilateral action of the RNA at a gathering of armed Maoists...... several rounds of 'rampant firing' is reported to have taken place, and the 'civilians have been found injured, terrorised and local teachers manhandled.'..... the Maoists had not fired in the incident, but they were with arms and the army patrol fired at them without any warning...... earlier the RNA said that the Maoists were killed in a retaliatory action of the RNA after the Maoists attacked the patrolling security force. RNA is yet to comment on the report of CSCMC.

The militarists are going out of their way to bring the Maoist ceasefire to an end. First, they did not recognize it. Second, they did not respond to it. Third, they started a media war against the ceasefire. Fourth, they got even more aggresive. Finally they are looking for a repeat of Doramba. If it needed proving that these militarists need a war. They need blood.

My message to the Maoists: exercise restraint. You have already lost thousands of your cadres. Consider these half dozen as among them. For the sake of victory. For the sake of a constituent assembly. If they can drive you impatient, they win. If they can make you break the ceasefire, they win. Do not let them win. Instead expose them. We will expose them. You do the same. This is a war of words. Participate.

To the king, this is what I say. You are responsible. You can order your armed men to not do these things. And if you don't, you hold responsibility. Especially in a military like chain of command, the top leader is very responsible.

To the generals I say, don't corner yourselves that you might not find an exit. A professional army in a democracy is a much better thing to be part of. Don't try your luck by repeatedly breaking international law. You will be handed over. You will be tracked down and then handed over to the tribunal. Specific soldiers part of specific incidents can be interrogated to track down the entire chain of command. You are playing with fire.

Reciprocate the freaking ceasefire so there can be dialogue, damnit.

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